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1. Meriden Skate Park

Please put a Skate Park back in Meriden to replace the one demolished behind Platt.

2. Stop herbicide spraying in Brierwood Park

The City of Brier has been spraying a broadleaf herbicide in Brierwood park to control the dandelions. Brierwood park is a wetland park and home to a whole list of sensitive animals including frogs, salamander, blue heron, and bald eagles to name a few. The use of herbicide in the park poses a risk to the children who play in the park (many of whom pick the dandelions), the dogs who play ball in the park, which consume the herbicide each time their ball rolls through it, and all the wildlife within the park, and downstream. Herbicides can be lethal to wetland animals such as frogs and salamanders, and articulated in a recent UW article.

In the most recent application in Brierwood park, no signs were posted to warn visitors that the park had just been sprayed.

3. Help Restore Hemphill

Our children deserve a facility where they can enjoy participating in team sports without the parents worrying about their safety. The fields where so many of us spent our summers playing baseball and softball are now becoming an embarrassment and eyesore. For a number of years, the continued deterioration of the baseball and softball fields are not only unsightly, more importantly, they have become hazardous. Failure to maintain these fields has led to preventable injuries of our children which are certainly only to escalate as the conditions worsen. We are pleading with the city, mayor, board of aldermen, parks department and any other officials to take an honest evaluation of our facilities. Get out of your office and walk around our fields and see the atrocious conditions. Some of the problems are minor and can be rectified with a little time and effort, while others need a major overhaul. We, the parents, are willing to put in the effort to assist you with revamping our park if you allow us to help. A small example of some of the problems are: the fields do not have adequate lighting for night games; bleachers do not exist for a majority of the fields or in a state of disrepair; grass is not cut on the fields or in the spectator areas or if it is cut, it is the day before games and lumps of grass impede play ; fences and wooden backstops have holes or the fencing is bent allowing balls to pass through; fields have dangerous and un-level transitions from grass to dirt; playing fields are un-level; wooden pitching mounds manufactured for the specific purpose of practice areas are used on fields instead of dirt mounds; and so much more. We are asking you to take an interest in our park for the enjoyment of our children and revive the pride we once had in our facilities.

4. Park for Drayton Ridge Neighborhood

For residents of the Drayton Ridge subdivision in Drayton, the closest playground for children to play at safely, is a minimum 1km walk away, with some having to travel double this distance. The walk includes a long portion along a busy street and the requirement to cross one or two busy intersections. The subdivision planning for this area has allowed for numerous residential dwellings, however, no parks or playgrounds have been provided for the numerous families who have and are expected to move into this neighborhood. The residents of this neighborhood have paid high development charges in the purchase of their homes, with the expectation that the township would provide reasonable amenities for their use, including parks which are easily accessible. All other areas within Drayton have a park and/or playground within a safe walking distance and parents should not have to worried about sending their children to a neighborhood park because of the distance they must travel.

5. Keep Ulster in Clones

The Ulster GAA Council is seeking planning permission for the redevelopment of Casement Park in Belfast. While this is in itself a welcome development, they also plan to move the Ulster Finals and Semi Finals up to Belfast from their home in Clones. This will rip the heart out of what has become one of the unique days in Irish sport, with all its atmosphere, craic and pageantry being replaced by a soulless corporate scam. We all know St. Tiarnach's Park has its problems, its a bit grotty, we get soaked when its raining, and Tyrone supporters always get the best seats. But this grotty rain soaked traffic jam (yeah, the traffic is a mess) is an intrinsic part of the year, as much as St. Patricks day, the Twelfth or the Late Late Toy Show.
So what do you want? A half burned cheese burger bought from a sweaty guy from Monaghan, and a quick pint in The Tower and searching for your cousin that has the tickets, the sun splitting the rocks, following the river of color down main street and up the Hill, through the gates to sit in the blessed cauldron of Clones, or the long trek to Belfast, imposing ourselves on a community that it seems don't even want us, the charachter of a Sunday in a packed market town lost in a western suburb of an impersonal city? KEEP ULSTER IN CLONES!

