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1. I Care to Vote Campaign

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now:
Please sign the petition to help promote voters rights and awareness.
I.C.A.R.E Academy is organizing the ICARE ✌ Vote TOUR.
Our mission is to fight for the Freedom of Arts, Culture, and proper Education. We are looking for all individuals and organizations that can help us on this journey. We thank you in advance for your support.

2. Philadelphia's Musical & Cultural History-Labelle

The International female group “Labelle” is recognized as the funk rock-psychedelic soul girl band. This in itself is outstanding history for a female vocal group of color. “Labelle” has traveled and performed in the European market and the United States spreading this unique style of music artistic expression in other countries, for religious and government dignitaries. They have really functioned as Musical and Cultural Art leaders of Philadelphia simply by sharing their culture, music and artistic styles with the world.
These ladies are celebrating more than fifty years in the entertainment arts and they are still a viable brand as well as having solo careers within the entertainment arts. They have been a part of transforming racism, cultural issues, style and education within the entertainment arts for more than fifty years. They are revered by their colleagues and fans alike. When “Labelle” comes to mind, you immediately think of their most famous song, "Lady Marmalade" in 1974, providing their audiences with an electrifying, moving, exciting, and entertaining stage performance.
They are notable for being the first contemporary pop/funk rock group and first black pop group to perform at the Metropolitan Opera House, The Erlanger Theatre, and listed on the wall at the Apollo Theater with other musical legendary artists. The female group members are Pattie LaBelle, Nona Hendryx, and Sarah Dash who are innovating, inspiring, and exciting to watch on stage. In 1976 each member went on to pursue their own solo careers with extraordinary success.

3. Philadelphia's Musical & Cultural History-The Three Degrees

The Three Degrees, are known internationally and have earned numerous accolades throughout the years. The Three Degrees have performed for Kings and Queens, Government and Religious dignitaries including global audiences and they are still going strong. They are celebrating more than 52 years in the entertainment arts. When the Three Degrees come to mind, you immediately think of their most famous song, "When Will I See You Again", and the vision of three beautiful women of color, perfectly coordinated in both their dance routines and their vocal harmonies. The Three Degrees current lineup includes Helen Scott, Valerie Holiday, and Freddie Poole with a legacy of multi-platinum and gold hits to their credit.
The Three Degrees original start took place in Philadelphia approximately 5 decades ago. The Three Degrees made a cameo appearance in the movie, "The French Connection", singing "Everybody Gets To Go To the Moon", portraying themselves in a cabaret scene. In 1972, they aligned their recording destiny with Gamble & Huff singing super hits from Philadelphia International and the rest is history. The Three Degrees are the longest running female vocal group in the world…for confirmation of this fact check the Guinness Book of Record.

4. Leah Sims Center for the Performing Arts

A new auditorium is being built at Murphysboro High School to replace the old auditorium which suffered a collapsed roof in 2016. This is an excellent opportunity to name the new facility in honor of one of the finest educators to ever serve in the State of Illinois: Mrs. Leah Sims.

The football field is named in honor of the legendary coach "Doc" Bencini. As a direct result, the students that compete on that field have a nexus with those from the past; the very name "Doc" Bencini ties them to an era of greatest, and motivates them to follow in that path. Naming the new auditorium "The Leah Sims Center for the Performing Arts" would follow in this splendid tradition.

Mrs. Leah Sims has made a tremendous impact on thousands of students. Her pupils are now doctors, nurses, educators, care-givers, fashion designers, engineers, playwrights, police officers, military personnel, lawyers, and even a United States Congressman. Ask literally anyone that attended Murphysboro Middle or High School that had the honor of being her student and they will tell you she made the greatest impact on their primary or secondary education of any teacher. Her instruction, guidance, and empathy were carried by all of us as we entered adulthood.

5. Save Lush 99.5FM

Taken from

"Lush 99.5FM will be stopping transmission on 31st August at 1159pm after 13 years. Whilst we have built a loyal core of followers, the listeners, who are supporters of local music, we have not managed to grow the base of listeners enough to sustain the operating costs of the station."
Letting Lush die is as good as telling local musicians to give up. As Singaporeans, it is our duty to ensure that our local musicians have a platform like Lush to showcase their works.

