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The Salt Lake Velodrome Committee is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) that was formed by a small group of local cyclists with the goal of raising money to get a velodrome built in our state.

With this petition we hope to show that there is a large groundswell of support for such a project, from: a) local cyclists who will train and compete in weekly race series; b) professional cyclists who will value this international caliber track as a great asset to the US cycling program, compete in national and international events and attempt to break world records; c) local non-cyclists who understand that both amateur and professional track racing is extremely exciting to watch and believe that this venue would be a great addition to our sporting community along side our baseball, soccer, basketball and winter sports centers.

Track racing is an exciting and vibrant sport and a popular form of training and exercise. On the professional level track racing is extremely fast paced, and allows spectators to get very close to the action. At the turn of the 19th Century it was the most popular sport in America and is still extremely popular in Europe and Japan. On the amateur level, track racing is an excellent way for cyclists of all ages and abilities to exercise and compete in a controlled environment. Tracks across the country have very active junior development programs and weekly amateur race series.

The Salt Lake Valley is an optimal location for an international caliber velodrome. The elevation of approximately 4000' is considered by many professionals to be ideal for world record attempts. Most all locations within the valley would be within thirty minutes of our international airport, allowing easy access for national and international competitions. The Salt Lake region had numerous velodromes during the early years of the 20th Century, including one on the Great Salt Lake! Salt Lake City also has an Olympic history and is currently home to the "world's fastest" ice skating oval (the Utah Olympic Oval), a ski jumping and bobsled facility (Utah Olympic Park) and is home to many Olympic and professional athletes. Track cycling is one of the few sports that has been a part of every Olympic games in modern history (except for 1912).

The goal of this petition is to show potential investors that there is local and even international support for a high quality velodrome in this area.

Get more involved via: http://groups.google.com/group/saltlakevc (old website)
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Salt Lake Velodrome Petition
By: The Salt Lake Velodrome Association

To: Potential Financial Supporters of a Salt Lake Velodrome

We, the undersigned, are in full support of a cycling velodrome being built in the Salt Lake Valley of northern Utah. We hope that those with the means to support such a project will choose to do so.

The Salt Lake Velodrome also expects to be a multi-use facility with the ability to accommodate inline skaters, competitive hand-cyclists, even non cycling related activities.

The Undersigned and The Salt Lake Velodrome Association

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