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1. Place safety features around the railroad on Kendrick Road in Pelham, AL

Kendrick Road in Pelham, Alabama has a railway that has no bars, and no lights that signify if a train is coming. Just recently, relatives of mine were driving on that road one night when a train blindsided them because there were no safety features to notify drivers for an approaching train. In consequence, they have been seriously injured. They are lucky that they are two strong survivors from this accident; however, they are currently in the ICU with serious disclosed injuries.
How many more accidents like this will Shelby County/ The city of Pelham will allow? Within our constitutional rights, the government's sole purpose is to protect its citizens. Knowing there is a railway with no bars, or lights frightens me for the safety of other drivers. This could have been an elderly couple, a teenager who's at the brink of high school, eager to start their life; this could have even been you.
This petition will be used to push an incentive to Shelby County, and Pelham mayor Don Murphy to place safety features around this railway on Kendrick Road. I deeply urge you all to help make change so no family has to hurt, help save a life. Be the difference.

Kalvin Robinson

2. Harsher Hit and Run Punishments

Indiana's hit and run punishments (leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death) need revised. Why are some of these charges not "involuntary manslaughter?" These incidents have risen by 100%. As it stands, these drivers who flee will only be sentenced with six months to 3 years in jail with a measly misdemeanor charge, and in a lot of cases they only serve half of their sentence. It is widely known that is illegal to leave an accident, especially when someone is hit and dies. If the charge was a felony with couple more years added to their sentencing, perhaps they'd try to stay and help their victims rather than fleeing and letting them die alone, on the side of the road. If only these drivers understood that families and law enforcement are so much more forgiving when you stay and take responsibility.

3. Montrose Ave Safety Concerns

The County Line Road and Montrose Avenue intersection located in Radnor and Lower Merion Townships is unsafe for drivers and pedestrians alike. Countless accidents and near misses, and distracted, speeding drivers passing through this crossroads place childrens', adults', and animals' safety at risk nearly every day.

These are very real hazards that need our prompt attention with the installation of traffic signals, or at the very least a flashing pedestrian crossing signal, to improve safety.

4. Justice for Christian

It’s been just over a week since my brother was killed in a fatal accident by a reckless driver on the Kissonerga - Coral bay road.

Yesterday I visited the Paphos police station to speak to the sergeant in charge of the case and asked what the maximum sentence for involuntary manslaughter has been in his experience, in the past. I was shocked and disgusted to hear that a crime so serious and so hideous would only carry a maximum sentence of 4 years and may also be reduced for good behaviour.

I have also been informed that at the first hearing (this Monday) the person driving the car that ended Christian’s life was allowed to pay the small amount of €3000 to be released on bail! This is the amount the judge saw fit for the death of my brother! How much injustice can one family be put through? How much loss before something is done and the people to blame are made to pay for the crimes they have committed?

The driver endangered the lives of all of the people in the cars that he was overtaking and crashed into two innocent young boys killing one of them resulting in an ending no one would wish on their worst enemy.

5. Make changes to dangerous intersections

The intersection of Alaska Avenue, 17th Street and Alaska Avenue, 15th Street are the most dangerous intersections in Dawson Creek and something needs to be done.

I personally know two people seriously injured and have heard of countless others. It seems no one is paying attention or they simply do not care.

I hope this petition is enough to open some eyes and make someone take action

6. Call on Galway County Council to improve Road Safety Measures in rat-runs to Galway City around Annaghdown/Corrandulla, Claregalway, Cregmore, Killoughter and Carnmore

Cllr. James Charity-Athenry/Oranmore Municipal District

Throughout the Athenry-Oranmore Municipal District, our local by-roads are being used as rat-runs for motorists seeking to avoid traffic on the N17, particularly through the bottleneck in Claregalway village.

Many of these quiet country roads in Annaghdown/Corrandulla, Claregalway, Cregmore, Killoughter and Carnmore are heavily populated and while our local populations have sympathy with anyone seeking to avoid the scandalous situation which is the bottle-neck in Claregaway village. However, it is unfortunately the case that many vehicles using these local roads travel at excessive speeds which put local residents, children and other road users at significant risk.

