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1. Stafford (Shand St) Dirt Bike jump track and MTB skills course

Be part of this proposal to build an awesome bicycle park in Stafford in the Shand street recreational area!

The proposed bike facility is to cater for BMX and mountain bike (MTB) riders of all ages and skills and would include:

-BMX style pump track
-Dirt jumps for all ages and skills
-MTB skills area

Currently many similar bike parks are enjoyed by the population of Brisbane elsewhere but none service the local community in this region.

The proposed area just north-east of Grinstead park on the northern bank of Kedron brook is already one council has identified as perfect for recreational/sporting facilities and currently has an outdoor basketball area and skateboard half pipe. The addition of a bicycle recreation area would be complimentary to this parkland with abundant space existing for a well planned and constructed bike track.

The Kedron brook bike path close by means that you and your children will be able to safely commute from nearby areas to enjoy the facility.

This site already satisfies initial review as a suitable area and the budget for building such a facility is well within reach of local council so lets get behind making the area a fun destination for all local residents and support our families keeping fit and enjoying our great parklands!

2. No DL or Insurance for scooters and E bikes

Currently scooters and e bikes do not need a DL Or insurance as they are power assisted bicycles. It has been brought to our attention the local CRD wants to prohibit our ability to continue to do so and we feel it's uncalled for and unsolicited. It will cause many scooter and e bike enthusiasts to no longer be able to use this method of transportation to get about in their daily living! Many people can't afford insurance and or don't qualify for a DL and some just choose to "go green" this is contradictory to that whole idea! Help us fight the system! Sign and share this with anyone who agrees with our cause!

3. Petition for Increased Street Safety for Children in Mountain View

The neighborhood of Mountain View is a community where families enjoy spending time outdoors, in yards, or on neighborhood sidewalks and streets. Students ride their bicycles and children are constantly running down the sidewalks and across the streets to play with friends. We are a bustling neighborhood, full of life... until one of those children gets struck.

Although we encourage our children to follow the rules of the road and to be aware of vehicles/drivers, we all know when a child is playing, they can forget, or not look carefully, and find themselves in danger.

This summer, there have been several close calls between children and vehicles, and two students have been struck by cars while riding bicycles; different days, but at the same intersection. Thankfully, both only suffered severe bruising and a few minor cuts (one was transported by ambulance for suspected breaks or internal injuries, but he was treated and sent home). The families of our community are concerned that drivers are not driving cautiously and driving faster than the residential speed limit.

Mountain View Hope Covenant Church recently hosted a bicycle safety booth on National Night Out, hosted by the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club (BGC). In partnership with the Alaska Injury Prevention Center and the William Tyson Elementary PTA, we were able to hand out bicycle safety items (reflective gear, bicycle safety pamphlets, coloring books, etc.). Through the AIPC and generous donations, we were able to provide helmets for both families whose children had been struck and held a drawing for two kids who received a bicycle safety set: helmet, safety pads (knee, elbow, and wrist), wheel lights, bike lock, and reflective gear. Mountain View Hope will continue to partner with the Tyson PTA to educate students about their role in keeping themselves safe. We have been encouraging families to follow five safety rules: Always Wear a Helmet, See and Be Seen, Obey All Traffic Laws, Be Predictable, and Stay Alert at All Times.

While we can encourage our neighbors, we are also asking for intervention from the Mountain View Community Council and the Municipality to take a look at the streets in Mountain View, and to help drivers to be more cautious when driving through the neighborhood, specifically while driving down Price Street. When drivers pass the last stop sign on Price Street (Price St./Peterkin Ave., the Boys and Girls Club intersection), many find themselves speeding up through the Price Street/Richmond Avenue intersection in an effort to make the green light at the intersection of Price Street and Mountain View Drive. In addition, once drivers pass the stop sign by the Boys and Girls Club, they drive less cautiously because they expect children to be near the Club., and seem to forget that they still need to be cautious of children, even though the intersection in question is only a block away from the Boys and Girls Club.

