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The Australia Federal Government is at long last responding to the anomaly surrounding generic drugs. At present nearly 70 of the nearly 600 Pharmaceutical drugs have identical cheaper alternatives. Some patients pay $21.50 more for the commonly used drugs per item. But even though the generic drugs are not only cheaper, but clinicly as effective and safe as the original brand the Fed.Gov. refuses to remove a doctor's right to prescribe a drug by its brand name rather than its generic name.
Instead the Federal Government is spending $27 million of taxpayers money to make peolpe aware that there are alternatives available.

It's reasonable to ask why the Governmnet does not save our money by insisting that drugs are prescribed only by their generic names.
The side effects of the present system are that the drug companies and the doctors, by being offered incentives, are the winners.

To ask the Australian Government to remove the doctor's right to prescribe drugs by its brand name rather than its generic name.

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