6. Sunriver Nature Trail Park Accessibility

The new Sunriver Nature Trail Park along the Sooke river has an existing abandoned road bed that can provide access to the beach along the river, but the development plan shows nothing but a walking trail. The park is a natural wonder and will attract many visitors who will be forced to park on the residential street half a kilometer from the river.

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7. Beware Bobcats

Bobcats and coyotes are a growing problem for both pets and people in North Texas.

Currently local government is reluctant to even acknowledge the problem, much less address the severity of this epidemic.

8. Armadale Dog Park

There are no public enclosed, off-leash dog parks anywhere within a 20-minute drive of Armadale. The growing number and success of dog parks all over the country demonstrate that when a group of concerned and responsible dog owners work together for an enclosed off-leash dog park, not only can this concept work but it can thrive and enrich the community.

Recreational parks of all kinds increase the livability of a city and provide for a better sense of community. Therefore, we are asking the City of Armadale to approve the construction of an enclosed off-leash dog park for the following reasons:
1 There is not a current public enclosed off-leash dog park in our area to accommodate safe, off-leash dog activities
2 The park would provide a more controlled environment for the socialisation of dogs and reduce the incidence of unwanted dog–human or dog–dog interactions
3 Socialising dogs can be beneficial to the community; the more a dog is socialised the less skittish and less aggressive they become when meeting other dogs and people
4 Regular socialisation leads to calmer, better behaved dogs
5 Many dogs need socialisation above and beyond human limitations; leashes can negatively affect a dog’s confidence when meeting other dogs and create anxieties that can lead to unpredictable behaviours
6 The park would increase opportunities for residents to interact with each other and help develop a sense of community
7 A Dog Park can be used as an opportunity by the City of Armadale to promote and educate the community on, responsible dog ownership.

9. Sloans Lake Dog Park

We are asking the City of Denver to allow the construction of a dog park for the following reasons:

- There is not a current public dog park in our area to accommodate safe, off-leash dog activities.

- Such a park would allow families with dogs to spend more quality time with their pets.

-Having such a park located in the two most unused areas of the park would promote better use of this land area and deter crime through higher foot-traffic.

- Such a park would reduce angst between dog owners, non-owners, police and park authorities regarding dog access, leash law violations and congestion.

- This park would increase opportunities for residents to interact with their neighbors and help create a sense of community.

- Many dogs need exercise above and beyond human limitations; furthermore, many dog owners do not have a yard where their dogs can spend time outside, and leashes greatly limit the dog’s space and pace.

- Socializing dogs is very beneficial to the community, since it makes them less skittish and can mitigate aggressive behavior when meeting other dogs and people.

- Regular exercise is great for any dog's longevity and weight control, and the overall effect of regular exercise makes most dogs calmer and better behaved.

Please help us create a dedicated space that allows our residents to exercise their canine family members and themselves as well as benefit the community as a whole!

If you would like to be involved in our efforts, you can email We can update you on our next steps and see how you may be able to help out.

10. Keep Des Moines Marina Pokemon Go

The Des Moines City Council has submitted a request to Niantic asking for the removal of Pokemon Gyms and Pokestops from the Des Moines Marina in an attempt to keep players from the park.

The park is a public place and should be welcome to all. Park maintenance and security should be increased in order to support the growing popularity, rather than attempting to take away an existing attraction.

11. Expand Sky Zone locations

Sky Zone is a trampoline park that offers a great place to take children to. In addition, it is also a great place for adults to work out or to just be a kid again. They offer adult exercise classes as well as specific times of the day set aside for small children.

My experience with Sky Zone is that it is an intense, FUN, workout that goes easy on your back. Lake and Mendocino Counties lack very many attractions for both adults and children.

Let's sign this petition to get Sky Zone to consider expanding to our area. Maybe they will be more inclined to add a location to our area if they see a lot of signatures from people who want them here.

