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Since purchasing PRIDE the UFC seems to be without a solid direction they should go with them.

Its not really that much of a stretch. It's just like Season 4, and "I think" some of the Season 4 guys fought for more than UFC at one time. It'd be a sure-fire quick way to get the PRIDE guys introduced in USA UFC Fans minds. If you offer a Title shot to the Season winner (like 4) you will see just how many Good Fighters will sacrifice 6 Weeks. Realistically this could be the lower end guys that need that boost. Though some Fighters might bite the stick for six-weeks to get over in America that arent lower end.

Fighters make probably half of their money on endorsements, and people "in America" might know who Chris Leben is more than even Fedor. That sounds like im talking nonsense, but I dont think you realize the exposure value to everyone involved on that program.

If "some" of the PRIDE stable didnt want to do it hed have three good guys from there that would. No argument Its good business for everyone involved, but yeah a pain. "6 LONG WEEKS!" Its all how you look at it really. Yeah even if Fedor himself was a Coach for the season his name value would be MUCH greater afterward.

If the UFC moves ahead with this concept theyll pick who They want to pick. Having said that I believe the 2 best coaches for alot of reason would be Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs Shogun Ruas. Jackson would be simply the most entertaining Coach ever, and put some opponent that knocked him out for six weeks in his face - forgedaboudit.

This reality show put UFC on another level entire. Don't underestimate the power of TV. For a Title shot and Endorsement increase we imo could see the strongest llineup in a TUF house ever.

Why not have a repeat of the UFC Season 4 formula, but use the PRIDE guys to get them over all at once. They have dropped the Ball with that investment, and the TUF Formula would work. The UFC will do what they please if this is a go ahead, but im so psyched I must suggest Rampage and Shogun as the Coaches. Also STRONGLY suggest they offer a Title Shot to entice their good Fighters. The endorsement opportunity is more lucrative, and this will bring PRIDES "hungriest" Fighters cause that six weeks is a sacrifice, but professionally would have a hard time spending it anywhere else. I don't know the details, but I think itd work and be a blast. Can you imagine how GREAT the Fights would be!

Biggest complication would be the weight classes. I guess DW would put in there whichever weight class had best Fighters that needed exposure.

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