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Arts Council of Wales

Celf o Gwmpas is an arts organisation that covers the whole of Powys. We provide high quality arts experiences primarily for adults with learning disabilities.

Working with over 200 people a year we run regular sessions and high profile projects. The Arts Council of Wales has decided to cut our revenue funding.

We believe that that the Arts Council of Wales has not fully appreciated the detail of the work that Celf o Gwmpas uniquely provides in Powys. Our focus on artistic excellence and maximum participation helps to overcome the social exclusion experienced by people with learning disabilities.

Our ten years of experience means we have an extensive network and long standing relationships with participants and their support services. Our awareness of the infrastructure that surrounds people with learning disabilities, including the Care Planning system and the frequent lack of advocacy, means that our art provision, with its potential to give a voice to often unheard people is especially valuable. Uniquely, we take the arts events out to each area of Powys.

We work, often one-to-one, with participants to enable people to get to and take part in the arts workshops. We feel it is this combination of artistic excellence and vision, high profile projects and learning disability awareness that makes Celf o Gwmpas so special, and which could not easily be replicated by another provider.

We, the undersigned, wish to protest at the Arts Council of Wales' decision to withdraw funding from Celf o Gwmpas.

We believe that the Arts Council of Wales has based its decision on a flawed understanding of the work of Celf o Gwmpas. Celf o Gwmpas has ten years of experience and expertise. It has the contacts and networks and the trust and support of both service users and service providers. This cannot be reproduced simply by changing the funding to another organisation.

Provision, quality and artistic vision will be lost to adults with learning disabilities for many years if Celf o Gwmpas has to close as a result of this decision.

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