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1. is way to big

Amazon is way to big and needs to have less of a dominance on the NASDAQ. has made a lot of companies mid size and small business go out of its business because of it's price and competition. In order for a society you have to have lots of business competing against each other so that consumers get the best prices. Now they just pursed Whole Foods Market that is not cool, Amazon is way to big and needs to be slowed down so that other business can compete in the market.

2. Amazon, please stop selling live lobsters

Warning: Contains potentially-upsetting content relating to "cruelty" to lobsters.
I have found out that sell live lobsters on this website and feel that this should be stopped. Lobsters are creatures, too, and they could well be feeling pain. Although there is now a more "humane" way to kill them, some lobsters could still be boiled alive.
Selling live animals for the purpose of eating them unnecessarily is wrong, in my mind. I would like to politely urge and (and any other Amazon websites) to stop selling live lobsters.

3. Songwriters to Big Tech: Stop Fighting Us in CRB

The National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) represents U.S. music publishers and their songwriting partners. The NMPA, along with the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), is currently facing Google, Apple, Amazon, Spotify and Pandora in the Copyright Royalty Board proceedings that will determine how songwriters are paid for the next five years.

Songwriters must stand up to Big Tech and demand that they stop fighting to pay even lower royalties to the music creators who fuel their businesses. We must unite our voices by signing on to this letter.

4. Bandai please an 8 inch tall King Ceasar Final Wars

We need Bandai to make an 8 inch tall Vinyl figure of King Ceasar from Godzilla Final Wars. We have so many Showa King Ceasar toys already and there is only one Mellinium King Ceasar toy that is only 3 inch tall, we need an 8 inch tall Mellinium King Ceasar.

Some of you may like the Showa version better but it would be nice to have a Mellinium version too. Plus, I think both the Showa and Mellinium version are equally great it's just getting old now we need something new here. So I say we convince Bandai to make an 8 inch tall King Ceasar from Godzilla Final Wars, Remember this is what he looks like in Godzilla Final Wars.

Let's make sure Bandai makes his arms, legs, and ears moveable as well. If I could get at least hundreds of fans to sign this petition that would be great, and then we could pass this info on to Bandai, and then they can make the 8 inch tall King Ceasar Final Wars Vinyl figure.

So I am hoping that at least hundreds of fans can sign this, and of course I already have a couple fans who agree with me and think it is a great idea to have a Mellenium King Ceasar action figure.

5. A Call on Ebay to Make Managed Returns OPT-IN Only and to Balance the Recent Defect Changes

eBay, once known as "The worlds marketplace" has once again taken measures to make it harder for sellers to offer service on its site. eBay has periodically made such adjustments, whereby sellers are precluded from allowing buyers value on eBay and shifting the market to Amazon or other platforms who provide a balanced opportunity for buyers and sellers to make a successful transaction.

Recently eBay have implemented more changes. These ones in particular are affecting sellers all over the world. Sellers are losing their Top-Rated status or above standard status over cancelled orders and customer error, leaving some of the best sellers wondering if there is anywhere else to sell their goods.



Final Value Fees
The final value fees on eBay should automatically be credited upon refund (whether whole or in part). Sellers no longer should have to apply, file, or request final value fee credits, as eBay having ownership of its subsidiary, Paypal, has the data reflecting the status of the refund. When the refund and return are handled through eBay and Paypal, accordingly, the final value fees should thereafter be automatically credited.

Defect changes
Currently, the only way for a customer to contact sellers about an item they bought is to open a case, causing sellers a "defect" on the sale. As many sellers are finding out, defects are hard if not impossible to have removed. The standards are not well established, and are "subjective" by what eBay employees decide if and when they choose to cooperate. eBay representatives themselves admit that they abide by a different set of guidelines as what we find in the user agreement. Sellers return policy, which governs the actual contract between buyer and seller is "superseded" by eBay.

We are asking that this become balanced, give sellers the option to resolve through inbox again, or at least have the defects removed if the case is resolved without any issue. Sellers should be able to remedy a buyer problem, per the sellers terms and conditions, similar to any retail establishment in the United States or abroad, without harm to the sellers good name, nor reputation.

Feedback Policy
As it stands, buyers are able to leave any feedback comment them deem fit for a seller, whereby a seller can only leave a positive feedback for a buyer. There are good, and bad buyers, and a seller should be able to leave the appropriate comment for a buyer as it seems fit, whether it be positive or negative. Furthermore, a neutral feedback does not denote a poor transaction or a defect, and should not account as a order defect.

