#Children's Rights
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This petition is to help support OMS children’s rights.

Many kids who attend Ocoee Middle School are often falsely accused. OMS staff has little/no evidence, and instead they assume a kid did it. For an example, let’s take the bathrooms. No one knows for sure who wrote all those things on the walls, but automatically, based on witness statements, they assume it was MT. (To protect her identity, her name will not be revealed to the outside public.)

Some of those witness statements were written by girls who would just like to see what they would do to MT, and they knew that MT did not write on the walls. Instead of doing something about it, they just let MT get in trouble with the school board. They don’t care, they are heartless.

Even if we don’t do anything, OMS staff always has to pick someone to blame. I think the reason for this is that OMS is afraid that if they don’t find someone they can blame, they think that they will get in trouble. So they just call up a kid who is innocent, and slap the blame on him.

If I get enough signatures on this petition, then maybe I could do something about this.

Please sign this petition, it does not matter if you are anonymous or not; you are still helping the cause.

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