We are proposing that the intersection of Price Street and Richmond Avenue be changed from a 2-way stop to a 4-way stop. Currently, there are stop signs driving down Richmond Avenue crossing Price Street, but we would like to see the addition of stop signs driving down Price Street crossing Richmond Avenue. We are also proposing the addition of several speed bumps down Price Street between Thompson and Mountain View Drive, and one on Richmond Avenue between Bragaw Street at Price Street.

Whether they are riding their bicycles or skateboards down the street or running across the street to visit a friend or play in a sprinkler, the children of Mountain View need to be protected. As adults, we can educate them, but we can also help each other keep the children safe by increasing ways to cause drivers to become more cautious when it comes to driving down our neighborhood streets.

4. Petition for an All Abilities Bicycle & Go Kart Track

Everyone loves to ride a bike, especially in the great outdoors and in a pictures spot; like close to Perth’s beautiful Swan River.

If though you have a disability and require a specialized, awkward to carry, and difficult to transport bicycle, then cycling isn’t as easy and accessible as it should be. Finding ideal bike tracks to ride in Perth isn’t easy either.

5. Add a four way stop sign at Regina and Edson

Traffic travels too fast on Edson.

The average speed limit is 37.5 mph (City of Beaumont traffic survey). Families can't walk on road because traffic is too fast. People can't walk Dogs because traffic is too fast. Children can't ride bicycles because traffic is too fast. Children can't walk to school at Regina and Edson, a school crossing because traffic is too fast. Mowing and weed eating your lawn on Edson is dangerous because traffic is too fast.

Animals have been killed on Edson because traffic is too fast.

Even though there are leash laws they aren't going slow enough to stop before they hit the animals.

6. Support Phase 2 Carrabelle Beach Multi-Modal Transportation Path

In July 2008 the Franklin County Commission submitted an application to Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for engineering and construction of Phase 1, the first half-mile of the Carrabelle Beach Multi-Modal Transportation Path between Carrabelle’s Crooked River Lighthouse Park and the Franklin County Carrabelle Beach Park.

Through many letters of support from local residents, businesses and local government resolutions, our transportation alternative is a reality. Now, we need to construct Phase 2, the next 1.5 mile to the Carrabelle River.

7. Bicycle Theft In Manitoba Crown Penalty Is Incarceration

Currently Manitoba Law Regarding Bicycle Theft Is not a law that has a Crown Penalty of Mandatory Incarceration.

8. Build a skatepark that is made out of wood instead of concrete!

I am Kevin, a BMX rider from Singapore. I am currently studying in Hillgrove Secondary School and having my "N" Level this year.

I also came from a poor family and my mom is sick when I was in primary school. I came across to BMX in secondary school when I was in Secondary 2. Some of my friends had an accident due to the flat ground and dangerous sharp concrete.

9. We support Mayor Hales Proposal to not spend $1.2 million in 2013-14

The mayor's proposed budget would include $700,000 in one-time "bridge funding" to allow for the bureau to reduce its strength through attrition, and not by laying off the bureau's most recent, more diverse hires.

The mounted patrol unit now consists of six full-time officers, one sergeant, two stable attendants and one horse trainer and costs about $1.2 million. The city budget office recommended it be eliminated "in light of current fiscal constraints,'' the office analysis said.

10. Bicycle Lanes for Toronto: Bicycle Lanes Save Lives

On May 26, 2012, my life was put in danger when I was bicycling in the Etobicoke region. An SUV with attached trailer swerved directly towards me for absolutely no reason. I was forced to maneuver over rumble strips and into an ending lane. The motorist then moved back into their lane and went about their day.

There are inherent risks to being a cyclist, such as being on the constant lookout for pot holes, cracks in the asphalt, and raised sewer grades. If any of these are along the path, we are forced to swerve around them and put ourselves even closer to our vehicular counterparts. In addition, due to their sheer size, if there is an imminent collision between a vehicle and a cyclist, it is normally the cyclist that is forced to maneuver elsewhere.

