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Launched in 2004 Brighton Hip Hop Festival has gone from strength to strength and is recognised as the UKs must attend event for Hip Hop enthusiasts as well as anyone with an interest in the many artistic disciplines that are comprised within the culture.

Organised by KALA PHOOL (a multi-arts diversity led development agency), This international festival exists in a not-for-profit capacity to celebrate the richness, strength and diversity of Hip Hop Culture in the UK and beyond. The small team that work year round to deliver BHHF, do it on an entirely voluntary basis for the love of Hip Hop Culture.

In 2006 we attracted over 20,000 people to our events which featured over 700 artists, and we have programmed a fantastic line up of high profile events for this years festival, which have been designed to appeal to audiences old and new.

However we've just found out that our major funder is not supporting us this year. This is extremely bad news, as 100's of UK artists won't get the support they deserve, leaving a huge gap in the region's artistic and cultural landscape.

We urgently need some help and intervention to SAVE OUR FESTIVAL. Having to pull the plug this year will make it much harder if not impossible to revive the festival in future years.
Our planned events and their associated costs are listed on our website - www.bhhf.org and on our myspace page - www.myspace.com/bhhf.

We need your signatures to present to funding bodies and the government to demonstrates the value that BHHF delivers to the UK.

We need only £42,000 to deliver a 2 week programme jam packed with events accessible to all, many of which will be free to attend.

We, the undersigned, call upon the the UK Government to intervene and divert funds in order to save the UKs only dedicated Hip Hop Festival.

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