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New York State Legislature, New York City Council
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Flexing the political and economic muscle of the arts and creative industries for the betterment of the wider community

Keep the Arts in Williamsburg will develop and advocate strategies for a sustainable, vibrant cultural ecosystem in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We will build coalitions with constituencies facing similar issues of displacement, in order to create a replicable model for sustainable communities throughout New York City.

1. Advocate for the establishment of programs to provide technical assistance and centralized information resources to the arts and creative industries.

2. Work with legislators and policy makers to create economic development opportunities for the arts and creative industries through targeted public interventions and incentives.

3. Harness the talents of the local arts and creative industries to conduct outreach and education for the political and economic mobilization of the community.

4. Explore and advocate for alternative real estate development models that result in a sustainable cultural infrastructure and mixed income community.

5. Articulate the ways in which the arts and creative industries can facilitate sustainable communities and urban competitiveness.

As a member of Keep the Arts in Williamsburg, I support funding for the creation of an office to further these goals.

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