As it stands, the Toronto website claims that it has 90 km of bicycle lanes, yet the vast majority of streets are still shared between cyclists and motorists.

Unfortunately, cyclists are limited to the protection of a helmet, where as motorist are surrounded by plastics, metal, and have the luxury of seatbelts, airbags, roll bars, and crumple zones.

I understand that bicycle lanes seem costly because they reduce lane sizes and therefore increase congestion, but this is a matter of preventable injuries and fatalities. Cyclists are pulling their weight (literally) in order to be economically friendly and reduce their carbon footprint. Their reward for this should not be constant fear and anxiety to ending up in the emergency room. I am a working paramedic and see first-hand the blunt trauma and devastation that motor vehicle collisions can cause. People get hurt, and people die.

By submitting this petition, I hope to increase the awareness of the inherent dangers consistently present to all cyclists. Toronto is a leader in many facets, and if bicycle lanes were put on more roadways (especially larger ones), many other municipalities would follow suit.

I beg you to make your streets safer for those who strive to prove that cars are not the only option.

11. Coastline Cycleway

There is fantastic potential for a 20-mile seafront cycleway from Folkestone Harbour to Dungeness, a high grade recreational facility for visitors and residents alike that will boost health, tourism, transportation and the Shepway economy.

Like the safe and scenic coastal cycleways of North Kent and Nord Pas de Calais, a dedicated cycleway from Folkestone to Dungeness would put Shepway back on the tourist map - a destination attraction for cyclists, be they long distance riders or a family with bikes on a day-trip from London.

The Folkestone-Dungeness Cycleway is the ambition of Damian Collins, MP for Folkestone and Hythe. The campaign for its realisation is headed by Cycle Shepway, the pressure group for better cycling that must lobby, cajole and propel our authorities into coordinated action.

This petition will be presented to Shepway District Council, Kent County Council, the Environment Agency, the Ministry of Defence and other interested parties such as town and parish councils.

12. Review problem Bicycle Lanes

Victoria road and in fact most roads in Port Adelaide / Adelaide now have Bike Lanes. You are not allowed to park in them at periods which cause problems for local business and residents. They are active even on public holidays.

They devalue our property and cause loss of business. They are wrong as a proper bike lane would have footpath, car parking, bike lane, road car lanes. This is not the case here.

13. Stop Redwood Rd narrowing - alternate petition

This is a revision to the circulating petition regarding the Redwood Road/35th Ave widening proposal.

Are you aware of the controversial changes the city of Oakland is planning for Redwood Road and 35th Avenue?

The proposal (remedy) to slow traffic in this area is to have just one lane in each direction and a dedicated bike lane. There are also other changes included in the proposal; however, the change to a single lane is the major component. Many of us in the Redwood Heights/Laurel/Upper Redwood Rd. areas are strongly opposed to major changes in this corridor.

Forty years ago Redwood Road/35th Avenue was a single lane in each direction. Oakland planned to widen the streets to four lanes by taking some of the front yard from the existing houses on the west side. There was to be no parking on either side of the street and no median. Many of us were strongly opposed so we gathered hundreds of signatures, presented the petition to the city and Redwood Road/35th Avenue was developed as it is today.

At that time traffic was increasing because of Lincoln Square Shopping Center, along with school, commercial and housing development up to Skyline.
It was nearly impossible to get out of driveways and side streets during high traffic hours. If Redwood Road/35th Avenue is put back to one lane each direction, it will be even more congested because of the increase in car and bus traffic. More importantly, it will impede immediate emergency response for fire, police and ambulances. This is a legitimate safety issue.

14. Encourage & Maximize the use of Bicycles in South Australia

We should encourage and maximize the use of bicycles as a means of transport in South Australia.

- Wider bike lanes on major roads.
- Tougher laws for careless drivers.
- An "Own Choice" helmet law for over 21's.
- An increase of bike trails and tracks in outer suburbs further linking busier areas.