Search Results - Best Match
eBay has changed the search results to use a multitude of criterea in dictating a best match. The first and foremost in this result is the "free shipping" option. Free shipping would indicate that the shipping price or cost is accounted for in the item cost. eBay charges a final value fee on the item price, and not the shipping cost, and thus in permitting only "free shipping" options to come out first in a "best match" search result, they are not serving what fits the buyers needs best, but rather manipulating the listings in a manner which costs sellers a higher final value fee.

The changes we are calling for:

1) Managed Returns - now mandatory, we are asking that this become opt-in only, and not burdening sellers with return shipping in any scenario.
2) Fairness in the feedback policy. Allowing both buyer and seller to leave appropriate feedback, and to revise feedback when desired.
3) Stop manipulation of search results, and permit organic results, such that the search prioritization " best match " is not based on listings that maximize eBay's bottom line and profit as a percentage of the final value.
4) Final value fees to be automatically credited when a seller issues a refund in whole or part, respectively.
5) We demand the same rights as buyers when it comes to claims. We demand to be treated fairly. If we can prove our case but the buyer cannot, we should win our case. There should be an unbiased review of the merits of the case.

Here is a link to a thread showing just how silly some of these defects are and why this needs to be changed.

In such a case- this buyer error counts as a defect, harming the sellers reputation.

Please leave your signature and a comment below and we will present this to eBay when we have the momentum!

6. salve o peixe boi da amazônia

aumento de reservas e proteção para o peixe boi amzônico

7. Amazon: Help Buyers who are in dispute with Third Party Sellers

Amazon's are indifferent to Buyers. They are unsupportive, unhelpful, lazy, pass the buck and have a could not care less attitude. They need to change with regard to their attitude to Buyers who are in dispute with Sellers. Their terms and conditions need to change as they are very much in favour of making life difficult for the Buyer from reaching a satisfactory resolution to refunds.

Each time you ask for assistance they tell you contact the Seller. They do not give you the correct information from the commencement of your query. Different people handle your query and they could not care less.

They need to closely monitor what Third Party Sellers are actually selling as I was caught out and paid for an item unfit for the purpose it was intended for.

8. Take action against deforestation!

Take action against deforestation! by zachory chin

When species lose their natural habitat to deforestation and other causes, they don't immediately disappear. Instead, they die off over several generations, racking up an "extinction debt" that must eventually be paid in full.

Extinction debt is a concept in ecology that describes the future extinction of species due to events in the past. Extinction debt occurs because of time delays between impacts on a species, such as destruction of habitat, and the species' ultimate disappearance. For instance, long-lived trees may survive for many years even after reproduction of new trees has become impossible, and thus they may be committed to extinction.

New research shows that the Brazilian Amazon has accrued a heavy vertebrate extinction debt, with more than 80 percent of extinctions expected from historical deforestation still impending.


At the request made by the mother of a child sexual victim, the Judge at the High Court in Sri Lanka (Case No 39/2004), made a recommendation to the Attorney General to withdraw the indictment.

After considering all the facts involved and in view of the sheer severity of the damage that could cause to the victim in this particular case, the AG agreed to withdraw the charges. Unfortunately the news papers published the details of the case including false information violating the child's right to privacy and confidentiality, totally destroying the intentions of the courts and causing immense damage to the victim and her family.

This secondary victimization has severely damaged the victim without giving her the opportunity to rebuild her life.

10. Stop The Belo Monte Dam In The Heart Of The Amazon Rainforest

The President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, and her Government are pressing ahead with plans to build an enormous dam complex on the Xingu River in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

The aim of the campaign is to stop the dam being built.

Why? The building of the dam would:

• Destroy (flood) 668km² of land of which 400km² is pristine rainforest.
• Force up to 1,000 indigenous Indians off the land they have been on for centuries. Up to 40,000 more people will be displaced.
• Even when complete only run at a maximum of 39% installed capacity. To run nearer to 100% it would require many more dams to be built on the river with further destruction of forest and wildlife. The Barbaquarra Dam if built would flood an area, predominantly rainforest, more than 12 times the size of Greater London!
• Encourage further destruction of neighbouring forest as the dams attract “development” to the region.
• Deny the children of today the chance to see the rainforest. By the time the children of today are my age (36), the wonderful animals and plants, which Sir David Attenborough has spent a lifetime bringing to our television screens, will be gone, gone FOREVER. You will be able to read about them, look at videos of them, look them up on the internet, but you won’t be able to see one alive. Instead you will have soya bean plantations, cattle ranching and such like.

