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10 Downing Street
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We lost our 12 year old daughter Hayley in a car crash on 16th March 2003. Hayley was a passenger in a vehicle and was on her way home when the accident happened. It seems that a blue peugeot 406 was driving erratically at around 80mph up the centre of the road overtaking and undertaking traffic causing it to swerve and brake heavily.

The vehicle Hayley was in was forced to brake and went into a skid which threw them into oncoming traffic and fatally injuring her and seriously injuring 5 other people.

The peugeot having seen what had happened and avoiding being involved in the collision itself stopped some 100 ft away from the site of the crash and then drove off at speed. This vehicle has not yet been traced. The law allowed us one police officer to carry out investigations into the accident and to find the driver of the peugeot.

This is ridiculous as there were over 100 statements taken which took one officer months to complete. Had my daughter been killed on the street rather than in a car there would have been a whole team of detectives working on her death and finding her killer.

If this driver is found they will be charged with causing death by dangerous driving which carries a maximum of 14 years in prison but is usually dropped to a careless driving charge whereby the death of a person is not even taken into account and the sentence is usually just a fine and sometimes a driving ban of upto 3 years.

The law needs changing to ensure that the death of a person killed by dangerous driving is taken into account and treated as manslaughter when neccessary.

It is now 3 years since Hayley died and her killer is still out there free to kill again. We haven't heard a thing from the police in over 12 months which basically means that they have no further evidence to suggest who the guilty party is. If anyone knows a thing please get in touch with us or the police.

Help us to get the law changed surrounding a death on the road. Currently it is possible to kill someone in a car and not even go to prison. This is unfair on the victims or their families.

We want the law to take into account that a person has been killed when any charges resulting from an accident arise.

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