Not only would this decrease the State's carbon emissions, but it would also increase health within population, boost tourism, create cultural awareness and studies also show riding a bike is beneficial to mental health.

15. Radical Changes in the Cycling Policy of Cardiff

I want to express all my disappointment regarding the current facilities for cyclists and, in particular, for cycle-commuters in Cardiff.

I have been living in this city for almost six years and I have witnessed little or no improvement.

Cardiff is an extremely bike-unfriendly city. This is a true shame, given its consistently flat layout and small size. A simple look at the map provided by the council ( shows that, outside Bute Park, there are effectively no traffic-free paths apart from the link between the centre and the bay. Unfortunately, not many people work in Bute Park, which, by definition, is a recreational area.

Two of the three main employers in Cardiff are the University and the NHS. Because of the presence of the University and the University Hospital, an extremely large amount of commuters transits daily through Cathays and Heath. The area enclosed by North Road to the West, Dumfries Place and Newport Road to the South, Waterloo Road to the East and the Eastern Avenue to the North comprises some of the busiest commuting routes; yet there are zero traffic-free paths. This is unacceptable.

Park Place, Albany road, Newport Road, Column Road, Richmond Road, with buses, cars (often parked on both sides of the street) are a nightmare for a cyclist.

I live in Princes Street and work in the Heath Hospital. My natural itinerary goes through Connaught Road, Pen-y-lan Road, Ninian Road, Wedal road, Allensbank Road. These streets are horrendous. There are a lot of potholes, badly placed patches and unlevelled surfaces. Nothing has changed in the last year and half. A lot of these disrupted spots are located at the far sides of the roads, exactly where people cycle. Exactly where, in some streets, the supposedly red bicycle lanes are painted (it seems that in Cardiff, to create a cycling path, all you need is a bucket of red paint and a brush). I am not even getting into the layouts of these lanes, very often starting and ending abruptly and without any logic (e.g., Senghennydd Road, Crwys Road, Allensbank Road, Withchurch Road).

The whole segment which starts from the roundabout where Ninian Road meets Fairoak Road until the junction of Allensbank Road with King George V Drive (which is the entrance of an Hospital Site!!!) looks like a freshly bombed ground. The same applies to the side streets of Ninian Road and to Inverness Place. The link in the header of this text shows once more how bad Cardiff is at this regard!

I understand that the maintenance of the roads is not an easy task. However, a traffic-free cycling path requires almost no maintenance, given the very little weight passing on it as compared to cars. This point can be readily proven by cycling along Jamest St. and Clarence Road in the bay, where the cycling path that a year ago was brand new, now is already completely ruined.

Whoever is responsible for all this should be ashamed in front of the people, because he/she miserably failed in taking care of such an essential aspect of the daily life of the city and the commuters.

16. Petition for a space for a student-run bicycle workspace in NUI Galway

Since September 2010 a number of cyclists and members of the NUI Galway Ecosoc have been discussing providing a student-run bicycle workshop on campus.

If provided with a space, we have a range of experienced bicycle mechanics who would have regular free bicycle workshops to provide students and staff with bike maintenance education and provide a workspace with all of the necessary tools and facilities to custom build bikes with supervision and advice working on a volunteer basis. From the outset there was string support from students and staff to the idea.

The hope was that the university would be as supportive for an initiative which would;

1. reduce the environmental impact of NUIG,

2. reduce traffic and parking issues within the uni.,

3. be an educational and social amenity for all of the students and staff of NUIG..

4. alleviate some of the costs of repair and maintenance for cyclists,

these are some of a long list of benefits of similar projects.

We have only asked the college for a space to for the workshop and in an email (dated 17-nov-10) stated "We would not need anything of particular beauty it would be a workshop, the main requirements would be an open space with a locker to secure tools in (i.e. The tools, workbenches and bike stands we have access to ourselves."

The response to our requests were met with a simple "Unfortunately, we cannot dedicate a space at this time to Ecosoc for this purpose." Later we were told that the 'Space Managment Group' were of the opinion that there would not be sufficient demand to allocate a space.