6. Space for RUTD

Rowan University is growing at a tremendous rate. With money pouring in from donors, new buildings are getting built to meet the needs of engineering students and other majors alike. The theatre department at Rowan University is attempting to build in size just like the school, but we only have five rooms to rehearse for over twenty projects a semester, including two main stage shows, over a dozen senior projects, two student run lab shows, a choreography showcase, as well as directing and devising classes that rehearse and produce new work to perform once a week, every week of the semester. These mere five rooms (two solely devoted to dance), stand up against a university giving BUILDINGS to other majors. We fought a full year for a water fountain to be placed in the dance studios, and it sits, not even producing an ounce of water. Our facilities are being used non-stop and compared to the buildings across campus that are being cleaned once a day if not more, our rooms are infested with ants and sweat build-up from weeks of classes and rehearsals.


Many of Scotland's little monsters were extremely excited to see that Lady Gaga had announced her UK tour of Joanne! But, we weren't so excited that there unfortunately wouldn't be a Scottish date on a UK wide tour :( Many of my friends and I tried and failed to purchase tickets for other places like Manchester and London... Only to find out later on that ticket touts were selling them on for over £100 a ticket.... Most of us are students and some of us just generally don't have the money to pay such a fee! Above that there would be travel + accommodation! So, if like us, you want Lady Gaga to give her Scottish Monsters a chance to see her... then please sign this petition to bring her to Scotland again like she did on the Artrave tour!!! LADY GAGA SCOTLAND WANTS YOU SO BAD!!!!!!!!

8. Fund the Building for the Arts Program!

“The arts elevate the quality of life in this region by fueling the economy, helping our children succeed in school and beyond, connecting communities, and providing inspiration and hope.”—

Building for the Arts was created by the Legislature in 1991 to help direct State funds to strong nonprofit arts capital projects all around Washington. Building for the Arts is an important program that provides crucial funding for Washington’s arts and cultural organizations.

Sixteen widespread and diverse projects around the state of Washington have been recommended for grant funding in the state’s 2017–2019 Budget, including theatres, museums, and performing arts centers. The state’s investments in these local projects provide temporary construction jobs, permanent arts-related jobs, and improved quality of life for residents.

However, representatives have indicated that they might consider NOT funding the entire program this year due to increased school and education funding levies passed in the 2016 election.

We believe that Washington’s commitments to support both education and the arts are not mutually exclusive, and ask our representatives to affirm the importance of the arts by including full funding for the Building for the Arts program in this year’s budget.

9. Paint the Walls for the Baltimore School for the Arts

We are the students of the Baltimore School for the Arts, as students of an art school why should we have to enter the basement and have everything turn a boring white?

As a student I would like to see colorful wall filled with art done by students instead of the boring white that is there. It will be something that is more appealing to the eye, it will also be a better representation of our school.

We feel the students of Baltimore School for the Arts should be able to express their creativity and have it on display for other students or faculty to see.

10. Create the Kingston Atelier Arts and Agri-culture Center

The Kingston Atelier is a non-profit organization preserving the Princeton Nursery heritage by cultivating an art and nature community center.

The Princeton Nursery Historic District will be the perfect home for the new Kingston Atelier and Culture Center, “The place where arts and nature thrive”.

The KAC center will be symbiotic with the Mapleton Preserve maintaining fields to support organic gardening, wild-crafting activities and sustainable sculpture. Leveraging the historical significance of Flemer’s innovations and vision, the Center, working with the Atelier’s Micro-farmers will have an ongoing educational, cultural and live entertainment series that will serve the local community and school systems as field trip and recreational destinations.

Mapleton Preserve contains the historical heart of the Princeton Nurseries lands. In 2005, this 53-acre property was jointly purchased as open space, by the New Jersey Green Acres program and South Brunswick Township

Princeton Nurseries encompassed 1,200 acres in Plainsboro, Kingston, West Windsor, Princeton and South Brunswick and was the largest nursery in the world — and one of the most innovative. Mr. Flemer achieved international renown in the nursery and horticultural professions through his innovative selection and distribution of improved cultivars of shade and flowering trees.

11. Keep Poi Story at Home

Camp Okihi has been the home to the Central Valley’s first and only arts and music festival, Poi Story, since 2012.

People travel from all over California to be a part of this festival and anticipate it annually. The local economy is boosted with visitors and locals buying camping equipment, groceries, fast food, gas, decorations, art, and so much more. Poi Story encourages attendees exploration of their individuality and creativity by decorating their campsites, creating art installations, interacting in activities such as painting in the fully themed art area, writing a positive statement on an art wall, chakra clearing, reiki readings and much more.

