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Most people that are regulars on the gig scene and even ones that are not will know, trying to get tickets to see a band / concert these days is mostly down to luck.

This I believe is due to the amount of people buying tickets simply to sell them at huges profits on ebay. The evidence to support this claim can be seen by anyone that goes onto ebay and searches for tickets. I recently seen a £12.50 ticket for one of my favourite bands on ebay selling for £90 (this was the day after i tried myself to get tickets to this gig with no luck).

It is my own opinion, as well as most of the people i have discussed this with, that if ticket sales on ebay are stopped there will be a lot less people buying them simply to sell on, and a lot more chance of genuine giggers being able to purchase them at their true value. Please support this petition and add your signature.

We, the undersigned, petition ebay.co.uk to remove all ticket sales and ban all future ticket sales from their website.

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