This petition is on behalf of cyclists in NUIG to say that say you need not only look at the quantity of bikes in the uni. each week to recognise that we would be used by and of benefit to hundreds if not thousands of people!

(Please input your student/staff number after your name.)

17. We Support cycling routes on the University of Leeds Campus

Evidence shows that providing cycling facilities such as cycle lanes encourages people to cycle. It also makes it easier and more pleasant for current cyclists.

18. Bring BIXI to NDG! / Amener BIXI à NDG!

This petition is to ask Mayor Applebaum to bring BIXI to NDG. BIXI is now available in London, Washington, Boston.... So why not NDG? Please help us make this possible for the residents of NDG who also deserve access to what is the most fun, environmentally
friendly, and flexible means of transport.

Cette pétition a pour but de demander au maire Applebaum d'implémenter le service de BIXI à NDG. Les BIXI sont déjà disponibles à Londres, Washington, Boston, etc. alors pourquoi pas NDG? S'il vous plaît, aidez-nous à rendre ce service disponible aux résidents de ce quartier qui souhaitent bénéficier de ce moyen de transport amusant, flexible et respectueux de l'environnement!

19. Secure bike parking at Bishops Stortford station

There are only very limited secure bicycle storage facilities at Bishops Stortford station. The vast majority of the cycle bays are old fashioned types which grip only the wheel edge and do not allow the frame to be secured to modern standards. This has led to competition for a small number of locking points, such as the vertical supports of the bike shelters.

Cycles are not only being stolen because they are insecure, but also numerous arguments and friction are arising between cyclists and motorcyclists over obstruction caused by cyclists being forced to lock their bikes against the supports in the designated motorbike section.

This continuing situation is unacceptable, particularly as provision of proper locking points would not be disproportionately expensive.

20. Bicycle Transit Station for Perth City

Update 26/Sep/11: the original petition used a funding model based on a developer sponsored Bicycle Transition Centre and the development land suggested was 3 Cliff Street. The developer funded model still may be the way to go and other locations for the centre may be considered.

To promote easy cycling to work and reduce traffic congestion a Perth bicycle transit station is a step forward.

The Station shall provide:
• 24-hour, 7 days/week access to bicycle storage, showers and lockers with key card access.
• Bicycle servicing and retail shop on site.
• Tea, coffee and a bite to eat.
• Wi-Fi access.
• Dry cleaning and laundry services while the cyclists are at work.

Around the globe bicycle stations commonly operate like a health club. They make cycling to work easier, and they build a community.

The Web Site Link above links to a full proposal for the development of a Public Bicycle Transit Station located at 3 Cliff Street, Perth (next to the Jacob’s Ladder, with access from both the top and bottom of the ladder).

21. Turn The SafeWay Property In Chilliwack Into A Skatepark

The City Of Chlliwack needs a safe place for bicycle riders of all sorts/skateboarders/scooter riders etc to ride safely. Just last week i witnessed my best friend get beat up by 4 gang members because he was merely at the skatepark.

A safe place provided would help keep the children who use the parks to be completely safe due to the entry cost, which would deter crime perpetrators. Consider all the possible other thing young teens could be doing besides have an normal evening doing what they love, in a safe and healthy environment.

22. Carbon Credits for Cyclists

Currently there is no plan for a remuneration scheme for people who already reduce carbon levels by riding bicycles.

Although the bicycle is an existing mode of transportation its contribution is little valued as being of benefit to the environment, the community, and society.

23. Reform Skateboarding & Bicycling laws for Main Street, Newark


Skateboarding Restrictions:

When signs are erected giving notice thereof, the use of skateboards is prohibited at all times upon the street and abutting sidewalk along the street upon which such signs are posted. No skateboarding or bicycling is permitted on the sidewalk on Main Street from Library Avenue to Elkton Road.

Minimum Fine:

The minimum fine for skateboarding in a prohibited area is $25.00 for the first offense.