On the 28th June 2016, this culminated in a young mother being struck by a speeding vehicle on one such local road, the L2129 in Tonegurrane, Corrandulla, while leaving her children to a local school bus stop. The offending vehicle was overtaking the school bus, and other traffic which had pulled in behind the bus, to allow the children to board when it struck the mother at speed and sent her over its bonnet, causing her serous injuries.

This situation cannot be allowed to continue and Galway County Council must immediately implement a safety plan for all local roads in the Athenry-Oranmore area which are being used as rat-runs for traffic travelling to and from Galway City. It is only a matter of time before further serious accidents occur and measures must be taken before fatalities arise.

7. Stop Impunity and recklessness on Nigerian Roads

Over the years there have been indiscriminate use of siren, disregard for traffic lights and over-speeding by politicians and government officials, as well as recklessness by banks' bullion vans.

This has resulted in fatal accidents, harassment of law-abiding motorists and logjams on the road.

We need to STOP this impunity for a safer living condition for every Nigerian. The National Assembly MUST taken an action this time around.


8. Support 20 mph Safety Zones in Bromley

Bromley is a large and varied Borough and enforcing a 20 mph zone in all residential roads could prove impossible. However, there are certain places, outside schools and in shopping areas, where better safety measures – like reducing traffic speed – could help pedestrians and road users.

This slower speed would help reduce road traffic accidents to pedestrians, motor-cyclists and cyclists as well as car drivers and other road traffic. Figures show slower traffic speeds significantly reduce harm to those injured in collisions. Speed restrictions also slow down the rate of vehicle exhaust emissions by burning fuels more efficiently.

There are already several 20 mph schemes in action, along Turpington Lane, Bromley, outside Perry Hall Primary School in Perry Hall Road, Orpington and in other parts of the Borough.

We will be conducting a survey to ask local residents to identify schools, or areas of concern, used regularly by children or by vulnerable adults, who may or may not be accompanied while crossing the road and where speed of passing traffic could endanger pedestrians and other road users.

The signatories below ask the Council to take action on the sites identified in the survey results.

9. Have Council install a Chicane on Perentie Road, Belrose

Daily Telegraph web site: 18th March

"An elderly woman has died after she was struck by a car on Perentie Rd at Belrose early this morning."

Perentie Road is a wide road with a retirement village and many young families. The traffic has increased over the past number of years due to land subdivision and many visitors to the retirement village.

Drivers frequently exceed speed limits due to the width of the road and rushing to catch lights. Many cars are parked on the side of the road either owned by or visiting the retirement village and there is often poor visibility of children or elderly people crossing the road or parking their cars.

For this reason and demonstrated by an elderly woman dying today on this road, we strongly believe that the council needs to put in a form of speed limitation eg a chicane or even a roundabout to help control the traffic flow and the speed.

10. Creating Awareness of Survivors of Severe Brain Injuries


I recently had a brain injury by falling 3.5 floors off a building to concrete. The fall included other physical injuries but I had an amazing recovery and I think this is a good story to say: We can do amazing things.

I am currently writing a book about the recovery including love, travel and getting my life back together. Please help me create awareness and follow my Facebook page to get this cause out there! I wish to approach publishers in late 2015 and your support will help guarantee their interest.

Follow me to help me gain a publishing deal, difficult in this day in age:

Here you will find a follow up story detailing what happened:

I also created a video detailing my story:

So why sign and follow?

To raise awareness and understanding about Brain Injury, for those that are too sick to tell their story.

To increase this awareness internationally, it is not a local issue.

To hear how a great story was achieved by two things: positivity and luck.


11. Peninsula Pedestrian Safety Petition

On Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 7:17 PM, a pedestrian was critically injured when he was struck by an SUV in the crosswalk at 26th Street and Balboa Blvd. Shortly before 9:00PM on Sunday, September 8, a pedestrian was struck at the intersection of 30th St and Newport Blvd. In early November, two vehicles collided when trying to avoid a pedestrian in the crosswalk at 28th St and Balboa Blvd.

Throughout California, pedestrian accidents increased 3.9 percent, from 601 in 2010 to 625 in 2011, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety’s most current records. In Newport Beach, traffic collisions claimed the lives of or caused injury to 36 pedestrians in 2010.

Pedestrian fatality rate is three times higher at night due to reduced ambient illumination; no doubt higher in areas closer to the ocean when fog is coupled with poor lighting. Drivers have contrast sensitivity to dim light causing “night myopia” or commonly known as nearsightedness, focusing too near and causing distant objects to blur.

