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1. Re-do the Lord of the Rings movie will all the scenes

Let's re-do the movie and create a new one, called "haldir of lorean" based on lord of the rings' elves.

2. Religious Discrimination by US Department of Transportation

Source: New Britain Herald

Ad Id: 14145954

LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the Bureau of Finance and Administration 2800 Berlin Turnpike Newington Connecticut on Friday May 8 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in Conference Room B on Docket No. 0811-N-181-L for the application of Ajmal Mehdi DBA Medics Transportation. Pursuant to the provisions of Sections 13b-103 and 4-177 through 182 of the Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) Ajmal Mehdi DBA Medics Transportation seeks authorization to operate four (4) motor vehicles having a passenger seating capacity of ten (10) adults or less in general livery service between all points in Connecticut from headquarters in Bristol. Parties and interveners requiring an interpreter (translator) for this public hearing may make arrangements by contacting the Department of Transportation 's Administrative Law Unit at (860) 594-2875 at least five (5) working days prior to the hearing.

Deaf and hearing impaired persons wishing to attend this public hearing or requiring an interpreter may make arrangements by contacting the Department of Transportation 's Office of Communications at (860) 594-3062 (VOICE ONLY) at least five (5) working days prior to the hearing. If the hearing is postponed due to inclement weather the hearing will be rescheduled for the next available date. For any questions regarding postponements please call (860) 594-2875. CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Linda Dillon Secretary Bureau of Finance and Administration

3. Preserve Bay Ridge Neighborhood

BCJ HOLDS, L.L.C. (Allen Edwin Homes) has applied to the Charter Township of Texas Planning Commission for approval of a Planned Unit Development (PUD). This proposal includes a request for rezoning (currently zoned R-2) due to substantial reductions in lot size. The reduction in lot size is due to their proposed 38.3 acres of preserved open space, including a perimeter trail that may provide beneficial neighborhood transition zones, and help retain access to open space recreation that Bay Ridge families currently enjoy in the undeveloped lot/field. Without the rezoning, the development would not include preserved open space, and would include a 216-lot subdivision (Comparison Plan), as opposed to a 237-lot subdivision (Preliminary Concept Development Plan). The Concept Plan, which includes the preserved open space, also calls for retaining the Bay Ridge Road and Bentley Drive cul-de-sacs.

However, the Township, County Road Commission, and Fire Department may or may not approve the retention of the two cul-de-sacs, in part based on Section 16-82(a)(1)b of the Zoning Ordinance under Subdivision Control, which requires that “the arrangement of streets shall provide for a continuation of existing streets from adjoining areas in the new subdivision.”

This Preserve Bay Ridge Neighborhood petition seeks approval from the Charter Township of Texas Planning Commission not to extend Bay Ridge Road and Bentley Drive into the new Concept Plan development, and to upgrade the existing cul-de-sacs as per recommendations provided by Thomas C. Wheat in his April 13, 2009 memorandum to the Planning Commission. This request is based on three important factors:

1. Concern that extending Bay Ridge Road and Bentley Drive as through-streets would degrade the quality of life, and decrease the safety of residents and children in the Bay Ridge neighborhood by increasing the speed and frequency of traffic to and from the new Rudgate Trails development.

2. Despite the lot size variance for the Concept Plan, we believe that integrating open space, or “green infrastructure,” in subdivision developments provides substantial quality of life and environmental benefits, including, but not limited to access to recreation lands; natural storm water runoff filtration and retention; wildlife habitat; and scenic beauty.

3. An adequate transition zone would help preserve the character and identity of the respective neighborhoods.

4. Support human rights of Hare Krishna commune in KAZAKHSTAN

Please read below and sign this online petition urgently.

For years there has been a battle between the local government in Kazakhstan and an innocent ISKCON community. Based on the excuse that the devotees do not have sufficient legal permission and their religion is not 'traditional to Kazakhstan', the government have been endeavouring to destroy the ISKCON temple and devotees homes by force so they can develop the land for another use. This is a serious breach of human rights!

Workers and police arrived on 15th June at the village near Almaty, Kazakhstan, where the embattled Hare Krishna commune is based to demolish twelve more Hare Krishna-owned homes. "The houses were literally crushed into dust. By ten o'clock it was all over," said ISKCON spokesperson Maksim Varfolomeyev.

