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We, The Undersigned, wish to note a child’s right for parental presence during critical care. We kindly request an emergency release of federal inmate, Brandon Bauknecht from the Sandstone, Minnesota facility.

Two year old, Hayden Bauknecht excitedly attended a birthday party at the local aquatic center on March 15, 2009. Many heard his laughter and saw his innocent care-free life as he played. His childlike faith assured him that he would always remain safe. Yet, faith failed the naive child. The party came to a devastating halt when the toddler’s playful body was found motionless in the pool. Breathless and silent, he was transported to the pediatric intensive care unit in Marshfield, where he remains in critical condition.

It is our belief that human rights include quality care, including love and support from family members. We believe that fulfilling attachment needs with a parent-child relationship is necessary for the developmental needs of the child. We also feel that the absence of the child’s father can have adverse affects on his care.

The father of Hayden is confined in Sandstone, Minnesota prison where he was to be discharged from the facility March 3, 2009 for rehabilitation. However, due to legal technicalities, there is a delay in his release. He is a good-hearted person that poses no threat to society. He made mistakes in his life that he pays for every day. His son should not be part of his punishment. Furthermore, young Hayden should not be punished either. Brandon remains confined while his two year old son is in a crucial condition. We are now requesting The Federal Correctional Institution, Sandstone, MN transport the father, Brandon Bauknecht to his son.

We believe that it is the right of the child to be treated with dignity and to receive the presence of his father. We also believe it is the right of the father to be included in any further decisions regarding his son. Two year old Hayden Bauknecht’s childlike faith assures him that his daddy will be there in critical times of need. Please do not let faith fail him once again.

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