justice secretary Kenneth Clarke
United Kingdom

In the UK, our justice system always seems to favour the offenders. By offenders we mean paedophiles, child abusers and domestic abusers and those who are charged with obsession of child 'porn'.

These abusers more often than not get lenient sentences with lots of support to get 'their' lives back on track when their victims get none. They also recieve luxuries in prison such as gyms, TV's etc with many finishing their low sentencing with a new i.d and a new life at the cost of tax payers money.

This is while their victims receive nothing and help is minimal, leaving them to cope with the aftermath of their abuse and the prejudice which accompanies it.

We the undersigned, call on justice secretary Kenneth Clarke to-

Make the life sentence to mean life, which should mean the rest of life behind bars with no parole.

For med/high risk paedophiles to be sentenced to life as we believe they will always reoffend.

For prison luxuries for serious such offenders (abusers, sex offenders and those charged with manslaughter or murder) to stop.

For tax payers money to be spent on victim support and recovery NOT luxuries and new id's for the offenders.

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