12. Who decides the Environment's Value? #saveswanpark

*Designated Passive Recreation Zone
*Protect from current and future development proposals or changes to material use of land ~ BEST master plan proposal
*Local access for nature observation and Albert River
*Habitat for Endangered flora and fauna ~ Open eucalypt forest and woodlands including Melaleuca quinquenervia. Contains endangered regional ecosystems.
*Riparian area along Albert river is 849.32m ~ Erosion and land slide issues caused by disruption directly affect Albert river catchments which leads to Logan river and further to Morteon Bay. Wangerriburra (Albert River people) indigenous to the Scenic Rim catchment area with significant 'Bora Rings'. High value ecological wetlands.

13. YES, I want a bike skills park in Brantford!

In response to the small handful of people protesting the creation of a Bike Skills Park in Brantford at Waterworks Park.

Contrary to their belief, facilities like these will not create vandalism and littering, they will give youth something to do and actually keep them out of trouble. And as for littering, most of the litter on the trails come from hikers & dog walkers, cyclists are not carrying coffee cups or doggy poo bags, which makes up the majority of trash found by the river.

Bikers have been riding these trails for over 30 years, and have helped keep them accessible, rideable and walkable.

A proper bike park will get our youth off the couch, out of the malls and off the streets, getting exercise and in general staying out of trouble.

It will not affect wildlife any more than the soccer field right next to it, or the concrete picnic pavilion on the other side. No trees will be harmed and only dirt and wood will be used in its construction.

14. Force Bradford Council to enforce planning law for Excel car park in Keighley

Bradford Council are aware that Excel Parking who run the Cavendish Street car park do not have planning permission for its signage and cameras that capture car number plates as they arrive and leave.

They have said it is not in the public interest to enforce planning for what they themselves call 'unauthorised' cameras and signs, I would disagree as many many people have had Parking Charge notices from this car park which invalidates their argument. It could also be seen that Bradford Council are complicit in allowing Excel Parking to make money from illegal signage and ANPR cameras.

If you have ever had a parking 'ticket' from Cavendish Retail Park please sign this petition and make Bradford Council do their job.

15. Create an off-leash dog park within Orchard Community Park in Burlington

The purpose of this petition is to gather signatures from residents who support the creation of an fenced off-leash dog park within Orchard Community Park in Burlington.

16. Construct a Skate Park for Oceanside, California

As a working Security Officer, and concerned citizen, I see children (as young as 6) roaming the city streets on skateboards at any given point in time. I get on shift at 2 O'clock in the afternoon and get off at 10 O'clock at night.

Even towards the end of my shift, I still see plenty of minors out and about with skateboards. This is a time frame that's made even worse by the fact transients are also out and about.

The entire reason this is petition is being sent in, is to get these kids a safe area to ride around at as well as cut down on some of the delinquency that takes place while they are going around the city without a skateboard park.

17. Help Preserve Golden Forest Pond as a Clean, Safe, and Enjoyable Park

There are a number of parks in Vaughan that are littered with garbage and dog excrement. Golden Forest Pond is just one of them that I believe needs immediate action due to the impact the litter has on the environment where ducks and other wildlife live.

Golden Forest Pond is located in Maple, just west of Peter Rupert Avenue and north of Rutherford Road. For years, this pond has been littered with trash such as plastic bottles, coffee cups, bags, paper, beer cans, wine bottles, boxes, old toys, food wrappers, shopping carts and more! Not only is this garbage unattractive to look at, even worse, it is having a severely negative impact on the environment where the ducks and other wildlife live.

The garbage that is scattered near the pond is now getting into the water where wildlife swim, which could cause them to become trapped and die. It is upsetting that in this neighbourhood such a beautiful pond is being littered with trash—this is unacceptable. On October 16th 2015, I contacted the City of Vaughan, and a work order was created which addressed the problem of littering and people not picking up after their pets. I also sent them pictures as evidence. I emailed a list of the actions that they should take immediately before the problem worsens.

