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1. Allow us to help the children of the future

1. I and many others believe this music to be quite enjoyable and music of this degree beneficial to helping with the work we were doing.
2. Stopping students from expressing their creativity like this can have problems with the student like thought processing. If we were aloud to listen to this music however, it would give us the will and moxie to continue our work with joy.

2. The Pain Capable Bill has SERIOUS PROLIFE FLAW

HR 36 (The Pain-Capable Bill) has a SERIOUS FLAW!
As passed by the House, this bill purposefully excludes from the intended protection a whole group of children; those conceived in rape or incest who feel the same pain as their counterparts. These children are being abandoned to suffer a grisly and painful death and must receive the same protection as all other children of the same gestational age. The bill also allows for the abortionist to decide and report on method of conception when performing a 20-plus week abortion. This is a true case of the fox guarding the hen house if ever there was one. This must be corrected before this bill passes the Senate.

3. Demand for the Limited use of Skateboards on Campus

On September 20, 2017, I was stopped by a Campus Police Officer who informed me that use of skateboards of ANY kind is 100% prohibited at all times while on campus grounds. This is a large problem for me as well as many others considering we use skateboards, not for tricks but, for a healthy secondary mode of transportation. The ban of skateboards absolutely on-campus seems to stem from made-up facts surrounding the dangers of skateboarding. Some say that skateboarding is innately "dangerous" as their reason for not allowing skateboarding. Others cite property damage caused by skateboarding as their reason for concern.
The former is simply not true a study done by the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2001 showed that only 9% (12 of 139) of injuries over a 36 month period on skateboards happen while riders were simply riding on a road or sidewalk. Most injuries happened at while riders were trying to perform tricks on flat ground or ramps, 63% (~88 of 139). Another thing to note is, as of 2014-2015 in England there are an estimated 58,800 adults skateboarding on a monthly basis (cite), which makes skateboarders about .112% of the 2011 population of England, 53.01 million (cite). So over the course of the study which looked at a population of 135,000, there were AT LEAST 5440 opportunities for injury (work, as well as explanations for math, can be provided), if each of those skateboarders only skateboarded ONCE a month. Which is highly unlikely considering many use skateboarding as a mode of transportation. So of those ≥5440 opportunities for injury, only 9 times (.017%) were there minor or moderate injuries caused by simple riding of skateboards on streets or sidewalks. Another note, of the injuries recorded, only 3 (.0055%), where injuries caused by a collision with someone NOT riding a skateboard, A.K.A the most commonly cited reason for concern of most institutions, including UCMO. On top of all of the previous information, the investigators noted ADULTS (age >19) were significantly less likely to have moderate injuries (fractures and concussions) than their younger counterparts.
The latter reason is why I AM CALLING FOR THE LIMITED use of skateboards on campus. This limited use would state that use is strictly limited to use for transportation, not sport. There shall be no tricks involving all 4 wheels of the board leaving the ground. More stipulations including but not limited to, the length of boards as well as the size of wheelbases allowed for riding on campus since there are many types of skateboards with varying purposes, requiring the signature of a waiver filed with the transportation department stating the rider accepts all responsibility for harm or damaged caused by the rider, or limiting times for when use is allowed on campus.
If the Colleges Administration is truly concerned for the health of its students then they would consider getting rid of some of the on-campus sports that have been proven over and over by again countless studies to cause significant long-lasting effects on players. It's time to base policy on facts, not bias. Please consider signing today to help me reach my goal 1000 signatures.

4. Get Emma A Pug

I am currently kind of scared of animals and i think having a pug will help me get used to animals. Hopefully it would mean that i wouldn't be scared of any animals again.

5. Save the Kapok Tree!

Please sign this petition to help us keep the Kapok tree from going extinct. This beautiful tree has many uses to our daily life without us even realizing it. The problem is, the Kapok tree are one of the most endangered trees in the world. Our goal is to spread the word of how important it is to save this tree and the only way we can do it is with your help. The more people who back us up, the harder it will be for organizations to ignore.
The Kapok tree holds the most natural fibers we could ever use. Due to the low density and insulating properties, the fibers are used to stuff pillows, mattresses, toys, and life jackets. These fibers are very organic and great for our health. Research even shows that toxic substances found in non-organic pillows can cause reproductive and neurological problems. In addition, the seed holds 20-25% oil, very similar to cotton seed oil, which can be used for cooking, and making soaps. Their seeds, leaves, and bark are also used to treat medical conditions. Not only are these a lot of uses to us, but also to many animals. We actually found that some of the most endangered species, rely on this specific tree for shelter and food. These species include the harpy eagle, fruit bats, monkeys, birds, frogs, insects, and even honey bees. If this tree went extinct, these species would follow, one after one. And it all leads up to us.
Please sign this petition, to not only save the tree and animals, but to save us.