A driver can avoid an accident if he sees the pedestrian relatively far ahead. In-roadway lighting will alert oncoming traffic of a pedestrian crossing the street, allowing drivers and pedestrians to share the road safely.

12. Improve Road Safety Measures around Castleview Primary School, Langley, Slough

It is a matter of grave concern for parents whose children attend the Castleview Primary School that the roads surrounding the school lack even in basic road safety and traffic calming measures.

This typically allows drivers to speed through these busy roads during school hours while our children are trying to cross on their way to school. Lack of appropriate road safety measures has resulted in a little girl being seriously injured on Marlborough Road recently while a speeding car coming through the no-entry sign of the road hit her and sped-off.

Unfortunately, due to lack of witnesses and lack of required traffic calming measures the perpetrators are yet to be tracked down. Unfortunately the little girl is still languishing and cannot walk.

13. Traffic light at West Airport and Grand Parkway in South West Houston

Many lives have been lost in the same intersection due to the danger that the absence of a proper traffic light poses.

14. Mandatory Driving Test & Fitness Assessment for Drivers over 70 yrs

Maria Defino, 36, was cycling down Bunnerong Road in Pagewood alongside her husband Daniel shortly after 10.30am on Sunday June 9 when they were struck by a hatchback being driven by a 79-year-old epileptic woman.

Bystanders desperately tried to help Maria before paramedics arrived, but she died at the scene. The driver continued for another 150 metres before colliding into a second vehicle.

We don't want Maria's death to be in vain. We want reform. We want to see mandatory driving tests and fitness assessments introduced yearly.

We need your help in order for the NSW Transport Roads and Maritime Services to listen. Stand up and be counted. Help us achieve our goal.

15. Send Bryce James Wayland to Jail for the near fatal accident of Emma De Silva

Bryce James Wayland, 27, of Queenscliff whose car mounted a kerb in 2011 and struck a mother and her baby in Sydney's inner-west has avoided jail time.

Wayland's negligence resulted in Emma De Silva suffering critical brain injuries which left her learning to walk, talk and eat again. He was sentenced to 50 hours of community service and a 15 month suspended sentence on his drivers licence.

Please sign this petition to incourage this sentence to be overruled and a stricter punishment, including jail time to be implemented.

16. Whittlesea Needs Traffic Lights

The intersection of Plenty Road and Laurel Street has seen many accidents. There is confusion of who has right of way and there is not adequate turning lanes. The confusion and risk is escalated at school drop off and pick up times as the traffic increases.

The installation of traffic lights at the intersection will ensure the safety of all the Whittlesea townspeople and our visitors.

17. Twin Highway 8

Within 3 days, July 31st 2012 and August 2nd 2012, there has been 2 young men who have passed away due to accidents that have occurred on highway 8. Dustin Peers, who was 18 years of age and Chase Hudye, who was also 18 years of age.

These young men still had their whole life ahead of them and now due to an accident that could've been prevented, they don't get the chance. To prevent any other tragedies from occurring, please, help us twin highway 8.

18. Review Roys Car Park Barriers

I am petitioning for the posts to be placed at the ends of the trolley park barriers in the car park of Roys store in Hoveton.

19. URGENT - Coroners Laws - we the bereaved deserve justice

Families of Sudden / Tragic deaths are being failed by inadequate investigations! Lack of forensics, DNA, Toxicology, Photographic evidence, wounds, bruises samples etc. Police records missing, witnesses misled & manipulation by the Police Forces which are key evidence, fact!

The rights of the bereaved not being given yet this is required by Law. Along with Coroners intimidation & the I.P.C.C lack of independent monitoring, ( over 100 honest lawyers walked out because of their corruption, lies & non impartiality ).

The police failure creates a domino effect in these Sudden death investigations which then snowballs to the pathologist, coroner and returns to the I.P.C.C. as a complaint. The perverse power to protect their own is unbelievable / unforgivable.

Bereaved families should not be subject to this abuse / lack of duty of care by HM departments! The only crime that they have committed is to lose their loved one!

20. Stop images and video of fatal accidents in Motor sports being published by media and You tube

The videos posted on youtube and the press images posted on websites of someone's final moments of life.

It affronts human decency and defiles the dignity of the deceased and the family and friends of them.