There is a drum circle using recycled water containers, old buckets, and acoustic drums around the fire pit to promote comradery and music, with the idea that as soon as you lay your hand on a drum, you are a drummer. The event also utilizes art vendors, local food and drink vendors, and non profit organizations that bring awareness to alcohol and drug abuse and education on keeping our lands clean. Using the "leave no trace" term, the event encourages campers to clean up after themselves and others using various methods such as "moop" cleanup (material out of place) to help make sure even a candy wrapper gets picked up and allows clean up crews to collect recyclables to recycle for themselves. In addition, safety is also considered by using security and a local retired fireman to watch over things.

In addition, Poi Story provides entertainment from Polynesian inspired performances and belly dancing performances at the amphitheater and a wide variety of music to dance to at a stage. There's even been a wedding at the amphitheater during Poi Story because Poi Story meant so much to the couple.

Camp Okihi has a uniqueness that Poi Story needs; camping, feasibility, a unique amphitheater for performers, barbeque pits and the burn pits for the drum circle each night. It has what people have come to expect.

A small amount of residents in the area have complained about the annual event because of the noise. Not any type of violence or impending danger... noise. A valid noise complaint this past year did not even exist, yet Poi Story is in danger of not being able to be held there any longer and a petition was unknowingly signed against the event. We (the promoters) understand that they live in a remote area for a reason, but we also know that it is not always quiet as the Bakersfield Soccer Park is directly across the river from Camp Okihi. Poi Story is one time a year for two nights and there weren't even substantiated problems this past year. In fact, a ranger voluntarily came out to make sure nobody was bothering the event. In past history, park rangers have made comments about liking what the event offers, being irritated at the complaintants calls because they could see we were within the sound permit and were cooperating with the rangers, and also liking what the event is bringing to Bakersfield.

We ask the residents be rational knowing this is only one time a year for two nights and see what the event actually brings to the community. We ask that the County Park and Recreation Department reconsider their decision to stop the event from using Camp Okihi. The decision was made without contacting Stereo Type Productions or investigating what this event actually is or provides and promotes to the community versus claims of a simple correctable issue of noise two days of the year.


‘The Jam, The Mix, The Gig’ (The JMG) is a Music and Mental Health Program.

We are a "CREATIVE ARTS" Program for the survivors of Mental Health problems.

The JMG is Funded by The SA Government through SA Mental Health Service.

And we are recognized by "Regional Arts Australia (RAA)" Publication (from the Kalgoorlie – Boulder 2014 Conference) ‘Belonging’ as one of Australia's "GREAT ART STORIES" (click download PDF) Page 35 ‘Port Pirie and Mental Health Project’

13. Campaign For The Return Of Worcester Carnival In 2015

Worcester Carnival was a much loved annual event for many years, until it stopped running suddenly and no-one in Worcester quite knows why. Everyone in Worcester loves it and wants it to return, so Kissed Off Creations, Venture PR & Marketing and Event Xcellence, the organisation behind the Malvern Carnival, have teamed up to try and bring this much loved event back to Worcester in 2015.

We would like to know - would YOU like to see the carnival return to Worcester? If you do, would you like to be involved? Would you like to help or volunteer to see it take place again annually from 2015?

There are various ways you can register your interest:

1. Please sign this petition backing calls for Worcester Carnival to return in 2015.

2. Email to register your interest.

3. If you are a community group in Worcester, school or organisation that would like to take part, again please contact us via to register your interest.

We will get a contact form up on our website as soon as possible.

Remember, the more people get behind this campaign and support us, the more we hope to be able to convince the powers that be that this is an event that should return to Worcester next year.

If there is enough interest in the next few weeks, we will hold a public meeting at the end of September for organisations, community groups, schools and individuals to come and discuss ideas and proposals.

Please support this campaign for the return of Worcester Carnival, and spread the word as much as possible. The more of you that get behind it and want to be involved the better! People of Worcester and beyond, let's do this!

14. Petition Calling all Media/Music/Film/Arts Representatives to show UNITY

We are concerned regarding the Conflict in Palestine and Israel.

We need to find peace.

15. Bill Nye for Farm Fest

Bill Nye the Science Guy has been sharing with us his burning passion for science for decades, and continues to act as a liaison between the scientific community and the bulk of our generation. What better person is there to help lead us into a more environmentally sustainable future.

