Hanson has been around for more than a decade now, and during those years only so many songs have been released on their albums.

They have plenty of unreleased songs that have leaked onto the internet, and many fans are in search of all of these missing gems that are all but easy to find.

I truly believe that if Hanson released these songs it would benefit them, as well as please their fans.

I would love to support the band by purchasing these songs, but they are not available to be purchased.

In short, this petition is asking 'Hanson' to release those awesome unreleased tunes!

**P.S. this is not part of the petition, but I also believe that the re-release of the demo cd's 'boomerang' and 'mmmbop' would ALSO be awesome. **

I, a dedicated fan of the band known as 'Hanson', wish to be part of this petition.

By signing this petition I am asking the band 'Hanson' to OFFICALLY RELEASE their otherwise 'UNRELEASED' songs.

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