Is it required?

• If Brazil were to invest in energy efficiency instead it could cut its expected demand for electricity by 40%. This is the equivalent of FOURTEEN of these dams!!!

11. Parys Sylver Supporters!

December 18, 2005

It has come to my attention companies like Borders and Amazon won't carry books. I assume they feel that they are too racy and cross too many lines. Well I disagree.

I think his books are cool and I should be able to buy them from the store just like any other author.

High School Whore and Blood Angel should be available every where. Support Parys Sylver.

12. for Turkey

Do you think you've paid enough shipping rates? Do you think you've waited for weeks to get your order? Do you think you deserve a better and special treatment? So sign this petition, and bring to Turkey!

13. Defy the "most damaging project in the Amazon Basin"

March 7, 2004

Just below the point where the Andes first begin to rise out of the Amazon Forest, the Urubamba River enters one of the most isolated places on earth.

This still un-exploited and largely un-charted region of Amazonia is partially protected by Manu National Park on its edge; past the far border of the national park and at the center of the forest is the Nahua-Kugapakori Indian Reservation. This land was granted by the Peruvian government to the thousands of indigenous people of that area.

Due to the inaccessability of the region, some of these people are still largely or even totally unaware of the outside world, that they are living on an Indian reservation, or that the country of Peru even exists. Also, due to the inaccessibility, stability, and natural-history of this area, the lower Urubamba river country has been proclaimed by numerous studies as the most biologically diverse on earth -- home to numerous ecosystem levels from lowland to cloud forests, rare black caimans, trees that -- according to legend -- walk on their roots, and the headwaters of the Amazon.

In the words of one study, the lower Urubamba is ¨the last place on earth¨ where anybody should be drilling for fossil fuels. Yet, inexplicably, in this heart of hearts of the Amazon Rainforest, the massive Camisea Gas Mega-Project is about to step in.

This project´s major corporate beneficiaries are White House connected Hunt Oil and Cheney subsidiary Halliburton Co.; both of these companies have terrifying, blundering environmental track records.

Their plan is to build platforms, roads and two pipelines from a huge concession in the middle of the forest and through the rugged Vilcabamba mountains, parts of which may have been untouched by human feet until explorers arrived in the 1960´s. 75 percent of Camisea platforms will likely be built in the Nahua-Kugapakori Reserve; this will not only disrupt the centuries-old ways of life of three or more nomadic tribes -- it also has historically meant, and is currently meaning, death for these people.

Though environmental impact reports have not been satisfactorily completed, construction in the lower Urubamba area is already well underway, with little or no supervision. Massive erosion is ensuing.

Environmental disruption has caused fish and wildlife to die off or disappear. This is not only a ripple of biological and ecological tragedy, it means isolated societies inside and outside of the reservation are now facing, possibly for the first time, that pre-imminent feature of our society - preventable chronic malnutrition.

At the same time, Camisea operatives are, for reasons of project productivity, actively and forcibly contacting uncontacted and voluntarily isolated tribes, in violation of the United Nations ILO Convention 169. This is ostensibly to sidestep the skirmishes which usually ensue in projects such as their´s, but the local peoples vulnerability is being actively -- and probably purposefully -- ignored.

However I, and we the undersigned, refuse to ignore the plight of these people and their land.

We are,

1) bearing in mind both the global and continent-wide environmental impact of pipe-line rupture, erosion, cultural degredation, and road building in the Urubamba.

2) bearing in mind that the Nahua tribe, first contacted in the 1980's during gas exploration in the region, lost nearly fifty-percent of its members to influenza and whooping cough epidemics in the few years following, and that now, as contact once again escalates in the latest stage of the project, stable, isolated or recently contacted tribes are once again being moved in upon by imported gastro-intestinal and respiratory diseases -- to which these Amazonian Indians still have no resistence.

We refuse to allow this project to continue -- it is not to late to stop it if we don´t give up!