We need guidance and education, so we can reduce our carbon footprint and slow global warming. So we can build a sustainable agricultural system, away from gmo's and out of the hands of corporations.

Lets petition Bill Nye to come to Farm Fest to educate us on the problems our generation is facing and the new scientific developments that will help lead us into a more sustainable future.

16. Save Our Space

We are currently temporarily occupying the space at the old Vintage Warehouse at 84-88 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 1EH.

We wish to make this occupation a permanent one. Our primary use for the building would be to use it as an education facility for young people in the Arts and it is also our intention to provide many smaller spaces that are rentable at low cost to Nottingham based designers/craftespeople/artists and performers within this buiding.

The idea is to nurture young creatives through the difficult process of learning their skills and provide them with enough support to set up their own creative businesses which can be incubated through the low cost rent of the smaller spaces. The main part of the building would be a flexible hub for creative entrepeneurs and other members of the public as well as a performance, exhibition and retail space.

The building needs to be granted a change of use from the current retail only use to a multi-functional one and needs major investement from the Arts Council to make it fit for purpose. As a smaller company and not one of the Arts Council's National Portfolio Organisations we need your help to petition the City Council for the change of use and to persuade the local Arts Council that the facility is needed.

Please sign here to support local artists and businesses.

17. Protect the Gay Village, Manchester

The internationally famous 'Gay Village' in Manchester is facing many difficulties as an area and its legacy is under threat.

Respondents are encouraged to sign this petition and state their concerns about the famous 'gay area' and to suggest the support that they believe it needs.

Supporting this petition is to request support from leaders and organizations that can help the LGBTQ community evolve and overcome difficulties faced within this area.

The infamous headline in Manchester Evening News in April 2013 prophesied the death of the Gay Village 'within five years', was made. Yet this ongoing struggle has been years in the making and is a sign of a long term lack of investment or strategy.

Notably there has been an absence of an online consultation of LGBTQ residents of Manchester, despite these requests for a think tank and inclusive public dialogue

Signing this petition is to agree that somehow LGBTQ is disempowered in being self-defining and changes for the safety and evolution of the Gay Village are needed to protect its future.

In signing the petition also add your areas of concern and your voice to what the Village needs to become.

Your primary concerns might include:

• The overall demise and decline of the area which concerns you for the Gay Villages future
• The lack of investment into the Gay Village, despite it being an area that needs support, funding and consideration of improving the area with Heritage and Arts and Culture funding and representation
• The failure of the Pride model to put reasonable or fair investment back into the Gay Village, recent years 'donations' to charity barely exceeding 5%
• A desire to see more ‘alternatives’ to a drinking culture in terms of possible community space, arts centre, museum, performance space, market, encouraging community and activities, markets and support for small businesses
• The licensing concerns of takeaways, irresponsible bar and door policies, taxis and the restrictions put upon bars wishing to individuate their businesses
• Concerns of safety and crime within the Village, though a challenge for the whole city centre, consideration of safety is needed to prevent hate crimes, becoming the victim of crime, to make a realistic and 'safe' drug policy, to keep all people safe and reduce the exploitation of homeless, sex workers and vulnerable people
• Poor Leadership and evidenced strategies from an individual in the Council's LGBT Lead, e.g. after the EMRO debate and its procedural homophobia
• Wasteland and unoccupied buildings that could be of cultural benefit. Business rents that exclude pioneering enterprise and penalize business and free enterprise
• An absence of a Community Model for business and improving the Village
• Representation needs to be enhanced to be inclusive of the many voices of the LGBTQ and community projects and premises that are used to benefit the Village and are unrelated to alcohol

For those who wish to go into detail please share this online questionnaire designed to gather more detail upon LGBTQ Manchester's opinions in the absence of such official research -

18. Stop secret complainers closing down local small business

Rabbit and Cocoon is a not for profit artist run initiative. Since engaging an investor to fund the project 3 years ago we now host weekly free events, monthly free events, subsidised studio space, workshops, fundraisers and more recently ticketed events.

In this time we have received over 10 letters of complaint through the Gold Coast City Councils complaint process.....ALL ANONYMOUSLY.... this then takes up our time and the council workers time to action these complaints wether they are genuine or not... Imagine if you had to put your name on that complaint, do you think you would second guess yourself and ask if it is really a relevant complaint?

19. Bring Art back to Oneonta City Schools

Involvement in the arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skill. Arts learning can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork.

