#Residential Disputes
Residents and estate owners
United Kingdom

The factors have sent various letters requesting that bicycles aren't stored in stairwells.

But there is no other alternative for people who do not want to lock their bikes outside on the limited number of lamposts to rust, other than carrying them up the stairs to the flat, using up precious space.

We, the undersigned, call on the West Ferryfield factors, to supply roofed, secure bicycle storage.

There are many unused car parking spaces, which are always empty, therefore there would be more than enough space to build/install bike storage. It would benefit the residents as it saves precious space and damage inside flats (as they are not supposed to be stored in stairwells). It would benefit the factors due to the fact that in this time of environmental concerns, organisations should be making every effort to encourage environment saving means of living, and can publicise that fact.

Please sign this petition if you think some form of cycle storage should be established. I, Tom Pendrey, insigator of the petition, will make every effort in liaising with the factors, to achieve our goal of contributing to a cleaner environment.

Thank you,

The Undersigned

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