The list included:
1. The garbage needs to be picked up and properly disposed of soon.
2. There should be garbage bins placed along the pathway.
3. There should be “No Dumping” or “No Littering” signs near the pond.

I never received a response from the City. On Monday May 2nd and Wednesday May 4th 2016, I went to Golden Forest Pond with a garbage bin, gloves, and signs, and started cleaning the park myself. During the seven months since I made the work order no changes were implemented. The littering problem actually got worse…much worse. On May 2nd I took pictures, and I removed a shopping cart that had been dumped right beside the pond. On May 4th I spent 5 hours cleaning, and I ended up clearing out one full trash bag of dog excrement, and two full trash bags of recyclable materials. However, I was not able to finish; I only cleared about 20% of the garbage in the pond, and there’s still lots more that needs to be done.

On May 5th 2016, I called the City for an update on the work order. They told me that on November 17th 2015 City employees went out to inspect the site. They concluded that: “No dumping was found. Regular debris and garbage picked up. No illegal dumping signs required.” They closed the case. I refuse to accept this response from the City. Much more needs to be done.

The next step will be to escalate the issue by contacting the Councilor for Ward 4, as well as the Mayor of Vaughan. In order to do that I need the public’s help. Please support this cause by signing the petition. Together we can make change happen!

18. Keep My Zoo Where It Is

BREC - Baton Rouge, Louisiana's parks and recreation department - claims to have hired a company to do a study of about 327 people (according to one article) who were visitors to neighboring Greenwood Park and decided that those living within a three mile radius of the Baton Rouge Zoo were not the zoo's clientele--or that the zoo attendance of this insufficient sample warrants moving the zoo to one of three places in the southern most part of the parish. The study did not appear to sample the folks who lived in south East Baton Rouge Parish.

That doesn't appear to be an issue in their decision making which included a plan to contact local pastors to get their support in calming expected backlash from their congregations.

Another proposal attached to 'appease the natives' is to build a water park on the present zoo site. There is enough space for improvements to the zoo where it is WITH a water park at the neighboring property is BREC property and there is a wooded area nearby. The study also claims, as was reported on the local TV news, that it would cost as much to move the zoo as it would to make improvements to it where it stands. Still, with all of the improvements needed to the zoo - including better management and healthcare for the animals (one article reports that three animals died in a week and it is not unusual for rejected newborns to be allowed to die) - it would appear that cost efficiency would dictate that those improvements can be made at the present location.

It would appear to those of who live near and attend special events at the zoo that they are well attended as the lack of parking proves when cars are parked far from the zoo entrance on both sides of Thomas Road and sometimes in the parking lot of J.S. Clark Park about 1/2-mile away. BREC property surrounds the zoo with Greenwood Park and J.S. Clark Park, leaving enough already available land to expand and improve.

All-in-all, the citizens of Baker, City of Central, Scotlandville and Zachary deserve to keep this beloved family attraction in the area where it has been attended by citizens from all over the parish for nearly five decades now. People from other regions outside of the parish have contacted us and want the zoo to remain at this location as it is the closest one to them as well. We've heard from folks in Livingston, West Baton Rouge, East and West Feliciana, Southern Mississippi and other places. We've even heard from citizens in south Baton Rouge who do not want to support a move with their tax money or have another venue for increasing traffic to the area.

19. Stop City's Plan to Destroy 400+ Mature Trees in #RVA

The City of Richmond has proposed to do a stream restoration on Reedy Creek between 46th Street and Roanoke Avenue. The project also includes a smaller section of stream restoration on Crooked Branch, a small tributary that flows through a passive park (Crooked Branch Ravine Park). Overall, the project will destroy 7.4 acres of mature woods, much of it on park property.