A 2005 report by the Rand Corporation about the visual arts argues that the intrinsic pleasures and stimulation of the art experience do more than sweeten an individual's life -- according to the report, they "can connect people more deeply to the world and open them to new ways of seeing," creating the foundation to forge social bonds and community cohesion.

And strong arts programming in schools helps close a gap that has left many a child behind:
Taken from:

20. Darker than Black Season 3

With the ending of the phenomenal second season of the called anime series Darker Than Black, many loyal viewers were disappointed with the lack of answers given to the amount of questions generated by it’s ending.

So we, disappointed but still loyal fans and viewers, come here to state our point and to try to have BONES and the director Tensai Okamura to listen to our only wish.

We agree that not only the ending was too unclear and left too much in open, but also showed us a new tipping point in the story that had origin in the ending chosen for the 2nd season, and which is still a hidden incognito for all the DTB fans around the world. We see in this, a very new opportunity to improve the story and to develop the concept within it, as new mysteries peeked in the very ending of Season 2, and they seem to be just waiting to be revealed. Such a mysteries that had origin through the following facts told at the finishing part of Season 2:

- America invaded Japan, in hopes of regaining their status as the World superpower.

- Misaki, Madame Oreille, Mao and co. formed a group to resist to the Americans, called The Syndicate.

- A child woke up inside Hell’s Gate and is seen to be able of killing many humans.

- It’s assumed to be the child of Izanagi and Izanami, Kagutsuchi, the prophesied disaster to befall the World.

- Hei is alive and has his powers back.

• Through this topics, we find that the story was never completed, as we don’t know how this battle against Kagutsuchi ended. If the humans were save or how the child of Izanagi and Izanami was killed.

• Looking for other points and questions, we found out that although the whole 2nd season was all about it, no one actually figured out for sure who was Izanagi. If he was Hei or Shion we would only know if we saw Kagutsuchi.

• Other hidden points in the story were Yin’s wish and the fact that we never got to know if she really died, if Hei was able to kill her, or he just rescued her.

Also a very important fact, but this one related to both seasons:
- We still don't know what happened on Heaven's Gate. - What was Hei's link with Amber?
- How he got involved?
- How he got his powers?
- Why it's said that what happened in Heaven's Gate was BK201 fault? Hei's fault? His sister's fault?

All this, takes us to the same conclusion: There’s no reason why an anime as successful as Darker Than Black, should be shoot down by BONES when it has now the greatest opportunity to conquer more fans with a whole new season.

That's why we are here. That's why we are spreading this petition through internet:

21. Reopen Kendeja

In the early 1960's, Kendeja was created as a reservoir for national culture in Liberia. It became a symbol of Liberian nation tapestry, melting in one pot traditions from every parts of the country.

Young men and women came from remote villages to learn and practice many aspects of a culture that was being ghastly swallowed by modernism. The kids went to school and graduated from high school just like any other child of the country, with the added advantage of having lived in a cultural environment where they learned to dance, sing, and practice many cultural acts that their peers were oblivious to. 1989 war brought an abrupt end to all things. Like everything else, Kendeja fell into pieces.

On Tuesday, June 9, 2009, L. Johnson officially opened his new hotel, on the land that once hosted the soul and heart of Liberia's culture. The ceremony was attended by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Chief Justice Johnnie Lewis, the US and Chinese Ambassadors and a cohort of government officials, business leaders and international workers.

The government promised to reopen Kendeja, our national treasure, on another piece of land. The arts and culture community needs this promise to be fulfilled.

22. Urbz: Sims in the City 2

The Urbz: Sims in the City was an absolutely amazing game which was a nice touch away from the traditional Sims games, where the player was an 'Urb', a Sim-ish character that travelled around the urban city and gain a reputation.

Also, there was a nice touch from a small appearance from the Black Eyed Peas.


An inn, the "Tumble Down Dick" has been present on the Farnborough Road since the 17th Century, with connections to Richard Cromwell, and being the central focus of the town before its 20th century development.Since the closure of The Tumbledown Dick Hotel in 2008, the current owners have allowed the pub to fall into a terrible state of disrepair and we have now discovered the pub has been sold to McDonald's Restaurants!

24. Support for Live Music at Moto Saloon

In July of 2012, Black Market Moto Saloon applied for a Special Use Permit with the City of Charlottesville, VA to change their business zoning from Mixed Use Industrial to a Music Hall. This would allow the business to offer live, amplified music.

