Fox News Channel
United States of America

This Petition Is To Bring back What Fox News channel took away from their loyal Viewers.... A Good old Legshow!

Back in 98-2000 Thats basically all they were about! Giving Great Legshots for the Viewers, Today Fox Had horribly slackened off!

This Petition is to try and get enough Signatures to bring back what fox Wrongfully took from us! Im guessing since Showing leg was just a ratings booster and now that they are #1 they have no need to show leg anymore! Hey, If FOx wanted to be a serious news network they wouldn't have made the women wear short skirts 99% of the time!

So Please Sign the Petiton.....The More Signatures the better odds we have of Changing Fox Back for the better! Back to 98-99 Standards!

When was the last time any woman on fox had an actual Studio segment? Can't remember the last time they had one!

So Sign the Petition! We Have Nothing To Lose anymore!

We want More Legshots On Fox News Channel.

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