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1. Holding Ministers of Parliament to Account

In May 2009 the focus on politics in the UK was very heavily overshadowed by issues of politicians expense claims and there was little evidence of the government machine working behind the scenes. In the beginning of June however the conviction of two men responsible for the appalling murder of two French students managed to drag the Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, into the headlines to make a public apology to the deceased's parents.

The reason for this apology was that unsurprisingly serious problems within the justice system had been identified in a report to parliament years prior to the offence. It is an inescapable fact that failure to properly address these issues at government level definitely contributed to the ability of Dano Sonnex to be in a position whereby he could commit the crime.

A further catalogue of blunders throughout the justice system each played their part in Sonnex being at large when he should have been in custody including Magistrates granting bail when he was on probation and a quite bizarre circumstance whereby police departments couldn't decide which were responsible for his apprehension. This resulted in a further 2 week delay during which time the offence was committed.

Although shocking this incident may not be the only such one in recent years as details of another case of ongoing debate continue to plague Kenny MacAskill MSP north of the border. Contrary to his parliamentary obligations under paragraph 7.2.1 in Volume 2 of the Code of Conduct for MSP's, Mr MacAskill refuses to release information which could show that another convicted person was possibly responsible for the suspicious death of Kevin McLeod.

"7.2.1 In representing people’s interests, members have a duty to respect individual privacy, unless there are overwhelming and lawful reasons in the wider public interest for disclosure to be made to a relevant authority, for example, where a member is made aware of criminal activity."

There is no other way to read this paragraph than to recognise that Mr MacAskill's refusal to disclose the requested information breaches the code of conduct. What is more worrying is that this breach could be impeding the course of justice which as Justice Secretary he is obligated to ensure does not happen.

It seems that while Kenny MacAskill is prepared to reveal that "efforts are under way to update police conduct regulations to plug the loophole", he is not prepared to release information resulting from the loophole. Information which could be preventing the parents of Kevin Mcleod from ever seeing justice done for their son. He has answered questions put to him by John Thurso MP directly related to the Kevin Mcleod case while publicly denying any knowledge of it which is not technically possible. In short his actions are actively preventing justice from being done rather than ensuring that it is.

Alex Salmond who faced charges of breaches in the ministerial code of conduct relating to misleading information regarding absconded prisoners on 30th May continues to publicly supported Mr MacAskill's position. In doing this, Mr Salmond has suggested that Mr MacAskill's continuing position demonstrates a lack of public opposition to it.

“The [ministerial] code says all ministers, including the First Minister, must not only give accurate and truthful information but correct an error at the earliest opportunity. Any minister who knowingly misleads Parliament should offer their resignation.”

Despite the above, Alex Salmond, Jack Straw and Kenny MacAskill continue to hold their positions while the flaws in our justice system which continue to wrongly release or fail to apprehend the guilty while equally through misconduct cause similar devastation to families through wrongful accusations and convictions.

It is time that the public are made aware of the full extent of misconduct within the justice system at all levels and demonstrated what it's position truly is regarding the effects of it on everyone in society.

2. Stop 'Bible Bashers' harassing people in bristol, UK

Today I was deeply disturbed to be stopped in the street by a woman in bright red overalls saying 'Jesus will save you!'. I apologised, said sorry but all of my friends and myself are straightedge and satanists (and no, this isn't what most people think it is).

She then accused me of pushing my 'religion' on everyone else (Despite the fact that being straightedge involves no drinking, no drug abuse and no sex outside of a relationship.) and threw a load of notes in my face.

She told me, that as a woman I was leading my male friends straight to hell. I found this a disgrace towards my gender.

It is people like this who are continually harassing people, disturbing them and upsetting them .

I'm all for people believing what they want to believe, but when they start forcing their religion upon everyone.

May I also note, this woman also deeply upset an old woman she shouted at?
Why should these people be allowed to harass people in such a way?

And if you would like the evidence, I shall be sure to scan up a picture of a pamphlet telling everyone how everything we enjoy is evil.

