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Red Wheel/Weiser

I have started this petition, due to the fact that the vast majority of the recipes contained within this "book" come from (or are barely alterations of) Cunningham's work, and the "secret" to "always stir clockwise" also comes directly from Cunningham's "The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews" in which he also gives advice on "buying, storing & blending essential oils" as a trained aromatherapist. What can also be found in this book, verbatum, are Cunningham's "Tables for Magickal Substitution", and several recipes from from Laurie Cabot's work, among others. One such glaring example was what Marilyn titles "Organic Love Potions". She states: "Combine any 3 of the following ingrednients in 1 cup of water: apples, cloves, cinnamon, lovage-root powder, yarrow flowers, strawberry oil, patchouli Oil, or musk oil." This exact recipe can be found in Laurie Cabot's book "Power Of The Witch", thusly (published more than a decade prior), "A bewitching, organic, perfume starts with herbs and spices. Simmer any three of the following ingredients in a cup or two of spring water with a tablespoon of sea salt: apples, cloves, cinnamon, lovage-root powder, yarrow flowers, strawberry oil, patchouli Oil, or musk oil." And, no credit is given to any of the authors for their own creative genius. In fact, Marilyn doesn't include the use of sea salt in her publication, which isn't wise by any means, due to the fact that Laurie adds sea salt to her water-based potions as a preservative!

So, as unkind as it may sound, this is a work of pure plagiarism. In fact, I owned my copy for a total of 15 minutes. Until I gave this book a closer look. Needless to say, I returned it for a prompt refund, stating exactly why, to the management. I also saw many of the Farrar's recipes included, as well. In another of Cunningham's books, he lists a variety of ingredients associated with each directional wind, like lavender, for the East Wind, as an example. Well, this very table was also included in Marilyn's big orange book, for goodness sake! So, I certainly wouldn't waste almost $30 for other authors' work, when they are not given credit. Especially when I happen to own the originals, anyway (which are oftimes touted as "classics").

Cunningham's famous "Table of magickal substitutions" is also included! What's more, whereas Cunningham detailed how one might go about choosing a substitution, Mariylyn does not, leaving the reader to pick at them will-nilly without a real grasp at why! And, this author calls herself a "Wiccan HPs"??? I am at a loss for words, here, I'm afraid. I am very disappointed. In fact, I kindy E-Mailed the publisher (as well as several Pagan owned/operated businesses who were selling this book) to make them aware of what I'd personally wittnessed. None of them so much as offered me the decency of a reply.

According to the US Copyright Office, "Mere listings of ingredients as in recipes, formulas, compounds or prescriptions are not subject to copyright protection. However, where a recipe or formula is accompanied by substantial literary expression in the form of an explanation or directions, or when there is a combination of recipes, as in a cookbook, there may be a basis for copyright protection." Which, of course, means that Marilyn is in violation of Copyright infringment, most likely! And, like another reviewer for Amazon.Com, I am equally surprised that a reputable firm such as Weiser would allow such a thing to slip by them.

So, I am personally E-Mailing the authors' publisher with regards to this book, such as Llewellyn and Pheonix Publications and Laurie Cabot's publisher. If you would like to see these authors credited for their works, and recieve the money due to them and their publisher, I strongly suggest that you adopt similar actions!

In it's year at Amazon.Com it has sold more than 400,000 copies! And, so, we the undersigned demand that this book, Marilyn F. Daniels' "Kitchen Witchery" be withdrawn from public, as well as an apology given to the aforementioned publishers and authors. Until this occurs, we shall boycott this particular title and tell others to refrain from purchasing it.

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