Parents and Legal Guardians
United States of America

As a youth living in the slums of the city, one will undoubtedly come across and possibly even in contact with some unwholesome influences, such as gangs, gang violence, drugs, premarital sex and a plethora of others just like these. A youth walking to school perhaps might walk by a crowd of thugs who are smoking pot on a stoop.

This is an example of just how easy it is to be horribly influenced and possibly tainted by things outside a safe place like home. Amongst other factors let us just say these thugs don't care to hurt the schoolgoing youths with weapons they may or may not have. How easy would it become for a student to turn and face an aroma that perhaps smells good to them? As this gap begins to close, do you really think it will be 190 days before one of the thugs is offering the youths some drugs? Let us say yes it will be years before that happens, what if that is an ever approaching hazard rather than just a single event? is it plausible that a youth might come in contact with these thugs one on one and end up trying a little pot? -THE GATEWAY DRUG- If this is all so, then why would a mother banish from the house to the streets a youth of less age than 18 years?

I propose, nay urge you all to change your way of thinking from "get out" to "you're grounded". Consider this. If you "kick a child to the curb" you have all but created yet another pot smoking, stoop sitting, youth recruiting thug. Why? It maketh no sense that a child who runs away is detained but as of yet an ADULT is not, for casting the child out of the home.

We the undersigned call on the U.S. Government to take into care, consideration, and claim legal guardianship to and over all minors who have been banished by their Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and are otherwise homeless.

Furthermore we urge the passing of a law that makes the above action by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) illegal, punishable by imprisonment, and loss of all rights to and over the child.

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