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United States of America

August 2, 2006

I am filing this after having my normal visitation stripped from my son, and no visitation awarded for my daughter. I went to court to try to gain custody, and she wrongfully accused me of sexual and physical abuse to her.

She had gone to a counselor and told her the lies, so she could use the counselor against me in court. On that day we did not get to cross examine, as the day was continued. The magistrate ordered my visitation with my son be supervised, and no visitation with my daughter until I was fully examined by a counselor or psycologist.

On the second day of court the woman who does the supervision had advised the court that she felt no need for concern if I had my normal visitation back. We had other useful witnesses that day as well, only to get the same ruling as before.

I feel I was wrongly stripped of my children, and now my son calls me my ex's boyfriends name, and has referred to him as daddy.

The damage done to my relationship with my children will take years to fix, and that is if I ever get my normal visitation back. I d want to propose this so it doesnt happen to other parents.

I am proposing a new law that makes it illegal for a court to strip a parent of visitation or order supervised visitation to a parent, unless the parent has been convicted of a crime, or, is in court hearings reguarding sexual molestation, rape, sexual battery, or any other form of sexual misconduct.

This law is to protect a parent from being ordered to no visitation or supervised visitation when he/she is accused in a custody or visitation hearing by the ex, unless the parent has been convicted or is in court for the accusation.

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