#Animal Welfare
Transportation rules and vehicle drivers

Morning: 8.00 am.
Victim:A calf barely two years dead in the road.
Place: Sembakkam
City: Chennai
State: Tamil nadu
Country: India

This is happening almost weekly, but the victims were usually dogs. But today the soft hearted drivers had gone a step further and hit a calf. WHOSE MISTAKE IS THIS? The calf, an animal with only five senses, that it does not know it should not go when a fast lorry is approaching and the driver is in hurry or the driver's who knew that had he wished he could have avoided a horrible end to such a soft creature.

Had it been a man, would he dare to hit and go like that. Simply because it is an animal and no one would question they take it for granted.

This situation must be changed. Society should change. We should learn to respect our fellow living beings. We should understand that we alone are not God's children. Even they are created by him.

Let's make it a petition, pressurize the law holders to make it a law that animal slaying in name of accidents should be seriously punished. The license of such rash drivers should be banned for lifelong.

Law is equal to one and all. If it cant protect the creatures which are totally depend on it, there is no point in its existence. Let law be given a meaning by enforcing severe actions to the murderers as above.

"Killing of animals in accidents should be equally treated as human murder". This should be enforced in law as the killers are NOT innocents and they take this for granted.

If law has any power as it says, let this situation change. Let it give justice to the wounded and victim irrespective of its species.

We, the undersigned, hereby request the attention of Human rights of the entire world, especially India to put an end to killing of animals in the name of accidents.

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