The temple, which the devotees have been ordered to destroy by today, has not been touched but the devotees fear it could be the next target. Human rights activist Yevgeny Zhovtis is outraged at the continuing destruction. "The authorities are showing that they will do what they want, despite the international outrage at the earlier demolitions of Hare Krishna-owned homes." He believes the local administration chief "doesn't care about the political damage to Kazakhstan's reputation – or to its desire to chair the OSCE."

5. Access for all to affordable healthcare

Every citizen of the USA should be entitled to healthcare regardless of weight or income. I have personally tried to get health insurance for over two years, but am unsucessful. Private insurance companies use statistics to gauge your "risk factor".

I am a 24 year old female that is 5'10 and because I don't weigh less than 210 pounds, based on these "statistics" I'm uninsurable. People that weigh just under are forced to pay practically a fourth of their income just to be insured. If Americans can be too fat to insure, then being overweight should be categorized as other pre-existing medical conditions for state insurance.

I believe private insurance companies should have to base the "risk factor" on an actual physical. As for state insurance, I make to much money to qualify. There are millions of people that are stuck in this same gray area as I am. Healthcare should be granted to every citizen.

Insurance should be affordable and attainable for every tax paying citizen. Why not? We pay for those that aren't.

6. Liquor Restrictions in Entertainment Venues in NSW

This petition asks the current practice by the Licensing Police of imposing blanket liquor restrictions including midnite lockouts, barring drink & entertainment styles on all late night trading entertainment within designated areas be ceased.

It asks for the numbers of police on active duty at night to be increased to address the wealth of late night violence on the streets which is not related to patrons of late night entertainment venues trading. Many times they the victims of this unrelated violence.

This petition seeks to support all Entertainment Venue Licensees who display good RSA practices to maintain the right to continue trading normal, approved business hours, regardless of location.

7. PTO Exception

PRC's current 2007 PTO Policy states that "PTO accrual begins with the date of hire, and continues on a calendar year basis. Time is awarded based on the years of service on the first day of the year. Additional time is not awarded on the employee’s anniversary date."

8. Stop a vaccine that leads to wrongful euthanasia of cats

FIV is commonly classified into five different subtypes (A, B, C, D, and E). Subtypes A and B are the predominant subtypes in the United States.

Fel-O-Vax® FIV is an inactivated, dual subtype (based on strains of Petaluma subtype A and Shizuoka subtype D) feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) vaccine.

Currently available antibody-based FIV diagnostic tests (e.g., SNAP® Feline Combo, PetChek® FIV Ab plates, and Western blot) available in the United States and Europe cannot distinguish cats vaccinated with Fel-O-Vax® FIV from FIV-infected cats or from cats that are both vaccinated and infected. Most shelters and other facilities designed to house strays often euthanize cats with positive FIV test results, so previously vaccinated uninfected cats may needlessly undergo euthanasia.

9. Torchwood or Doctor Who Ps2/3 game

There really should be a playstation game based on one of these shows for the following reasons.
1. It would be cool to have a game set in Cardiff.
2. Bring money to the BBC
3. Growth for Britain's media development.

10. High School Parking for Juniors

As the Town of Agawam expands so does the number of families. The high school parking lot needs to increase in size as to allow for the number of students that need to park.

One can see that each year the number of students increases and we need to increase our parking spaces to accomodate this.

Until then we need to allow any available spaces to be given to juniors who meet a certain criteria.

11. Stop Credit Checks for Employment

July 22, 2006

More and more when you apply for a job you have both a criminal and credit background check. Employers have the right to deny you of a job because of your personal credit.

I think this should change. I think the a criminal background should be allowed but nothing based on your own personal credit.

There are a number of factors some of which are out of ones control that can damnage a persons credit.

In doing research I found that employers can base you get a job that you have the experiance and skills in on your credit. On a certain website I found "In some cases, you may want to investigate a potential employee's credit history. If the position you are trying to fill involves handling cash or otherwise managing you buisness assets, a credit check is essential. Inablility to managae personal credit and finances doesn't mean that an individial will have similar difficulties in a business setting. However, it is objective evidence of how the prospective employee has managed his or her assets."

There are hundreds of reasons why peoples credit becomes messed up such as a becoming ill, a child or relative becoming ill, divorce, lay off, thats just to name a few.

