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Today I was deeply disturbed to be stopped in the street by a woman in bright red overalls saying 'Jesus will save you!'. I apologised, said sorry but all of my friends and myself are straightedge and satanists (and no, this isn't what most people think it is).

She then accused me of pushing my 'religion' on everyone else (Despite the fact that being straightedge involves no drinking, no drug abuse and no sex outside of a relationship.) and threw a load of notes in my face.

She told me, that as a woman I was leading my male friends straight to hell. I found this a disgrace towards my gender.

It is people like this who are continually harassing people, disturbing them and upsetting them .

I'm all for people believing what they want to believe, but when they start forcing their religion upon everyone.

May I also note, this woman also deeply upset an old woman she shouted at?
Why should these people be allowed to harass people in such a way?

And if you would like the evidence, I shall be sure to scan up a picture of a pamphlet telling everyone how everything we enjoy is evil.

We, The undersigned, call on Bristol City Council to take action against people publicly forcing their religion upon people.

We are sick of being harassed and accused of our families or ourselves being sinners.

It is not fair to push their religion upon other people in abusive ways.

We call for banning the making of pamphlets etc telling us what we enjoy is evil.

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