Charlottesville Planning Commission voted to approve this Special Use Permit with a list of restrictions to protect the neighboring residential area. On October 2nd, 2012, City Council denied the Special Use Permit, effectively ignoring the Planning Commission recommendation and the written wishes of over five hundred residents interested in the continued cultural development of Charlottesville.

The criteria given for the rejection was presented by Councilor Kathy Galvin and consisted of a very subjective interpretation of City Code and cited "non-harmonious use" and incompatibility with Charlottesville's still undeveloped Comprehensive Plan. Kathy Galvin, Dede Smith and Kristin Szakos were influenced by a small but politically outspoken group of individuals in the Woolen Mills area who consider the family friendly restaurant "adverse branding" to their neighborhood.

The standard options for recourse on this decision would be for the Moto Saloon to re-apply a year from now with another $1500 application fee. Another means would be an appeal of the decision in the Circuit Court of Charlottesville. Either way, the Moto Saloon would like your voice of support to be heard in this petition.

25. Art and Craft Workshops in Rhyl

Started, as part of the Regeneration of Rhyl, Rhylcreate was founded in 2004. The group became incorporated as a not for profit business limited by guarantee in 2007 and opened a small gallery in Rhyl. In March 2012 the gallery moved to larger premises in the White Rose Centre.

We are now in a position to run workshops in a variety of art and craft subjects. We offer these at a full cost recovery but this means they are out of the reach of a lot of the people we would like to take up art or craft as a hobby or interest.

We hope to attract funding to help with the cost of kitting out our workshop area and the running of the workshops at a reduced rate.

26. HRM, Fund Symphony Nova Scotia appropriately on an annual basis!

Currently the City of Halifax drastically underfunds its large arts organizations compared to other Cities in Canada. Recent annual grants were at approximately $18,000 for Symphony Nova Scotia compared to $500,000 in London, a similar-sized Canadian City with a similar-sized orchestra.

A City with a strong infrastructure for funding its orchestra ensures continued health of its arts community. This is a benchmark for attracting new businesses and citizens to the area. Without sufficient City funding, organizations like Symphony Nova Scotia struggle to make ends meet and cannot implement meaningful initiatives such as innovative programming and education programs for outreach to the youth of our communities.

With the huge financial gains HRM makes from having a vibrant and innovative arts community, it makes sense to create infrastructure for ongoing yearly appropriate funding that doesn't require ongoing re-application. HRM needs to fund at a level that ensures the lasting health and prosperity of such organizations as Symphony Nova Scotia, the Atlantic Film Festival, Brookes Diamond Productions, 2b Theatre Company, Dalhousie Centre for the Arts, Mermaid Theatre, Theatre Nova Scotia, Halifax Pop Explosion, Onelight Theatre, LiveArt Dance, Eastern Front Theatre, Music Nova Scotia, Neptune Theatre, Halifax Dance, Scotia Festival of Music and all local writers and publishers and visual artists.

You can share this petition by going to the top left of the page and clicking on "Tell" or forward this petition link to your email and social media lists. Thank you!

Your civic and email addresses are not visible on the internet.

27. Stop Artist Deportation

For the full story on the background to the campaign, see

28. Allowing Ground and Pound in Florida Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

Florida Boxing Commission passed the ruling to allow Amateur Mixed Martial Arts back in Florida on July 7, 2010. Rules and regulations state that ground and pound is not allowed in amateur mixed martial arts.

The definition of ground and pound is defined as to describe a fighting style or technic. To take one's opponent to the ground, establish a dominant position. Usually a top position (i.e., mount, side mount, half mount, etc. can also be used while in one's "guard"). Reign down closed fist punches to the head while on the ground. After amateur mixed martial arts fighters have attained 5 verifiable amateur fights in Florida, they qualify to become Professional fighters.

The issue we have is that without amateur fighters gaining any experience on ground and pound before going Pro, we the (Association) feel it is very dangerous on these fighters entering Professional status without exercising the experience.

A solution that can be made is to revise this particular rule and that once the Amateur fighters have reached 5 amateur mixed martial arts fights, they become eligible to become semi professional, or advanced amateur fighters, and to allow them to experience ground and pound like it is at the Professional level. All protection rules of 7 oz gloves and shin guards remain the same.

