#Media Issues
Fox News Channel
United States of America

January 6, 2006

This Petition is to right a Damn Wrong that The Fox News Channel Administation has taken from Fans!

If you have watched FNC The Past Few years you would have noticed that back in 1999-2002 FNC gave the Women alot of airtime and Guests on the set! Basically an attempt to get Ratings!

Today FNC is Supposidly #1 and What Happens? The Bosses Decide to Kill off all the legshots and Give basically Every Single In Studio Guest To the FNC Male hosts! It's an Insult and Bullcrap in My Opinion!

To this day the Women Still Constantly Wear Shorter skirts than on any other network! My Theory is they obviously are not wearing them anymore for the FNC Viewers, But for the Bosses in an attempt to gain bigger Raises!

They are Not Fair and Balanced in the News and They Sure as Hell are now Fair and Balanced By Giving Women More Studio Shots and Studio Guest Time!

If you Wanna See FNC Go back to the Way They Used to Be, Then Please Sign The Petition! I think Its Truly Unfair the way the women always wear short skirts and Hardly Show leg anymore!

We, the undersigned, want more legshots on Fox News Channel.

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