Government of South Australia

March 21, 2006

Did you know that in South Australia we have very unique car tinting laws to that of every other state.

On the front side windows, the tint has to be lighter than the back with 70% light transmittance and 35% on the back. This makes for very ugly cars and it also makes it near impossible for people bringing in cars to be registered from interstate, as they have to remove the tint. It also makes it difficult and more expensive to comply with SA law, as most tinters will make it more expensive to use different tints.

Every other state allows 35% tint all over, so why not SA? Let's change this and make it easier and cheaper for people in SA to get car tint, while also making it easier to move from interstate to SA.

This petition is to get the laws about Car Tinting in SA to match those in every other state, allowing 35% light transmittance tint on all windows making it cheaper and easier to move intra-state.

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