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1. Stop Facebook

Facebook is a social-networking website, but not just any social-networking website. It is the most popular one on the web, causing people to be addicted almost instantly. Why should we waste away our lives on an addiction, especially one that is counter-productive? Look to the future and what do you see? I see a future where hardly anyone talks face-to-face anymore; it is all based off of the web.

Just imagine, there will definitely be something more popular and more addicting than Facebook, so this addiction will get worse, but we can stop it or at least decline it. We can fix it. We can shape the future.

2. Improving Conditions in Puppy Mills

In puppy mills dogs are crammed into small cages where they cannot stand up and do not receive the needed exercise. The dogs sleep in there own urine and contract illnesses from the hazardous cages. The cages are stacked on top of each other. The dogs do not receive proper veterinary care and their injuries cause deformities and sometimes death. There immune systems and bones are weak and this makes it easier for them to get sick. They are neglected and the only time the miller visits is to take away puppies, kill dogs that cannot produce anymore, or throw away dead animals. Female dogs produce litter after littler until they are not able to anymore. They care for their young until the miller comes and takes the puppies away. These are horrible conditions that are completely inhumane.

3. Ban Horse Slaughter End The Pain

Me and My Friend Lyndsay Are Making a Petition TO Ban Horse Slaughter In Canada Because Its Just Not Right Horses Are Meant To Be Girls/Boys best friends their companions not our food.

It’s Just Cruel What There Doing to Horses Their Not Meant to Be on Our Diner Table. They’ve been Around for Many Years Helping Us through War And pulling Carriages and This Is How We Repay Them. Say you owned a Horse How Would u Feel If Some Truck Pulled up and took Him/her away to Be Someone’s Dinner.

Some Of The Horses Don’t Even Make It to The Slaughter House Because The Trucks Aren’t Wide Or Tall Enough And They Try To Squish As Many Horses As They Can Into The Truck And Some Of Them End Up Breaking there Leg Cause It Get Stuck The A Crack I The Truck. There SO Cruel They Take Babies As Soon As Their Born and Fatten Them up and Slaughter them and that’s Not Right.

They take pregnant mares too. All People Send Horses To Slaughter Just Because they Don’t Win Ribbons Anymore Or If They Start To Get Old Who Cares If He/She Doesn’t Win Anymore Ribbons He/She Had a Good run that’s no reason to just through them or because there old. Thousands of Horses Get Killed Each Year by Slaughter.


4. Bring Back Leg shots on Fox News

January 6, 2006

This Petition is to right a Damn Wrong that The Fox News Channel Administation has taken from Fans!

If you have watched FNC The Past Few years you would have noticed that back in 1999-2002 FNC gave the Women alot of airtime and Guests on the set! Basically an attempt to get Ratings!

Today FNC is Supposidly #1 and What Happens? The Bosses Decide to Kill off all the legshots and Give basically Every Single In Studio Guest To the FNC Male hosts! It's an Insult and Bullcrap in My Opinion!

To this day the Women Still Constantly Wear Shorter skirts than on any other network! My Theory is they obviously are not wearing them anymore for the FNC Viewers, But for the Bosses in an attempt to gain bigger Raises!

They are Not Fair and Balanced in the News and They Sure as Hell are now Fair and Balanced By Giving Women More Studio Shots and Studio Guest Time!

If you Wanna See FNC Go back to the Way They Used to Be, Then Please Sign The Petition! I think Its Truly Unfair the way the women always wear short skirts and Hardly Show leg anymore!

5. More Leg On Fox News

This Petition Is To Bring back What Fox News channel took away from their loyal Viewers.... A Good old Legshow!

Back in 98-2000 Thats basically all they were about! Giving Great Legshots for the Viewers, Today Fox Had horribly slackened off!

This Petition is to try and get enough Signatures to bring back what fox Wrongfully took from us! Im guessing since Showing leg was just a ratings booster and now that they are #1 they have no need to show leg anymore! Hey, If FOx wanted to be a serious news network they wouldn't have made the women wear short skirts 99% of the time!

So Please Sign the Petiton.....The More Signatures the better odds we have of Changing Fox Back for the better! Back to 98-99 Standards!

When was the last time any woman on fox had an actual Studio segment? Can't remember the last time they had one!

So Sign the Petition! We Have Nothing To Lose anymore!

6. Get Our Troops Out Of Iraq Now

Tony Blair needs to get british troops out of iraq soon before there are anymore deaths! We don't want to have anymore death over there, especially our loved ones, you know there are soldiers parents, loved ones, husbands etc over here.

Personally i think its ridiculous! GET OUR TROOPS HOME SOON BEFORE MORE DAMAGE HAPPENS!!!

7. Change squaw valley usa to another name!

Squaw Valley CA, is a small rual town we are proud of our small community and we do not want to be mistaken for Squaw Valley USA anymore. We want them to change their name to something other than Squaw Valley USA.


Okay, so kids bop, that stupid cd that they sell to little kids where other kids are singing the other peoples' songs, well I want to stop it! It ruins these songs! For 1, neither my friends nor I want to listen to these songs after kids bop does them because we can't take the songs seriously anymore. 2) my friends and I are teens and we are the biggest buyers of this music kids bop is doing so when we stop listening to this music those artists whose songs kids bop is doing are losing money! thats not fair to them! 3) even these little kids don't want to listen to this stuff! my 6 year old cousin and her friends scream when their moms put kids bop on because they hate it!!! so sign this petition and maybe we can finally stop kids bop!

9. Abolish The Death Penalty in the USA

A petition to abolish the Death Penalty in the U.S.

Please abolish the Death Penalty in the U.S. We are supposed to be a land of forgiveness and freedom. What ever happened to the morals in our Great country? The Bible states, "Thou shall not kill." I can not find where it says ,except for government. We can not, and will not stand for the State sanctioned murder of anymore human beings.

Please find the compassion in your heart and souls to put an end to the heartbreak and suffering of all the families and friends of the victims on both sides.

10. Nickelodeon Should Play The Felix The Cat Show!

I've loved the Felix the cat show all of my life and Nick could use a neat show like it. I mean like they could play it here and there. I miss the show, now it doesnt even come on anymore! PLEASE sign this petition this show has been around for DECADES! Its a good show!