I want to make this stop America and I need your help. This is why I'm having this petition because people should be able to get any job not based on there credit but based on there skill and ability to preform the job.

12. Change Certificate of Attendance for students in Special Education to an IEP Diploma

August 31, 2005

Currently in Alabama Special Education students are required to take and pass four years of English, history, science, and math based on their Individual Education Plan(IEP).

Therefore they deserve to receive upon graduation a diploma based on their IEP not a certificate of attendance which means I attended school for 12 years. With the NO Child Left Behind these children were pulled out of their self-contained classes and put in regular classes like algebra, biology, american history etc. and was expected to pass them.

There are many colleges that have programs for Special Needs Children as long as they have some type of diploma not a certificate. When they apply at colleges with a certificate will be instructed to take and pass the GED which is harder than regular school so they need their own diploma.

Many states give these students IEP Diplomas.

13. Ban any film version of the play "Corpus Christi"

In 1998, Terrance McNally produced Corpus Christi, a stage play that depicted Jesus and his disciples as gay.

There have been rumors that a movie will be made and released about this subject, whether or not based on McNally's play.

This petition is a voice of protest agaisnt the production, planned or not, of such a movie.

14. Stop Sign Addition To Glenwood Rd.

We, the homeowners residing on 1200 block of Elm Avenue in City of Glendale, California are strongly urging the city authorities to consider adding a stop signs on the Glenwood Rd and Elm Avenue intersection. Currently there is only one set of stop signs for Elm Avenue. Glenwood Rd. lacks one.
Every day the residents, and especially others not familiar with this intersection, face a difficult and hazardous situation.

The view from Elm Avenue to the cross traffic on Glenwood Rd. is obstracted.
The 85% of the time parked vehicles on Glenwood Rd. are too close to to the curve of the curb. For some reason, the parking has been allowed almost to the edge of the curve.

The undersigned would attest to the fact that in order to see the cross traffic one has to pass the rear of the parked vehicles, and by this time one is almost into the Glenwood Rd. Something needs to be done as soon as possible before something tragic happens at this crossing. Crossing this street is almost like a 'catch up' game. This has been proven to be very hazardous based on our experience, and numerouse accidents we've witnessed.

15. Changes To WORK PERMIT LAWS to help the Bangladeshi restaurant industry

The growing problems we are facing in the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry is a countrywide dilemma.

Throughout the country, Indian restaurateurs say they are struggling with a staffing crisis. With the younger generation preferring college than work in the restaurant trade, Restaurant owners are looking to their homeland to fill vacancies for chefs and waiters.

Thousands of work visa applications are being blocked by one side of government e.g. the British High Commission in Bangladesh, despite having been given the go ahead by Home Office, Work Permits U.K at a cost of £153 per visa.

As many work permits are refused because David Blunkett strict migration rule on Bangladeshi's placed upon Work Permits U.K to stop Permits being issued without reason. As they are meeting the criteria. I have many cases of this around the country.

The 'Indian' restaurant sector has traditionally been dominated by Bangladeshis and this is still very much evident. For example, of the 9,500 Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants and takeaways in the UK, employing over 72,000 personnel (more than the coal, steel and shipbuilding industries combined) and with an annual turnover of some £2.3 billion, approximately 85% are exclusively owned by Bangladeshis. A recent Labour Force Survey conducted in 1997 discovered that over 60% of male Bangladeshi employees and self-employed worked in the restaurant trade compared to 40% of Chinese but only 2% of Indian and 1% of white males.

We think and believe it to be true there are about 20,000 people short, we cannot understand what the David Blunkett is achieving by stopping people coming when they would contribute to the economy and pay taxes.

The Bangladeshi Restaurant industry is highly concerned is the Sector based scheme, the staff that the restaurants has already employed on the scheme, how does David Blunkett desire to explain to the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry that they will have to provide service with out staff to fill the places of the returning Work Permit Holders.

The Bangladeshi Restaurant industry is anxious and very stressed on the situation. The feel that some law should come in separately for the Sector based Scheme a suggestion made from the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry is that the Sector based Scheme permit holders should be able to remain without recourses to public funds and they are not eligible for U.K settlement entitlement on Sector based Scheme but may work as long as they wish. We only see this as the only way to save the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry from this dilemma.