24. No More Roundabouts in Skagit County!

They are oh so European and oh so California. Fine, they can have them. Roundabouts are difficult for people on bicycles, bad for large trucks, take up a huge amount of space and give so very little in return for their cost.

The money might be better spent teaching our hapless citizens the finer points of turn-lane usage and the meaning of the word yield. Once they have mastered these skills, only then could they be trusted to effectively navigate a circle.

In other words, don't hold your breath.

Join P.A.C.T. today! People Against Circular Tyranny.

25. Ban Bicycle Transport during Rush Hour

During peak travel hours (7A-9AM then 4:30P-6:30PM) ban bicycle transport in the Riverline cars.

Bicycles are a hazzard duing these hours and are a concern for the safety and comfort of its passangers.

26. NRMA, stop attacking cyclists or we will cancel our membership

The NRMA is vocal in their opposition of the development of cycling infrastructure in Sydney and is opposing the use of existing roads by cyclists in Sydney during Peak hours.

Despite the increasing congestion, high fuel prices and climate change, the NRMA continues to attack cycling as an alternative method of personal transport for commuters and recreational users.

Cyclists have every right to use the States roads. Cyclists, as a legitimate road user group, are growing in number in direct proportion to the increasing fuel prices. Clearly, MORE cycling infrastructure is required, not more car lanes.

Most cyclists are also car owners. A great many of these car owning cyclists are NRMA members and IAG customers. I would ask these people to reconsider their position on contributing money to an association that opposes theirs, and their communities' cycling needs.

27. Safer Bicycle Tracks

Imagine you were riding your bike peacefully on a bicycle track and suddenly a couple holding hands and had their backs turned to you was there. BOOM! Not pretty. You crashed into them.

28. Bicycle Velodrome - Salt Lake City, UT

The Salt Lake Velodrome Committee is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) that was formed by a small group of local cyclists with the goal of raising money to get a velodrome built in our state.

With this petition we hope to show that there is a large groundswell of support for such a project, from: a) local cyclists who will train and compete in weekly race series; b) professional cyclists who will value this international caliber track as a great asset to the US cycling program, compete in national and international events and attempt to break world records; c) local non-cyclists who understand that both amateur and professional track racing is extremely exciting to watch and believe that this venue would be a great addition to our sporting community along side our baseball, soccer, basketball and winter sports centers.

Track racing is an exciting and vibrant sport and a popular form of training and exercise. On the professional level track racing is extremely fast paced, and allows spectators to get very close to the action. At the turn of the 19th Century it was the most popular sport in America and is still extremely popular in Europe and Japan. On the amateur level, track racing is an excellent way for cyclists of all ages and abilities to exercise and compete in a controlled environment. Tracks across the country have very active junior development programs and weekly amateur race series.

The Salt Lake Valley is an optimal location for an international caliber velodrome. The elevation of approximately 4000' is considered by many professionals to be ideal for world record attempts. Most all locations within the valley would be within thirty minutes of our international airport, allowing easy access for national and international competitions. The Salt Lake region had numerous velodromes during the early years of the 20th Century, including one on the Great Salt Lake! Salt Lake City also has an Olympic history and is currently home to the "world's fastest" ice skating oval (the Utah Olympic Oval), a ski jumping and bobsled facility (Utah Olympic Park) and is home to many Olympic and professional athletes. Track cycling is one of the few sports that has been a part of every Olympic games in modern history (except for 1912).

The goal of this petition is to show potential investors that there is local and even international support for a high quality velodrome in this area.

Get more involved via: (old website)
edited 11/9/09- new website is:

29. Remove Bicycle race from the Town of Pelham

Trying to get the bicycle race removed from Pelham.

It is a major inconvenience and bad for local businesses and home owners.

30. Safe and useful bicycle storage for West Ferryfield

The factors have sent various letters requesting that bicycles aren't stored in stairwells.

But there is no other alternative for people who do not want to lock their bikes outside on the limited number of lamposts to rust, other than carrying them up the stairs to the flat, using up precious space.