This petition is to clearly state that we want cheaper broadband & adsl plans in Australia, particularly unlimited plans. Australia has large and unfair 'limits' on broadband which most people cannot afford. We are behind in our pricing and development on broadband/adsl. The internet is fastly developing a larger need for adsl users, which most users simply cannot afford!

We need cheaper & more reliable adsl, and we do not need small shaped plans - We have a demand for unlimited. Making this cheaper will also earn Australian Computer Companies more revenue, and our currency higher, with our technology soaring higher. This pertition is to show a small percentage of people, out of the millions, that really do care about this issue.

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I want an almost immediate drop in adsl pricing, in Australia, but Particularly Victoria. I also state that I want more reliable adsl in Australia. I perition that I want this for all ISPs.

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