A total of 424 mature trees will be removed, mostly along or near stream banks – trees that are currently preventing massive erosion due to the large volume of stormwater that roars through the area. In an attempt to make this destruction more palatable, Richmond DPU and its design consultants have tried to characterize the trees as non-native (October 2015 meeting), lacking in diversity (printed flyer delivered to neighborhood homes), and “less desirable” (Feb. 23, 2016 meeting). In reality, nearly all of the 424 trees are native trees that have grown up in the area naturally because the area has been more or less undisturbed for decades. While the project will involve the planting of new trees, the city has a poor history of maintaining stream restoration projects.

In addition to the destruction of mature forest, the Reedy Creek Coalition has documented other major concerns about the proposal ( These reasons for opposition to the project include:

1. Lack of proper planning for selection of a stream restoration site. The city failed to perform a “stream condition assessment” which is the first step in site selection. Members of the Reedy Creek Coalition have walked most of Reedy Creek and there are multiple stream segments with severely eroded banks and even worse habitat.

2. High risk in the current proposal because it is located immediately below one mile of concrete channel that drains the Midlothian Turnpike corridor. See our website for pictures of the water rolling through the project area after a summer thunderstorm.

3. Low benefit in the current proposal because the water will often move through the project area so fast it will not have time to allow for infiltration and removal of pollutants. And the Chesapeake Bay will not benefit much because Forest Hill Park Lake is located just downstream and helps collect pollutants from the entire watershed.

4. The $1.3 million proposal does little to address the source of the eroding banks and stream degradation which is stormwater volume. Guidance from the Chesapeake Bay Program says the following: “In general, the effect of stream restoration on stream quality can be amplified when effective upstream BMPs are implemented in the catchment to reduce runoff and stormwater pollutants and improve low flow hydrology.”

5. Lack of a maintenance plan for the proposed stream restoration. At the meeting on February 23, 2016, Richmond DPU had no solid plans for maintenance. And the possibilities discussed at the meeting were inconsistent with the printed information the city provided to the neighborhood on a flyer. Members of the Reedy Creek Coalition recently visited a stream restoration performed under the direction of the city on Albro Creek (near the new Bellmeade-Oak Grove Elementary School) and found a stunning lack of maintenance that included multiple areas of eroding banks, dead trees, and invasive plants.

6. There are alternatives that would address the source of Reedy Creek degradation. The city commissioned a watershed plan published in 2012 that suggested green infrastructure solutions at schools and other city-owned property which would reduce stormwater volume and pollutants entering Reedy Creek. The city has ignored this plan which made no suggestions about stream restoration projects.

7. TMDL Action Plan. Based on the meeting on February 23, 2016, the city is undertaking this proposal primarily to meet its responsibilities under the Chesapeake Bay TMDL. Yet, the numbers in the city’s Chesapeake Bay TMDL Action Plan show that the Reedy Creek stream restoration project would not be needed for many years. There is ample time to formulate a comprehensive Reedy Creek watershed restoration plan and implement it systematically.

Please join us in expressing your opposition to the proposed Reedy Creek stream restoration project by signing our petition.

20. Boycott Development in Maryland Heights Floodplain

Since before 2008, the City of Maryland Heights and St. Louis County have been actively encouraging large-scale commercial and residential development in the Missouri River Floodplain adjacent to Creve Coeur Park.

The MH City Council is currently putting out a request for proposals to develop an 1800 acre property that will completely blanket the floodplain with concrete and rooftops. In the Fall of 2015, the city approved a housing development of nearly 1000 homes next to the proposed retail/mixed-use development.

All of this land was just under 1-2 feet of water during the "unprecedented" flood in January (2016).

The plan to turn our floodplain into the largest empty strip mall in the region is sickening enough, but now wealthy developers are asking for the tax payers to pay for the destruction (ahem!) construction with TIF money and/or other tax financing/rebate scams.

21. NO to Roosh V and rape in Singapore

Fort Canning, Singapore is currently listed as one of the locations for an 'International Meet Up Day' organised by pro-rape advocate Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V. He is behind a blog called Return of Kings, which is catered towards "heterosexual, masculine men" who believe "men should be masculine and women should be feminine".