The Full Skilled Work Permit law should be changed to standards that cannot be discriminated against, e.g. a standard that is recognized for Bangladesh as it does not have same specifics to U.K but equivalent, but a standard must be met by David Blunkets that he cannot select at his discretion and choose time of breeding new Work permits.

If the above concerns in question are not a concern for David Blunkett then the scheme in question was not designed to solve restaurant staffing, it was to kill the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry.

16. Abolish Council Tax

Local Campaign (St Ives Constituency, Cornwall) To call on HM Government to abolish Council Tax and replace it with a system based on peoples ability to pay.

17. Stop Centrelink Creating Debt For Australian Families

Thousands of Australian families are being put into debt because they are unable to predict their taxable income a year in advance. Family Tax Benefits and Child Care Benefits are calculated on predictions of taxable income. Pay rises, working overtime or going back to work early after leave are not taken into account and often lead to debts in the THOUSANDS of dollars for already struggling families.

Income should be assessed on weekly earnings and updated quarterly so payments can be adjusted and debts not accrued.

Families should not have to pay back Benefits received when their salary was lower or they were not earning any money at all.

Do you know that the government can take your tax refund check to recover these "debts" without your prior knowledge or consent? This should NOT be allowed to happen.

Take this case study ( my own experience ). A mother takes the whole tax year off on maternity leave and makes a low estimate of income as she does not expect to go back to work until the following tax year. Ten months later money is very tight and work asks her to come back part-time. She agrees and notifies Centrelink immediately. Centr elink stops payments (Fair enough). Two months later she does her taxes. Her tax check is taken because she "owes" over $2500 in Family Tax Benefits overpayments because she earned more than her original estimate.

After ten months of struggling financially how is this affordable?

Why should we have to pay back Benefits received when we really needed them because our circumstances have changed?

How can we expected to plan our lives a year in advance and why should we be penalised for saving them money by going back to work?

Thousands of honest Australians are in debt because THE SYSTEM DOESN'T WORK.

If you or someone you know has been affected by this system I urge you to sign this petition or email Senator Kay Patterson and maybe we can make a change that will benefit all Australian families.

18. Against Longevity Freeze or Cut

Longevity Pay

Transcripe from City of Winston-Salem Employee Handbook 2003.


NOTE: This benefit does not apply to employees employed or certified for benefits on or after September 1, 1996.

After you have been employed full-time with the City continuously for five or more years, you are eligible for longevity payment each year. It is based upon the amount of your salary and your length of service.

Length of employment is based on the number of years service as of November 30 of the year in which the longevity payment is made. Longevity payments are based on basic annual salary as of June 30th of the year in which the longevity payment is made.

Longevity payments are calculated as follows:

Years of Service

20+ Percentage of Annual Salary

2 1/2%
4 1/2%
7 1/2%

In the case of retirement or death during the year, a pro-rated longevity payment amount will be paid to the employee or the beneficiary.

19. Chanh Truong's False Allegation for Child Molestation

To: State of Oklahoma

On the 19th of July 2002, Mr. Chanh Truong contested a nolo contendere plea and was sentenced to the state penitentiary for an indecent act. The Court decision was based on improper document translation procedure and the Court did not appoint a certified Vietnamese-English translator. When under duress from Court pressure, Chanh Truong signed documents without the English skill needed to understand the court's documents and sentences.

Mr. Chanh Truong is well known as a kind, peaceful, poetic, artistic, moral, and community oriented person. He has been a resident in Oklahoma county, Oklahoma ever since he settled in the U.S.A. in 1993. He has been married for 20 years to his lovely wife, Mrs. Thu Truong, and has two beautiful children. The children are great students in the Oklahoma County school district. Furthermore he is very active in the Vietnamese community where he participated in many of the community's activities such as cultural and historical events. He also served as a member at the Giac Quang Buddhist temple where he has had many contributions. In addition, he established stable employment at Unit Parts and has excellent references from his management and co-workers.


Chanh Truong and family members

20. Bring Back The Zelda Cartoon!!!


In 1991 the was a tv show based on a video game called " The Legend of Zelda" I Am tring to convensc Nintendo that it was such a good idea. Bring Back The Zelda Cartoon!!!