3. OMSFAK - Ocoee Middle School Falsely Accused Kids

This petition is to help support OMS children’s rights.

4. Animal Crultey is not acceptable

There have been too many cases where animal abuse had been done and the accused did not get proper punishment for the crime of hurting an animal.

There should be harder sentences for convicted accused. If there is no hard punishment then people do not learn, these people that are cruel to animals grow up to be murders. This is a proven fact and is not ok in our society!

People should not turn their head or pretend that they did not hear that this is going on. Please you are one person and you can make a difference.

Save an animal's life today, sign on behalf of your love.

5. Introduce Jazmyn's Law

August 2, 2006

I am filing this after having my normal visitation stripped from my son, and no visitation awarded for my daughter. I went to court to try to gain custody, and she wrongfully accused me of sexual and physical abuse to her.

She had gone to a counselor and told her the lies, so she could use the counselor against me in court. On that day we did not get to cross examine, as the day was continued. The magistrate ordered my visitation with my son be supervised, and no visitation with my daughter until I was fully examined by a counselor or psycologist.

On the second day of court the woman who does the supervision had advised the court that she felt no need for concern if I had my normal visitation back. We had other useful witnesses that day as well, only to get the same ruling as before.

I feel I was wrongly stripped of my children, and now my son calls me my ex's boyfriends name, and has referred to him as daddy.

The damage done to my relationship with my children will take years to fix, and that is if I ever get my normal visitation back. I d want to propose this so it doesnt happen to other parents.

6. BBC's lack of credibility and partiality in reports of Sri Lankan affairs

To: Editors of the BBC

We the Tamils are disheartened and hurt by the BBC's covering of the issues pertaining to the island of Sri Lanka. The issues mentioned below are in response to reports on the website and BBC News 24.

These include but not limited to:

1.Massacre of civilians in a bus using claymore mines, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

The BBC's Sri Lankan correspondent, Dumeethra Luthra reported on the massacre of innocent civilians in a claymore mine attack in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka and the ensuing aerial attacks by the Sri Lankan government on Tamil positions on BBC News 24 (the video link of the same report on the website is titled 'Why air strikes have been resumed' in the article 'S Lanka air force steps up raids').

In this report she states that the LTTE is "the Key candidate" for this atrocity. She fails to mention the Sri Lankan State forces that have been accused by the Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission of extra judicial killings of innocent Tamil civilians in the NE of the island.

As of the 24th of May over 190 Tamil civilians have been killed since the first Geneva talks held on the 22-23 of February 2006. The GOSL (Government of Sri Lanka) has a history of orchestrating violence against the Tamil civilians (1956, 1958, 1977, 1981 and 1983 anti-Tamil riots).

The LTTE for its part has been accused of targeting Government soldiers but has not been accused of targeting innocent civilians.

The LTTE has strongly denied the allegation of the claymore attack on the bus and has nothing to gain from this horrendous and disturbing attack targeting civilians.

•Why doesn't the Sri Lankan correspondent question the motive for the LTTE to have committed this attack?

•Why doesn't the Sri Lankan correspondent assess the beneficiaries of this massacre?

It is the GOSL and/or the elements opposed to peace that benefit from this massacre of innocent civilians.

The Tamils and the LTTE have been further unjustly isolated in the international arena, by the recent proscription of the LTTE as a terrorist group by Canada and the EU. This has emboldened the GOSL to continue the genocide of the Tamils in the hope of subjugating the Tamils abandoned by the international community.

2.Down-playing/Sugar-coating of Government atrocities against innocent Tamil civilians

Initial versions of the report titled "Fresh Sri Lanka clashes kill many" accuses the LTTE of the attack against the Sri Lankan navy and quoted the Sri Lankan Navy accusing the LTTE for the grenade attack on the Mannar church in yesterday's fighting.

The updated version of the same report mentions with ambiguity the Mannar church attack but fails to mention who was involved in the attack.

The reader is left with the impression that the 'non-state' actor (in this case the LTTE) that 'allegedly' initiated the naval attack is responsible for the atrocity on the civilians in the church.