According to the blog, some principal tenets include men opting out of monogamy and reproduction if there are no incentives to engage in them. Another is of the belief that a woman's value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty, while that of a man's depends on his resources, intellect, and character.

Valizadeh wrote an article in 2015 calling for rape to be legalized on private property as a means to “defeat rape culture”. He wrote, "I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds. If rape becomes legal under my proposal, a girl will protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smartphone".

The group has been said to be hostile towards men of colour despite the website claiming that the meeting “is for straight men of all races”. The Roosh V following has also been known to be “racist and xenophobic”.

The meet up is to take place this Saturday (February 6) in a private location so as to avoid cancellation. The meet up location has not been moved as of yet and is still at Fort Canning Park underneath the big arch. URL is provided here:

URL for the AsiaOne article about the event:

[Edit] The February 6 meet up has been cancelled. However, as this meet up was part of an even larger global 'International Meet Up Day', the group may try something similar again in the future. It must be made known that it is not just the 'Meet Up' that we are against but rather the ideals that Daryush Valizadeh and his followers represent. This lets it be known that such attitudes will not be welcome here and hence, action must be taken against their group.

22. Outdoor Fitness and Sports Area for Vale park

Calisthenics is a new type of exercise to the 21st century, that keeps you an your body in top physique an great health. Health is wealth, and outdoor fitness areas are now set up worldwide to provide community's with places to workout whenever they want free of charge.

These fitness areas are designed to let anyone of any age an genre use them. In many areas across the world, competitions have now started, causing a giant interest in the sport worldwide.

These areas tend to bring people together from all backgrounds and nationalities of life.

23. Bring Disc Golf to Laguna Niguel Regional Park

The Laguna Niguel Disc Golf Club is proposing the installation of an 18-hole disc golf course in Laguna Niguel Regional Park. Total cost of the project is estimated at $15,000.00.

There are now more than 2000 Disc Golf courses in the United States and Canada, nearly all installed by city and county parks departments. They have found that there are few recreational activities that offer the high benefit-to-cost ratio of disc golf. Disc golf has relatively low capital and maintenance costs compared with other recreational installations, is environmentally sound, is played year-round in all climates and is enjoyed immediately even by beginners of all ages.

The installation of a disc golf course would be consistent with the stated goals of the recently revised master plan for Laguna Niguel, one of which is to “Plan for new high-quality recreation facilities and programs that provide spontaneous games and more non-organized activities to meet the needs of teenagers and adults alike.” Disc golf is also in perfect keeping with the plan's call for the “development and improvement of a system of public and private parks and recreation facilities achieved in cooperation with private community associations.”

What Is Disc Golf?
Disc Golf is played much like traditional golf. Instead of hitting a ball into a hole, you throw a more streamlined looking Frisbee® disc into a supported metal basket. The goal is the same: to complete the course in the fewest number of shots. A golf disc is thrown from a tee area to each basket, which is the "hole." As players progress down the fairway, they must make each consecutive shot from the spot where the previous throw has landed. The trees, shrubs and terrain changes in and around the fairways provide challenging obstacles for the golfer. Finally, the "putt" lands in the basket and the hole is completed.

Who Can Play?
The simple answer is that everyone can. In studies measuring participation in recreational activities, "throwing a Frisbee" has consistently been a top-ten activity. A disc golf course serves a broader portion of the community than many narrower interest activities with higher cost, skill or fitness levels required to even begin to play. Men and women, young and old, families with small children -- all can play disc golf. Because disc golf is so easy to understand and enjoy, no one is excluded. Players merely match their pace to their capabilities and proceed from there.

How Much Does It Cost To Play?
Many courses are located in city or regional parks where citizens play free. Most private and several public facilities will charge up to $5 per day to play, or earn passive income from annual passes and/or fees to enter the park. The equipment itself is quite inexpensive – discs designed for golf sell for $8-$15 each and only one is needed to get started.