21. Ban the Auctioning Of Dogs on


"On Friday 25th July 2003, less than 24 hours after this petition was started, Trade Me agreed to stop the practice of auctioning of not just dogs but also cats, birds and horses. They have also sought the advice of the SPCA on how to make their site more animal friendly an encourage responsible ownership. Thank you to everyone who supported this petition. It worked a lot faster than we were expecting and just shows what people can do when they band together.
Thank you again."

This Online Petition has been set up to try to discourage the New Zealand based buy, sell, trade and exchange internet site Trade Me ( from allowing the auctioning off of DOGS on their NZ based Auction Site. We feel very strongly about dogs being auctioned off and would like as much support as we can get to try and convince Trade Me that this is not the way of responsible dog ownership. Dogs are our much beloved family pets and there are far more suitable ways of selling your dog or puppy to the best possible home through advertising and lots of contact with the prospective owners rather than as an auction. We are concerned that once the reserve price is met on these auctions, the seller is legally obliged to go through with the sale, and therefore has no say on whether the home is suitable or not.
Please sign our petition and support the stopping of dog auctions on Trade Me.

Thankyou, Joanne, Maree and Jan.

22. Hugh Miller book for series 3 of Ballykissangel!

This petition is for those people who agree that Hugh Miller should be commissioned to write a third book for Ballykissangel, based on the third series of the drama. A book for this series would introduce a whole new dimension on the many relationships which changed their dynamic in the duration of the series. It would also highlight the innermost feelings of the characters, which don't often translate onto the television screen in the same way that they do in book format.

23. Bring back Voltron Cartoon Network

We want a new Voltron cartoon with anime style drawings based on the original series. Since the early to late 80's cartoons are making a coming back He-man,TMNT,Transformers It only seems a must to have one of the greatest ''Voltron'' come back also. It has given ideas to many of todays shows Power Rangers,Gundam and Neo Geniesis. It is now that we must take a stand and bring back GREAT cartoons. Cartoon Network please make this happan bring us an NEW Voltron.

24. Stop transportation and storage to Yucca Mountain

This petition is to ban the transportation and storage of nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain. The main reasons being that the choice to use Yucca Mt. as a storage unit was based on politics and not scientific evidence. The storage containments holding the chemicals are little researched and are uncertain to their holding capabilities. Therefore a possiblity of the nuclear waste corroding the canisters and leaking into rising groundwater underneath the mountain. This leading to contamination of our drinking water. Also the accidental case of a spill or accident is a possible action that should not be overlooked. This would result in contaminants in groundwater and pollution to our environment. This is just the beggining to the problems that may come from the continueing storage and transportation of nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain. I would propose on site storage as close to the point of generation as possible to prevent catastrophe of terrorist attack and implement the goals of the long term plans. These storages next to the sites will give time for scientists to study and research further on various geological settings needed for permanent disposal of nuclear waste. Possible suggestions are as follows: geological disposal on land, sub-seaded disposal, and upper mantle disposal. The main aim would be to obtain sufficient data in one or two decades to enable comparisons between these differences. These facts and ideas were based from Lisa Lidwedge of the Institue of Energy and Environmental Research. I strongly support these notions and I am very concerned with the disastorous effects that could come from this continueing process.

25. Investigate Arlington County Police Department

Arlington County Police Chiefs Steve Holl and Rebecca Gaffney are misrepresenting the Badge of Valor Awards by using them to promote cronyism within the Department and are issuing awards based on friendship, not truth. Awards should not be issued based on retirement, rank or friendship.

26. Shaq should apologize for racist comments

Thanks for stopping by the petition. I know the notice of a petition is probably a shocker for those of you who know me. Since my catch phases are 'dude, I just work here' and 'all about getting PAID!'

What's this about? Shaq O'Neil taunted Houston Rocket Yao Ming by speaking 'fake Chinese'. You know what I'm talking about: the 'Ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh' chant. See the article from Asian Week ( Is he a racist? That's his business. Should we tolerate this type of behavior? Absolutely not.

Shaq has reportedly offered the following apology on Friday 1/10: 'I mean, if I was the first one to do it, and the only one to do it, I could see what they're talking about. But if I offended anybody, I apologize.' ( Actually, that didn't sound like an apology. Maybe the Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak can do better: 'Knowing Shaquille, I am certain that this was nothing more than a misguided attempt at humor' (
Sadly that doesn't sound like an apology either.

