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horse slaughter

Me and My Friend Lyndsay Are Making a Petition TO Ban Horse Slaughter In Canada Because Its Just Not Right Horses Are Meant To Be Girls/Boys best friends their companions not our food.

It’s Just Cruel What There Doing to Horses Their Not Meant to Be on Our Diner Table. They’ve been Around for Many Years Helping Us through War And pulling Carriages and This Is How We Repay Them. Say you owned a Horse How Would u Feel If Some Truck Pulled up and took Him/her away to Be Someone’s Dinner.

Some Of The Horses Don’t Even Make It to The Slaughter House Because The Trucks Aren’t Wide Or Tall Enough And They Try To Squish As Many Horses As They Can Into The Truck And Some Of Them End Up Breaking there Leg Cause It Get Stuck The A Crack I The Truck. There SO Cruel They Take Babies As Soon As Their Born and Fatten Them up and Slaughter them and that’s Not Right.

They take pregnant mares too. All People Send Horses To Slaughter Just Because they Don’t Win Ribbons Anymore Or If They Start To Get Old Who Cares If He/She Doesn’t Win Anymore Ribbons He/She Had a Good run that’s no reason to just through them or because there old. Thousands of Horses Get Killed Each Year by Slaughter.


Stop Horse Slaughter now!

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