The installation of a disc golf course in Laguna Niguel Regional Park would benefit the surrounding community by increasing and enhancing recreational opportunities, park safety and conservation goals.

Recreational Needs: A disc golf course would provide an inexpensive form of recreation for people of all age and skill levels and be a much needed addition to the recreational facilities at Laguna Niguel Regional Park. The installation of a disc golf course would provide an important recreational resource for the schools surrounding the park, as well as for the wider community. A disc golf course would give youth in the neighborhood a healthy and challenging outlet for their energies and would allow members of the Laguna Niguel Disc Golf Club to organize clinics and youth leagues on their behalf. For the growing number of disc golfers in Laguna Niguel, the presence of a disc golf course in the city limits would obviate the need to travel to play and would give them a base from which to further promote the sport.

Safety: A disc golf course at Laguna Niguel Regional Park would increase foot traffic in the Park at random times during the day and steadily during evenings and weekends. The influx of purposeful visitors would discourage the presence of individuals who are only in the park to cause mischief and perhaps engage in crime. Areas that are infrequently used and considered unsafe would be "opened-up" by the course. As many of the attached letters from different Recreations Departments show (Annex II), the installation of a disc golf course has led to significant decreases in vandalism and litter as users have a stake in keeping the course and surrounding area clean and well-kept.

Conservation: Disc golf can be an environment-friendly sport. Unlike traditional golf, a disc golf course may not require trees to be removed; grass mowed and watered daily, plants uprooted or non-native species planted. Many courses can be designed to fit into the existing flora of a park like Laguna Niguel Regional Park. The impact of a disc golf course on the surrounding area is minimal. Each hole has multiple pin placements, ensuring that no one area gets constant foot traffic (this has the added benefit of providing new challenges to players). In addition, disc golfers overall tend to take great pride in where they play, helping reduce potential litter on the course. In the long-term, a disc golf course would also help in the preservation of the park by giving young people in the neighborhood a stake in its preservation and protection.

Economics: A deluxe 18-hole disc golf course with two sets of tees, professional signs and baskets can be purchased and installed for under $15,000, less than the cost of a single tennis or basketball court. An 18-hole course can serve more than 100 people at any time, compared with a tennis court (4 maximum) or basketball court (10 maximum). The cumulative square footage of 27 x 60 sq. ft hard surface tee pads is also less than either a basketball or tennis court.

24. Indoor Skate Park (Saint John - Rothesay)

The city of Saint John is in desperate need of an indoor skate park.

Let's make it happen!

25. Downtown Gated Off-Leash Dog Park

The park renovation was approved in 2011 and the funding is now available for the redesign.

As residents with dogs we are requesting a gated off-leash area with separation for small and large dogs as part of the redevelopment of the park.

26. Yarragon Skatepark Campaign

The Yarragon Skatepark Campaign is seeking an all ages, all abilities skatepark in Yarragon. There is a growing number of families in Yarragon seeking facilities beyond playgrounds. There is no skate or BMX facility in Yarragon. Many travel outside of our town to access facilities where they can skate, scoot and ride bikes.

We are calling on Baw Baw Shire to make this a high priority and construct a facility that is:
• well designed, landscaped and caters for a range of ages and abilities, and
• well sited, safe and accessible with high visibility for natural surveillance.

We believe this type of facility will encourage participation by a diverse range of people and become an important social hub for families and youth in our town.

Our campaign needs to demonstrate support from not only the kids in Yarragon but also their parents and the wider community. You can help by signing this petition.

27. Lights at Maroubra Skate Park

Maroubra is a famous surf beach in Australia and it is also home for numerous skateboarders. Many of them work and are not able to skate the park before sunset. They are forced to drive around 20 minutes or longer on public transport to the only park with floodlights at Waterloo.

In addition on weekends, on the only two days that they can actually skate due to light, they don't have the freedom to do as they want because many parents bring their inexperienced children (2 to 6 years old) to this dangerous place where adults skate at full speed.