21. Crosswalk Pedestrian Controlled Traffic Lights - Robb Ave and Anderton Road Intersection

Crossing Anderton Road in Comox is dangerous for pedestrians particularly during peak traffic hours. Offending motorists are often seen being issued illegal passing violations during morning and afternoon commutes near and around Robb Ave where it crosses Anderton Road.

This crossing is of particular concern as it is the main route for elementary students commuting to École Robb Road Elementary.

With escalating traffic volumes it is imperative that a safe and effective pedestrian crossing system be employed.

22. Boris: Install mirrors that save cyclists lives (Petition for Paula)

On April 5th 2011, on a clear afternoon long before rush hour, London cyclist and student Paula Jurek was knocked down and killed by a lorry turning left from Camden Road into St Pancras Way. She was just twenty.

She joins many other cyclists killed or gravely injured in the same circumstances in London, but if you click the image above to sign this petition for Paula, and many others, you can help ensure this doesn't happen again.

Her death could have been prevented by three things, one of which is so cheap and simple it could be done tomorrow.

As Boris Johnson tries to coax more cyclists onto our roads, he must also make the same effort to keep them safe. Here’s how:

1. MIRRORS FOR LORRY DRIVERS: In 2010, Mr Johnson introduced "Trixi" mirrors, mounted at junctions to give lorry drivers greater visibility on their left sides and to prevent these kinds of accidents.

But he installed only 39 of these mirrors for the entire capital.

He said they would be "reviewed", but their effectiveness has already been demonstrated in Europe. In January, he was asked when this review would be available. His answer: "TfL will shortly be discussing the results of the trial… to retain the existing mirrors and to install further mirrors." That was January. Where are the results? Where are the mirrors?

Both lorry drivers and cyclists have agreed the mirrors are a big help. Even the Deputy Chair of London's Transport Committee and one of Mr Johnson's own colleagues, Caroline Pidgeon, says these mirrors are an important part of improving cycle safety. But Boris has stalled.

The mirrors do not cost much to install or maintain, and the process involves no disruption. They save lives. We need more, now.

2. CITY TRAINING FOR LORRY DRIVERS: Lorry drivers cannot always see cyclists. While a few London boroughs have specifically trained lorry drivers to watch for them on the capital’s busy and sometimes narrow roads, most boroughs still haven’t.

3. SAFE CYCLE ROUTES IN CAMDEN: There are few provisions for cyclists in Camden, yet many students and young people bike there every day. Camden's roads are packed and its cyclists need safe cycle lanes and cycle boxes. The junction at which Paula died has only one cycle box. Why? It should have three.

Camden Councillor Paul Braithwaite has been pushing TfL to improve cycling provisions where Paula died. "There are far too many deaths on Camden Road," he says.

23. Lena's Law

On July 29th, 2010 16 year old Angalena Kristina Robinson was killed in an auto accident at the hands of someone who was driving under the influence of narcotic medications. She was the front seat passenger in an automobile that was hit head on by the DUI driver.

This woman who was driving under the influence knew she was not to drive, was given previous citations earlier that day for careless driving and told by a state police officer not to drive but she did so anyways. Her careless disregard for the law and the safety of other people ended the life of a 16 year old girl that day who had her whole life ahead of her.

If convicted she only faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 3 years or maximum of 7 years. A small price to pay for taking the entire life away from an innocent person.

For this reason we feel that there needs to be stricter punishments in cases involving homicide while DUI/DWI.

24. We Need A Fence On Our Highways To Protect Our People From Hitting Large Animals Like Mooses



Shediac RCMP (District 4 South East) are investigating a fatal motor vehicle collision that occurred Saturday on Highway 11 in Shediac Bridge.

RCMP said a passenger vehicle travelling in the southbound lane collided with a moose around 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

The driver, a 29-year-old man from Dieppe died at the scene of the crash. His wife, a 26-year-old woman from Dieppe was rushed to hospital in critical condition. She later died in hospital on October 3, 2010. The only survivor from the crash was their 2 year-old son who sustained minor injuries.

An RCMP re-constructionist was called to investigation the crash. The investigation is ongoing.

