To persuade Dave/Bicester Council to allow Excessum and Not So Naked to play Battle of the Bands.
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I have created this petition on behalf of my band 'Excessum' and friends of ours 'Not So Naked' who has signed up (through Dave who used to work in the Bicester music shop) to the Youth Battle of the Bands on the 25th of July at The Garth Park.

Recently, Excessum and Not So Naked has had a conflict with Dave (who gathered bands to play for the Battle of the Bands) when he scheduled us to perform on the 27th of July at the Bicester Snooker club. The story behind this is that Dan of the Football Club offered us to play with a 5-band set including a BBQ on the same date; as you may understand we decided to back out of the Snooker Club and accepted Dan's offer as we believed this would be better for us as a band - and to avoid risk of loss of crowd (as The Football Club has more to offer, e.g. 5 Bands (compared to 4), a Summer Special BBQ, and a better atmospher).

Upon making this decision, we received a rather threatening message by Dave through Myspace regarding Battle of the Bands (where Dave confirmed that we were going to participate in): "You can forget playing the Garth thats for certain! and tell dan he is a dead man". This caused an upset for the band as were confirmed by Dave and were really looking forward to perform with other local bands and friends; we were also putting in heavy preparation to perform a good set, not to mention our families were coming down to see us perform our first performance as a band.

I do not know if Dave has forwarded the list of bands and contacts to the Bicester Council (who is responsible for the event taking place), but we do not believe that he should have a say who on should not perform; we understand his anger, but we think that this conflict has nothing to do with this event. Plus, the event date is drawing near and we believe that this is a completely bad move as Dave would have to rush for time to find bands to fill in for the gaps (plus he no longer works in Bicester). This is punishment, not business.

We do not wish to influence any more conflict with Dave or any other venue. We just wish to play music as bands and gain as much enjoyment from that as possble.

Many thanks for your time and support.

Tommy of Excessum

We are asking you to sign this petition for Excessum and Not So Naked, two new local Bicester bands who (were) hyped up to play for their first set of gigs at the Garth Park Battle of the Bands (in bicester).

This petition is a plea for Dave/the Bicester Council to let these two bands take part in the music event.

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