14. Boycott & Recall "KItchen Witchery"

I have started this petition, due to the fact that the vast majority of the recipes contained within this "book" come from (or are barely alterations of) Cunningham's work, and the "secret" to "always stir clockwise" also comes directly from Cunningham's "The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews" in which he also gives advice on "buying, storing & blending essential oils" as a trained aromatherapist. What can also be found in this book, verbatum, are Cunningham's "Tables for Magickal Substitution", and several recipes from from Laurie Cabot's work, among others. One such glaring example was what Marilyn titles "Organic Love Potions". She states: "Combine any 3 of the following ingrednients in 1 cup of water: apples, cloves, cinnamon, lovage-root powder, yarrow flowers, strawberry oil, patchouli Oil, or musk oil." This exact recipe can be found in Laurie Cabot's book "Power Of The Witch", thusly (published more than a decade prior), "A bewitching, organic, perfume starts with herbs and spices. Simmer any three of the following ingredients in a cup or two of spring water with a tablespoon of sea salt: apples, cloves, cinnamon, lovage-root powder, yarrow flowers, strawberry oil, patchouli Oil, or musk oil." And, no credit is given to any of the authors for their own creative genius. In fact, Marilyn doesn't include the use of sea salt in her publication, which isn't wise by any means, due to the fact that Laurie adds sea salt to her water-based potions as a preservative!

So, as unkind as it may sound, this is a work of pure plagiarism. In fact, I owned my copy for a total of 15 minutes. Until I gave this book a closer look. Needless to say, I returned it for a prompt refund, stating exactly why, to the management. I also saw many of the Farrar's recipes included, as well. In another of Cunningham's books, he lists a variety of ingredients associated with each directional wind, like lavender, for the East Wind, as an example. Well, this very table was also included in Marilyn's big orange book, for goodness sake! So, I certainly wouldn't waste almost $30 for other authors' work, when they are not given credit. Especially when I happen to own the originals, anyway (which are oftimes touted as "classics").

Cunningham's famous "Table of magickal substitutions" is also included! What's more, whereas Cunningham detailed how one might go about choosing a substitution, Mariylyn does not, leaving the reader to pick at them will-nilly without a real grasp at why! And, this author calls herself a "Wiccan HPs"??? I am at a loss for words, here, I'm afraid. I am very disappointed. In fact, I kindy E-Mailed the publisher (as well as several Pagan owned/operated businesses who were selling this book) to make them aware of what I'd personally wittnessed. None of them so much as offered me the decency of a reply.

According to the US Copyright Office, "Mere listings of ingredients as in recipes, formulas, compounds or prescriptions are not subject to copyright protection. However, where a recipe or formula is accompanied by substantial literary expression in the form of an explanation or directions, or when there is a combination of recipes, as in a cookbook, there may be a basis for copyright protection." Which, of course, means that Marilyn is in violation of Copyright infringment, most likely! And, like another reviewer for Amazon.Com, I am equally surprised that a reputable firm such as Weiser would allow such a thing to slip by them.

So, I am personally E-Mailing the authors' publisher with regards to this book, such as Llewellyn and Pheonix Publications and Laurie Cabot's publisher. If you would like to see these authors credited for their works, and recieve the money due to them and their publisher, I strongly suggest that you adopt similar actions!

15. Sellers' Grievances

It appears that is headed for becoming a greed-based .com industry that is smashing down the sellers. We are forming this petition to make them aware of the following practices that they are currently doing on line.

1. Allowing "Lowest Price" to be attached to the lowest price. WE DO NOT WANT THAT ON THERE.
2. Allowing sellers to sell their books for 1 cent. There should be a minimum ammt. for each book in terms of asking price as most of us not all on here for a tax right off and cannot compete with those who want ALL the business.
3. For marketplace taking the first .99 cents plus 15 % plus part of the shipping money is greed-based. A lot of the books on Amazon are sold for under $10.00.
4. In terms of Z Shops we are paying almost $40.00 per month and we are not even getting the listings out of the data base within your system and onto the site. They are being listed as "listings pending" for long periods of time.
5. You are giving buyers not only free shipping but if they buy something for $50.00 in your kitchen department you give them $30.00 free. How can we compete with that.???
6. Now you merge with other bookseller companies and most of us on here have no idea of what you are doing....merging with Alibris and Abe.....What are we to think when our sales fall like this?????
7. We are not happy sellers right now. Why don't you ask us what would make us happy...we are your supporters...If you look at the discussion boards you can tell that we are not happy campers.....
Your Sellers .......