The names of the victims were not available last night.!/group.php?gid=159544877408840

25. Justice for Anne Beatrice and unborn babies

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria

The Petition of John and Celia Denney of Kilmore draws to the attention of the House that we lost our beautiful daughter Anne Beatrice at 20 weeks gestation, yet her life and death have gone virtually legally unnoticed, that we were woefully ill-informed by medical staff at the Royal Melbourne Hospital of what may well (and did) happen and that we have been deeply grieved that Anne’s death is not seen as even being worthy of inquiry by a coroner.

The verdict of “still-birth” is a stinging injustice, and devalues precious human lives, simply because that child did not take a breath.

26. Don't Encrypt The OPP System

There have been many times when the O.P.P has called for tow trucks to assist in situations where there is danger to the public due to a traffic hazard, whether it be broken down vehicle or an accident.

During those times, the Tow Truck Drivers are depended upon to remove any vehicles off the road to a safe location so the safety of the public is the first to be taken into consideration.

To get the drivers that drink and drive off the road before any casualties are caused, these individuals (Tow Truck Drivers) dedicate themselves to help the police find the impaired drivers and make our highways safe for the rest of the public.

27. Hanbury Grove childrens' play park to be made safe and opened

A park has been built with a good standard of equipment, however ONE resident has made several complaints, and this park is now unfinished, been unduly fenced off and has gone back to planning!

No other residents have been consulted and the Council and Builders keep passing the buck. The other issue is the area outside the park which is dangerous. There are no kerbs/bollards outside the park. Children can not differentiate between the path and the road. One car has already driven in to a residents fence adjacent to the park. The road from Kings Street on to Hanbury Grove is like a ramp straight on to the park, this is an accident waiting to happen.

We will not sit back and wait for an accident to happen, we want something done to prevent an accident!We want somewhere SAFE for the children to play.

28. Provide a stop light for Northside Apostolic Church

We the people of the community request a traffic light be installed at the intersection of Hwy 29 and 9 1/2 mile road located in North Pensacola. A traffic light is desperatley needed at the intersection of Hwy 29 and 9 1/2 mile rd. There have been numerous accidents with three of them causing fatalities in the past 4 months.

Members of Northside Apostolic rd located at the intersection fear for their life or that an accident may occur each night they head to church. Parents fear an accident may occur when arriving at this intersection on the way to taking their children to and from Pine Meadow Elementary School which is located close to the intersection as well.

Please help us as concerned people of the community to get a traffic light at this intersection before another fatality occurs.


The beautiful, bubbly 26-year-old lady who died tragically on Wednesday 16th September 2009 at the junction between Whitechapel Road and Vallance Road, London, was a dear member of our family.

We want to ensure that she did not die in vain and are campaigning for the redesign of this junction to prevent further tragic deaths.

Several people have been injured or killed at this specific spot in recent years. It is renowned throughout the cyclist community as being dangerous, particularly when travelling south down Vallance Road.

We would like to do everything we can to prevent other families from experiencing a similar tragic loss. PLEASE HELP US SAVE LIVES.

Sign up now and with your support we will work with Tower Hamlets, Tfl and the Highways Agency to make this specific junction and other cyclist blackspots safer.

Moreover we fully support other campaigns (e.g. London 2012 Cycle Safety Campaign and the petition to No 10: to ensure lorries are equipped with blind-spot mirrors, increasing safety for cyclists.

Thank you for your attention.

30. Traffic Calming Measures - Camp Hill

As most of you know excessive speeding in our local area has finally resulted in a nasty accident on the corner of The Promenade and Sydney Avenue on 28th July 2009. How no one was hurt badly is a mystery (See weblink).

On the back of numerous incidents over the last 2 years I have written to Shayne Sutton (local member) who has informed me that traffic calming measures will not be included in the 2009 - 2010 budget that was delivered on the 15th June 2009. In other words our neighbouring streets have recently had calming measures introduced but we have missed out (Arroll Street, Kennington Road, Allambie Street).

We all want a safe area to live in and this excessive speeding throughout our neighbourhood needs to be stopped. In the last 3 years we have witnessed numerous incidents and it is only a matter of time before a car ends up in our yard and a loved one is badly hurt or worse.

People still use The Promenade as a cut through road to Creek Road and a racetrack at that. Some speed bumps would put an end to this and make our streets a safer place.

I am asking you to sign a petition so we can take this to Shayne Sutton with any comments you may have on this issue. Perhaps by grouping together as a community we can get some movement on this problem.

Thanks for your time.