#Roads & Transport

The NRMA is vocal in their opposition of the development of cycling infrastructure in Sydney and is opposing the use of existing roads by cyclists in Sydney during Peak hours.

Despite the increasing congestion, high fuel prices and climate change, the NRMA continues to attack cycling as an alternative method of personal transport for commuters and recreational users.

Cyclists have every right to use the States roads. Cyclists, as a legitimate road user group, are growing in number in direct proportion to the increasing fuel prices. Clearly, MORE cycling infrastructure is required, not more car lanes.

Most cyclists are also car owners. A great many of these car owning cyclists are NRMA members and IAG customers. I would ask these people to reconsider their position on contributing money to an association that opposes theirs, and their communities' cycling needs.

We, the undersigned, as members of the NRMA and/or customers of IAG insurance, will cancel or not renew our business with the NRMA or IAG if they continue to oppose cycling infrastructure.

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