#Law Reform
For the residents of Newark against the City of Newark
United States of America


Skateboarding Restrictions:

When signs are erected giving notice thereof, the use of skateboards is prohibited at all times upon the street and abutting sidewalk along the street upon which such signs are posted. No skateboarding or bicycling is permitted on the sidewalk on Main Street from Library Avenue to Elkton Road.

Minimum Fine:

The minimum fine for skateboarding in a prohibited area is $25.00 for the first offense.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Newark to reform the law of skateboarding and cycling on Main Street in Newark, Delaware.

The law clearly states no skateboarding/bicycling on the Main Street sidewalk, however, some have been ticketed for riding in the street.

The city needs to clarify its position, or reform the law to allow such activities to take place.

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