What's the big deal? Whether the Shaq comments were funny or not, it is a race-based derogatory comment. This is not just an insult to Yao Ming, but also an affront to all Americans want to 'live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.' The sad part is, Shaq was defending himself, instead of giving a real apology!! Now that's no joke.

What should we do about it? Speak up!! Let the media outlets, the NBA, the Lakers, and influential civil rights leaders know that we are not down with this non-apology. Hey, we are people, not rugs. About time people stop stepping on us.

27. Sellers' Grievances

It appears that is headed for becoming a greed-based .com industry that is smashing down the sellers. We are forming this petition to make them aware of the following practices that they are currently doing on line.

1. Allowing "Lowest Price" to be attached to the lowest price. WE DO NOT WANT THAT ON THERE.
2. Allowing sellers to sell their books for 1 cent. There should be a minimum ammt. for each book in terms of asking price as most of us not all on here for a tax right off and cannot compete with those who want ALL the business.
3. For marketplace taking the first .99 cents plus 15 % plus part of the shipping money is greed-based. A lot of the books on Amazon are sold for under $10.00.
4. In terms of Z Shops we are paying almost $40.00 per month and we are not even getting the listings out of the data base within your system and onto the site. They are being listed as "listings pending" for long periods of time.
5. You are giving buyers not only free shipping but if they buy something for $50.00 in your kitchen department you give them $30.00 free. How can we compete with that.???
6. Now you merge with other bookseller companies and most of us on here have no idea of what you are doing....merging with Alibris and Abe.....What are we to think when our sales fall like this?????
7. We are not happy sellers right now. Why don't you ask us what would make us happy...we are your supporters...If you look at the discussion boards you can tell that we are not happy campers.....
Your Sellers .......

28. Battledrome2 must be developed!

Battledrome was the first herc combat game in the starsiege universe. Since its creation in 1994, it was and still is the only game in which the entire set up is based around a real time ladder tournament with bots. If a second coming of this game was to commence using the Torque engine that has made Tribes 2 the best team-based 1st person shooter ever. If you are a fan of the glory days of Dynamix before Sierra screwed it, plase sign this petition in support of a second battledrome.

29. Agree With Salvation Army

January 31, 2002

Gay activists are attacking and harassing the Salvation Army as they have attacked the Boy Scouts and Dr. Laura as well as any one or organization that believes homosexuality is wrong.

The attack began during the 2001 Christmas season (in the form of dropping fake dollars in red kettles, with comments: this would be a donation if you did not discriminate against gays) and will continue as it has for the Boy Scouts and others long after.

Gay rights groups have hinted that a broad-based national campaign may be unleased when the time is right. (Mark O'Keefe, David Smith, a spokesman for the Washington based HRC, a leading gay rights group said, The same thing will happen to them that happened to the Boy Scouts.

30. Support Slow Growth For Leesburg--No Leesburg Annexation

The Leesburg Town Council has proposed an Annexation Plan which will almost double the area of the town, and could allow 6.5 times more commercial space than is currently built in Leesburg.

It will promote rampant overdevelopment, increased population, more cars, congestion and pollution. The Town will lose its istoric character and the natural environment will suffer great losses. Quality of life for residents will go down.

Though the Town has claimed that the annexation plan offers many benefits, such as increased revenues and new roads, these claims are based on misguided expectations, and myths.

The Town Council's economic projections for annexation are based on commercial development equal to half of Tyson's Corner. This would increase residential growth pressure, and result in higher taxes.

More town-controlled land won't lure high tech offices to Leesburg, but it is likely to scatter commercial development and contribute to further transportation problems.

Added neighborhoods will pay added Town taxes, with a questionable increase in services.

New roads don't solve congestion problems, but instead lead to more development and new congestion. The Town will have to convert rural land to suburban development so that developer money can build a new outer Bypass built. Instead, the existing Bypass needs to be fixed to work properly.

Most importantly, the Town's Annexation Plan contradicts what local residents want--slower growth. Annexation will increase growth pressures as land speculators look for profits.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has been actively working to respond to local citizens' call for slower growth. This Plan is designed to overturn those efforts in the Leesburg area.

If you support slower growth in Loudoun and Leesburg, please sign this petition.