With eyewitness accounts and the presence of an international aid worker, the BBC reports that the Sri Lankan forces attacked the Mannar church in the article titled "Sri Lankan forces 'hit church' ".The report goes on to say that the government denied this but said that the church was "caught in the crossfire". However, it fails to say that the GOSL had initially insisted that it was the work of the LTTE.

Here again the BBC sugar-coats the government atrocity, which was a deliberate NOT 'accidental' attack using a grenade and live gunfire on the 200 or so Tamil civilians seeking refugee in the church. One person was widely reported as killed and many injured.

These sorts of crimes targeting civilians seeking refuge in churches and temples were a common occurrence during the war. The Tamils in the NE are faced with these atrocities even during times of peace with the help of censors of the international media.

3.Tamils from the NE of the island faced with the fear of being victims of state genocide are fleeing in the thousands from the government controlled areas to LTTE controlled areas and to India. The BBC when reporting on the fleeing Tamil civilians refers to the victims as Sri Lankans giving the impression that the Sinhalese are also fleeing. This is NOT true. The people seeking refuge in India and LTTE controlled areas are all Tamil victims.

4.It is also very disheartening to note that the BBC has turned a blind eye to the mass demonstrations, by tens of thousands of Tamils around the globe, against the genocide of Tamils by the Sri Lankan government.

5.It is also very sad to note that articles such as the "Sri Lankan forces 'hit church'" that refers to the Sri Lankan forces' attack on the innocent civilians in the church are only short lived in the South Asia section of the website (It was published at 1:08 GMT on the 18th of June and archived well within 8hrs).

As you have stated in your article titled "Sri Lanka: Truth, bias and the BBC " the news of the Tamil struggle published on the international media especially the BBC (given its presence in Sri Lanka ) are paramount in the midst of FALSE propaganda being issued by the government of Sri Lanka.

7. Re-Hire Mrs. Rahila for the Y.M.C.A.

Re-hire Mrs. Rahila for Durham Elementary School Y.M.C.A. program. She was fired and falsely accused of transporting children in her vehicle. Also, accused of spending time with some of the children's parents after hours. Re-Hire Mrs. Rahila for the Y.M.C.A.

8. Unfreeze My Neopets Account!

I lost 2.7 million Neopoints..A fire pb and loads of rare Items..They accused me of scamming and I never did!!! EVER!!!! I really hate the neopets team..They are hard as stone. :( I emailed neopets and they emailed back an auto machine message and never unfroze my account!!!!! Its sick...I dont like them at all! Plz help by donating or trying to get my account unfrozen if you like! :):( The account name was whozat116...My new account is Lost_Girlisious Please Sign Petition!!!!!

9. Free Harold Haner Sr.

Harold P. haner sr. a devoted father and husband was sent to jail for a crime he did not commit. His own daughter accused him of Sexual abuse, although she never had her eyes open during the alleged attack and she has accused other people of the same thing. There was no hardcore evidence and he was put in prison based on circumstantial evidence. His public defender would not let Mr. Haner speak at his trial and did not do a good job.

10. STEVEN M. GILMORE not guilty

Steven Gilmore, Director of the youth behavior modification program GunHo, has been accused of a CRIMINAL MISDEMEANOR that being ASSAULT-3 CTS/ENDANGER WELFARE OF CHILD. Steven Gilmore is being accused of this because he cut the hair of two visitors who where visiting the GunHo Program, the visitors and their guardian made no indication to Mr. Gilmore that they were not to receive any hair cut, in fact the two youths willing set in the chair and received the hair cut and at no time did anyone indicate to Mr. Gilmore that he was not to cut their hair.

11. Support European Union Enlargement

The people of the Republic of Ireland voted against the Nice Treaty in a referendum on June 7, 2001. The rejection was for a number of complex reasons mainly related fears of being enmeshed in a military alliance or loss of independence to EU institutions. Yet, in the European media we are being portrayed as a selfish nation who don't want to see the economic benefits of EU membership being extended to the East European countries.