#Human Rights
United Kingdom

IBM has canteens in all its sites, these are provided by compass group and the prices are similar to the high street!

This is quote from when they won the contract:

"According to Compass officials, the deal is expected to generate about $50 million in revenue annually, which will boost Canteen's annual sales of $1.2 billion by 5 percent for the next five years"

We are that 5 percent boost to the 1,2 BILLION like you need 5 percent boost to 1.2 BILLION.

Please sign this petition to say you are fed up of the overpriced food and drink items for sale from the IBM canteens, please forward this petition to any other IBM employee fed up of paying all this money, IBM we want cheaper provider or some kind of subsidy please.

All you need to do is sign with your e-mail address, no home address is required, lets get these prices down!

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