29. Legitimize Breakdance and Hip-hop at UCI

In 2010, the dance department at UC Irvine conducted research in Ghana that provided a new lens to view dance styles.

Dance styles that were based on choreography and the stage were proven to be euro-centric concepts, and dance styles based upon improvisation within the context of the cypher, or circle of onlookers, and community building, were proven to be afro-centric.

UC Irvine has dozens of Hip-hop dance teams, dozens of world class breakdancers, and several nationally recognized championship dance crews, yet Breakdance and Hip-hop is largely ignored by the dance department, the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, and is grossly exploited by recruiters for UC Irvine.

In 2011, due to community efforts, breaking was given a tiny foothold within the dance department in the form of a 1 unit course. The course has become overwhelmingly popular with students of a variety of different majors on campus. Students representing every single on campus Hip-hop team, flock to the class to learn and receive the foundations of Hip-hop dance knowledge. It has served as a platform to unify Breakdancers and Hip-hop dancers under common history.

A much needed history course was slated for the summer of 2012, but was eliminated at the last minute due to no specific course content issue, or lack of enrollment (the course was eliminated 1 week into the enrollment window) but in truth to fear-based faculty complaint amidst breaking's growing popularity and the over all budget crisis.

30. BCTC Open Letter to Canadian Heritage Minister Moore

Honourable James Moore
Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A5

March 20, 2012

Dear Minister Moore,

The BC Touring Council is a not-for-profit organization serving presenters and touring professional artists for over 35 years. Included in BCTC’s purposes is to support the work of regional performing arts presenters through a networking marketplace, and to promote and support the coordination of tours for primarily BC and Canadian artists.

The vitality of the presenting and touring sector is demonstrated with nearly $1,000,000 to be paid to BC artists, and another $746,000 going to Canadian artists, in this current season. The vitality of presenting is clearly demonstrated during the 2011-12 season when BC presenters paid $1.8 million in artist fees for over 500 performances in their communities. The revenue is anticipated to exceed $5.25 million.

The BC Touring Council works with more than 90 presenters in every part of British Columbia. These include volunteer organizations, festivals, municipalities, universities and schools, all of which share a common passion of supporting and developing artists, and building community.

With continued support for 20 years from Canadian Heritage, the BC Touring Council has hosted its signature event, Pacific Contact; a 3-day annual trade show and booking conference bringing together over 200 presenters, performing artists and artist management and agencies.

The conference includes:
• Over 40 juried live performing showcases;
• The ‘Contact Room’ where the buying and selling of shows occurs;
• Professional development;
• Networking opportunities with peers from across the province and the country.

In January, with less than three months before Pacific Contact, the BC Touring Council was informed that our funding request to the Canada Arts Presentation Fund was not approved. This represents a cut of approximately 25% of the budget. After a long history of funding, and without forewarning, the complete cut was a blow to the organization and members.

As a testament to the recognized value of this conference and the work of BC Touring Council, many supply companies and individuals offered deep discounts and personal donations to ensure the March 2012 event will be successful. The BCTC board and staff also adopted a number of cost-reducing measures. This is not a sustainable situation.

BC Touring Council Directors and staff have taken steps to understand the rationale for the withdrawal of funding including several meetings with officers from Canadian Heritage. We would like to know what funding criteria we did not meet this year that we have been meeting since 1992.

The real beneficiaries of the work of the BC Touring Council are the communities and residents of BC. Located in smaller communities throughout BC, our many members are volunteer organizations that wholly depend on the work of the BC Touring Council to introduce them to new performing artists, and to support their efforts in providing a variety of professional artistic experiences in their communities.

The BC Touring Council is one of a number of presenting and touring art service organizations across the country. The BC Touring Council is the only provincial presenting arts service organization in the country to have its Canadian Heritage funding withdrawn. With provincial arts funding already one of the lowest in the country, this cut will further impact the ability of the BC Touring Council to support presenting in the communities throughout the province. The loss of funding in BC also weakens the entire Canadian touring and presenting sector.

Funding support to the BC Touring Council from Canadian Heritage is vital and essential and we believe continues to meet the CAPF program objective which is to give Canadians access to a variety of professional artistic experiences in their communities. We ask that you reconsider our application and to restore Canadian Heritage funding to the BC Touring Council so that we can continue to support the work of artists across Canada and presenters in communities in British Columbia.

Sincere regards,

Margo Gram
Chair, BC Touring Council
Manager, Centennial Theatre North Vancouver