Scenic Rim Council

*Designated Passive Recreation Zone
*Protect from current and future development proposals or changes to material use of land ~ BEST master plan proposal
*Local access for nature observation and Albert River
*Habitat for Endangered flora and fauna ~ Open eucalypt forest and woodlands including Melaleuca quinquenervia. Contains endangered regional ecosystems.
*Riparian area along Albert river is 849.32m ~ Erosion and land slide issues caused by disruption directly affect Albert river catchments which leads to Logan river and further to Morteon Bay. Wangerriburra (Albert River people) indigenous to the Scenic Rim catchment area with significant 'Bora Rings'. High value ecological wetlands.

We, the undersigned, call on the Scenic Rim Council to stop all current and future leases, tenures and proposals for Swan Park, Lot 9 RP 132664, and allow this site to be acquired by a conservation organisation to directly contribute to its repair and regeneration indefinitely.

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The Who decides the Environment's Value? #saveswanpark petition to Scenic Rim Council was written by Tamborine District Citizens Association and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.