#Animal Rights
Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Sussex University
United Kingdom

The University of Sussex, Brighton (UK) have bee exposed carrying out painful, barbaric and unnecessary tests on animals. Despite denying any involvement in animal testing, their own research papers tell an entirely different story.

Experiments have involved heart procedures on rabbits, making rats addicted to alcohol and electrocuting them, injecting baby mice with stress-inducing substances and snapping their necks, capturing voles from the wild and using them in experiments, drilling holes in the ears of guinea pigs, and links to primate research.

The University is continuing to deny these facts and are flatly refusing co-operating with our requests for transparency in their research and a critical examination into the reliability and true necessity of the tests, with consideration to one of the hundreds of alternative non-animal methods.

We, the undersigned, are in agreement with the following requests being made to the University of Sussex:

1. Full and complete transparency of animal experiments being carried out;
2. Documents detailing commitment to alternatives to be supplied to concerned groups;
3. Students should be given access to laboratory testing facilities and Animal House for an inspection of the animals, housing and conditions.

In addition, we would also like a full disclosure of decisions made by the University in response to these conditions, with adequate grounds if the demands are refused.

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