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1. Putin must return the bodies to their families!

MH17 shot down over Ukraine.

Bodies need to be returned without delay or tampering to the UN for return to their loved ones.

2. Support Vision Kashmir


3. Open letter on the Equal Opportunities Commission Bill

Dear friends,

We are writing to draw your attention to the Equal Opportunities Commission, Bill to be introduced by the Government, shortly. An important recommendation of the Sachar Committee Report (Report on Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community of India), 2006 was the setting up of an Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in India. The Ministry of Minority Affairs set up a committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Menon to examine and determine the structure of an Equal Opportunity Commission. The Committee submitted its report in 2008, which proposed a draft Equal Opportunity Commission Bill (EOC Bill). The Government also set up an expert committee headed by Dr. Kundu to recommend an appropriate diversity index in living, education and work spaces.

We have drafted an open letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, highlighting some of the key concerns with the draft bill and demanding a wider public debate before it is introduced in Parliament. Once, endorsed, we will mail copies of the letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs and the Prime Minister. We also hope to publish the text of the Open letter in atleast two national newspapers.

Do forward it to other organisations and individuals who would wish to sign the petition.

In Solidarity,

Centre for Study of Social Exclusion,
National Law School of India, Bangalore

4. Petition for all to have RAMP CEROMONIES

Petition for all to have RAMP CEROMONIES.

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5. Stop concentration camps in China

April 20, 2006

The massacre of Tibetans, the Tiananmen Square massacre, the repression of the intellectuals, where does the violence and control, repression of the people of China end?

Who is the next "enemy" of the communist party that is going to be eliminated? Since 1999, a violent persecution, that shows us the Chinese Communist Party is willing to murder good people in order to keep his people in fear and ignorance, towards Falun Gong practitioners has been going on. Thousands of people tortured, put in labor camps, families torn apart, all because they want to practice Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance, the 3 principles of Falun Gong.

Today, information that is being denied by the Communist Party has hit the ears of a lot of people that feel concerned and have the heart not to let pass by such atrocities. This information suggests the existence of a secret concentration camp in Sujiatun where 6000 Falun Gong practitioners are having their organs harvested while they are alive.

This brings back to memories the horrific concentration camps of Auschwitz and Dachau, to which the International community said "Never again!". An independant investigation from the International community must take place in China so that clear and concrete evidence is shown to the world and the perpetrators be brought to justice.

This is an urgent call to the people of the world, with a heart, defending Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, an urgent call upon the International community to initiate rescue programs and help stop this new genocide. Silence is the criminal's accomplice.

Whereas, in March 2006, three independent witnesses revealed that the Chinese communist regime is operating a secret concentration camp specifically for Falun Gong practitioners in the Sujiatun District, Shenyang City, China. Organs are removed from thousands of live bodies and sold for profit. The remains are then cremated to eliminate evidence. No one has ever come out alive!

Whereas, one of the witnesses, a veteran medical doctor who has served in the Shenyang military zone revealed that there are about 36 concentration camps in China with the three largest in the northeastern provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning. The largest camp, codenamed "672-S," is said to hold over 120,000 people, mostly Falun Gong practitioners.

Whereas, another witness, a former staff member of the "Liaoning Thrombus Treatment Center of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine" in the Sujiatun District of Shenyang City in Liaoning Province revealed that her husband at the time was a neurosurgeon whose job was to remove corneas of Falun Gong practitioners. "You don't understand my suffering," she recalls him telling her. "Those Falun Gong practitioners were alive. It might be easier for me if they were dead, but they were alive."

Whereas, this explains why there is no waiting list for human organs in the People's Republic of China, and that one can obtain a fresh organ as fast as in 24-hours in China.

Whereas, the Chinese Communist Party's policy is deaths of Falun Gong practitioners "count as suicide", and many practitioners have been missing in the past few years after they were illegally taken into custody by the authorities. One of them is the sister of Canadian citizen Michelle Zhang. Michelle's sister, Yunhe Zhang, kidnapped by police over 4 years ago. Nobody has heard from her since. Police stations, labour camps, provincial prisons all deny having kept her or knowing her whereabouts.

Whereas, there have been numerous reports from witnesses and family members that organs were missing from the bodies of practitioners who were tortured to death. Many families only received a box of ashes from the authorities without ever seeing the bodies of their loved ones.

Therefore we submit the following petition:

6. Truth in Politics - Introduce penalties against politicians for lies

Politicians around the world are currently infringing upon civil and human rights introducing stricter penalties for civil crimes. While they continually use more and more complex methods to exaggerate truths and tell lies. We call upon all government and multi-lateral bodies to introduce strict penalties for lies or exaggerations in these forums, with personal liability.

7. New advertisements for Trojan condoms are degrading

Many of us make use of condoms. But the latest advertising objectifies women's bodies. Let's just let them know how we feel about these ads.

8. Free The West Memphis 3 - Jailed without proper evidence

The Robin Hood Hills Murders
May 5th, 1993 was a Wednesday, and when the Weaver Elementary school bell rang, three 8 year old boys headed home to their nearby West Memphis, Arkansas neighborhood. Only a few hours later they would be reported missing and an informal search by their parents would be under way.

The next afternoon at 1:45 PM, a child's body was pulled from a creek in an area known as Robin Hood Hills. Eventually the bodies of the other two missing children were found nearby. All three of them were naked and they had been tied ankle to wrist with their own shoe laces. The children had been severely beaten, and one child, Christopher Byers, appears to have been the focus of the attack; he had been stabbed repeatedly in the groin area and castrated.

A triple homicide is extremely unusual, and particularly when the victims are children and unrelated to one another. So far, two documentary films have been made about this case, and interest in it shows no sign of fading. The facts surrounding the Robin Hood Hills murders, the events which they triggered, the aftermath, the trials, the verdicts and the hearings have been the focus of an ongoing research project for the past several years and we have reached many surprising conclusions.

Having had no previous experience with this type of murder, the West Memphis Police Department allowed potential evidence to be destroyed at the site where the bodies of Steve Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore were located. Officers who were present made very little apparent effort to preserve or properly document the scene or to make accurate notes. Perhaps this was due to negligence or perhaps it was due to the fact that they were inadequately trained and inexperienced in handling such a crime and the events that naturally follow. Many unidentified people can be seen milling around the bodies in the brief crime scene video, and the Chief Investigator, Gary Gitchell can be seen smoking a cigarette well within the perimeter of the area.

Strangely, a juvenile probation officer was present when the horrible discovery was made and he indulged in speculation with a police officer about who might be responsible for such an unspeakable act. The probation officer had been following the activities of a local teenager named Damien Echols for years, and his first instinct what that the moody, dark haired teen was responsible. In fact, he and the police officer agreed that Damien was the only person they felt was "capable" of such a thing. Both men decided that the triple homicide had actually been a bizarre Satanic ritual sacrifice performed by a "cult" which they imagined Damien was the leader of.

9. Women's Bodies, Women's Rights - Allow Us To Make Our Own Decisions

This is a petition aimed toward those women who know for a fact that child bearing is not an option for them for medical reasons, and whose bodies are being subjected to pain because the government and doctors do not want to allow women to make the choice of having their reproductive organs removed.

10. Declare War on Terrorists

On September 11th, 2001, the terrorist world declared war on the United States. But the terrorist world has been at war with much of the rest of the civilized world for quite some time already. It is time for the civilized world to defend itself.

This is a petition asking the civilized world to unite to prosecute war against terrorist organizations and the states that harbor them.