I have already seen 2 adults crashing in a skate park and get serious injuries, when an adult crashes into a 3 years old child it can result in a really bad accident.

Therefore we wish to have lights installed and turned on at Maroubra Beach Skate park until 10:30 PM everyday to help separate adult and kids skating times. If the concern about having lights in this park is the security, we suggest that cameras can be installed to control it.

28. Save Cambier Park Softball Field

It has come to our attention through a knowledgeable source that the softball field at Cambier Park may be at risk for dismantling.

The City of Naples has hired a consultant, David Barth of Gainesville, to create a master plan for all the city parks. A survey will be delivered at random to several hundred residents living within the City of Naples limits to gather pertinent information on the current uses of and desired wishes for our City parks. Based on results of the survey and recommendations of the consultant, one unfavorable outcome, previously discussed, could be the removal of the softball field at Camber Park.

This proposal should arouse significant community opposition, as there is history and legacy in the field, as proven by the many banners hanging in the outfield.

It would be a terrible decision to demolish the Cambier Park softball field. The continuation of a successful softball tradition in Naples requires an adequate playing facility and the Cambier Park field has been proudly preserved and enhanced for many years by the Naples Girls Softball Little League organization, players and families.

This petition draws notice to all concerned community members who have appreciated our local softball history and to all who wish for the continued success of youth softball, which relies on the accessibility and availability of a dedicated field to these children.

29. Wildflower Parcel - Make It A Park!

The Wildflower parcel located at 551 East Palmetto Park Road was purchased by the taxpayers of Boca Raton in 2009. We were then presented with a convoluted collection of choices for the land use, designed to confuse and make 'commercial leasing of the property' a clear winner.

In effect there should be only two (2) choices:
A - Public Green Space
B - Commercial restaurant
The details of either winner to be outlined at a later hearing.

Almost six years later, the property gracing the intracoastal sits neglected and barricaded from public use...while the City Council decides the finer points of rezoning to obtain THEIR objective to accommodate 'Big Development'.

Let's stop urban blight, let's save what is left of our once quaint downtown and preserve our precious Green Space - Make the Wildflower a PARK!

30. Say No to skateboarding in Charlton Park

Charlton Park has become a much loved treasure to local people over the last few years. With a cricket ground, a coffee shop and play facilites for children, it has grown from strength to strength and is no longer a haven for gangs and muggers.

However, the citing of a skateboard park in Charlton Park is now being pushed on Charlton residents as the Woolwich skateboard park is moved there through redevelopment.

We believe the skateboard park will be at odds with the splendour of Charlton House, and the amiable, inclusive nature of the facilities currently on offer.

The skateboard park will undoubtedly bring some problems and we believe that it should be located in another place, where there can be monitoring and supervision......

1) It could be noisy and, being in an open, 24/7 unlocked park, the noise can go on into the night. (This will be worse if the site is near a wall). There is enough ambient light for skateboarding to go on into the early hours of the morning.

2) It is likely to intimidate the vulnerable, particularly women, the elderly, and children who use the park for access to bus routes to and from Hornfair and Kidbooke, especially at night.

3) It may attract graffiti and litter - as is the case with the current skateboard park in Woolwich, which it replaces.

4) It is likely to attract gangs from surrounding areas, making the park feel unsafe and anti-social. (Until recently, gangs congregated at or near the proposed site from Woolwich, Shooters Hill and Cherry Orchard.)

5) If floodlit, it will add light pollution and exacerbated noise on still eveings for as long as the floodlights are on. Turning the lights off will not necessarily prevent continued use.

6) It could adversely affect other facilities and trade at the coffee shop

Other issues:

A) Local residents and park users have not been consulted.
B) 50 percent of people polled did not want the skateboard park on site A.
C) The existing facility has failed. Under what circumstances might the new facility be deemed a success or failure?
D) The local poll attracted less than 80 votes. This hardly an endorsement of the new facility. In fact many of the voters were not in favour of the project but were just voting for the best of three choices given.