Lytham st annes county council
United Kingdom

In July 2002 a lady was killed in a accident involving a land yacht on the beach at lytham st. annes. Landyachting and parakarting have taken place on the beach for well over thirty years and in all that time there has never been a serious accident till last july. We offer our deepest sympathy to the family of the deceased, but we would like to get access to the beach to carry on with our sport as the council closed off the beach to land yachts and parakarts till further notice. It is over 12 months now and we are no further forward in getting back on the beach, other local beaches were closed as well to landachts and parakarts bur have all reopened with enforced risk assesments and insurance coverwould all interested people wishing to get our sport going at lytham st,annes please sign this petion to forward to lytham county council , they have the best beach in the UK fot this sport which is enviromently friendly fun and safe. Please add your name if you agree .

We, the undersigned, want access to lytham st.annes beach for parakarting and land yachting.

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