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Amazon's are indifferent to Buyers. They are unsupportive, unhelpful, lazy, pass the buck and have a could not care less attitude. They need to change with regard to their attitude to Buyers who are in dispute with Sellers. Their terms and conditions need to change as they are very much in favour of making life difficult for the Buyer from reaching a satisfactory resolution to refunds.

Each time you ask for assistance they tell you contact the Seller. They do not give you the correct information from the commencement of your query. Different people handle your query and they could not care less.

They need to closely monitor what Third Party Sellers are actually selling as I was caught out and paid for an item unfit for the purpose it was intended for.

I want to see the same customer care and service as is given by Marks & Spencer to their customers who are leaders in the retail field. Amazon's contact site needs to be updated. You should be able to reply to their emails using the same customer reference number.

They are not interested in customers who buy through Third Party Sellers and this needs to change. They make it difficult and impossible to get a full refund.

Stop simple transactions turning into a Nightmare.

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The Amazon: Help Buyers who are in dispute with Third Party Sellers petition to Amazon was written by K Porter and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.