Facebook is a social-networking website, but not just any social-networking website. It is the most popular one on the web, causing people to be addicted almost instantly. Why should we waste away our lives on an addiction, especially one that is counter-productive? Look to the future and what do you see? I see a future where hardly anyone talks face-to-face anymore; it is all based off of the web.

Just imagine, there will definitely be something more popular and more addicting than Facebook, so this addiction will get worse, but we can stop it or at least decline it. We can fix it. We can shape the future.

To the creators of Facebook:

We don't hate you, we just would like to stop being so dependent and obsessed with Facebook. People are becoming so obsessed they are doing worse in school, they are narrowing their creative and imaginative minds, and they are becoming mentally dependent on an absolutely definite counter-productive website.

There is no actual production or point to the website, except to say, or rather type, "hello" to friends. People don't talk as much face to face anymore; imagine what it will be like in the future. Life will be all but imagination, creativity. Facebook will be much more of a social-dependence than it is now. Think about how long people spend on Facebook every day (which is about 10 billion minutes, according to the New York Times) and imagine if they could instead use that time to help people in need.

What we are asking of you is to shut down Facebook. Help future generations, help mankind. To take away Facebook is to create a world where there is more production and less false social dependence.

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