6. Petition For U.S. To Change Federal Law on Juvenile Life Sentences

This petition is being created to spread awareness of the issue that children under the age of 18 are being sentenced to life in prison.

The federal law should be changed to no longer allow this to happen.

7. We are with you MODI JI for a Developed India

From years we are hearing our nation as a developing country but for the first time I got a hope that we are very near to be a "Developed INDIA".

8. Make a New Album, Cole

The people are waiting for J. Cole to drop a new album.

9. Mark Zuckerberg, Please support Water Science

We are global scientific community of physicists, chemists, biologists, doctors and researchers representing the non-profit* Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water.

We would very much appreciate your support in broadening the coverage of our unique multinational event: Conference on The Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, a platform for scientists to report their recent research on the physical and biological properties of water. Water is the source of all life and is often called the most mysterious substance on Earth.

The eleventh annual conference will be held this year in Sofia, Bulgaria, on October 6th-9th 2016. Our annual international conference is expected to gather more than one hundred scientists and doctors from around the world, including Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier, Professor of Life Sciences and Biotechnology at Shanghai Jiai Tong University. Professor Montagnier's discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) revolutionized the treatment of AIDS.

The conference is chaired by Gerald H. Pollack, professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington, who discovered the fourth phase of water, known as "EZ water" and hailed by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho as “the most significant scientific discovery of this century.” Professor Pollack's discovery has profound implications for biology and sheds new light on the inner workings of cells, which are composed mainly of EZ water. This and other scientific breakthroughs in water research continue to contribute to the advancement of science, thus enhancing all of our lives.

10. Place Doctors to Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is expecting 10 doctors to locate to this area. They are opening practice over the province and Glace Bay is not expecting any new doctors.

Some family doctors have re-located away from Glace Bay over the past few years, leaving patients with no one to care for their needs on a regular basis and people having to visit hospitals with no regular doctor to assist with health matters.

Some doctors in the area wish to retire but cannot due to knowing that their patients will be without a doctor and wants to ensure they are being taking care of.

11. Don't scrap Act protecting pregnant women and babies in the UK

Without consulting its members, the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) is supporting a campaign recently launched by BPAS to totally remove abortion from criminal law.

At present, there are 180,000 legal abortions a year in the UK. BPAS is now calling for ‘the Victorian-era legislation that criminalizes abortion to be scrapped’ (see RCM’s website at That is, they are calling for abortions which are at present illegal to be made legal.

If this law is scrapped, it is not clear how people traffickers, violent partners, those who sell abortion pills online and anyone else who either coerces a woman into an illegal abortion or convinces her to take harmful illegally-produced drugs while she is in a vulnerable state can be prosecuted.

12. No More Blood Oil

Canada buys oil from countries with horrendous human rights records and violations. Why, when we have enough to be self sufficient and have been proven to have some of the world's cleanest environmental standards?

Did you know The title of ‘world’s dirtiest oil’ goes to Brass crude blend from Nigeria, where the uncontrolled release of methane during the oil extraction process generates upstream GHG emissions that are over four times higher than Canadian dilbit.” Its also the worlds biggest offender of female mutilation/Circumcision.

Saudi Arabia, one of the worst offenders of human rights in the world, has covered up their environmental disasters for years. Easy for a regime with total control over their media and closed to outside influence to do. The largest oil spill on record next to the BP in the Gulf of mexico was over 6 million Barrels spilled into the persian Gulf. In fact, the bodies of water adjacent to these middle east countries are known to be the most contaminated on earth. And everyone knows about the constant burning of wells around the region. Ignited by nations in constant war with each other over this black gold.

And Contrary to what the media tells you The ‘dirtiest oil in North America’ is not produced in Canada, but just outside Los Angeles, where the Placerita oil field generates about twice the level of upstream emissions as Canadian oilsands production. The US is also the 2nd worst country in the world for emissions next to China. How many wars have they funded and countries destabilized in their efforts to ascertain or control oil reserves.

By eliminating the purchase from these extremist countries we can solve so many problems. Not only in their countries, but our own. It will show the world what being Canadian really is. Remove the money from tyrannical regimes. Show strength in our belief of our charter, Unite Canada from coast to coast, and will boost our hurting economy.

13. Sop Abortion, Stop the Killings

Abortion is murder. Abortion is legalized murder.

14. Life Sentence In Canada Needs To Change

In the wake of the Toronto Star news article regarding Paul Bernardo having the option to apply for a day pass from jail, I have decided that I've had enough of our bleeding heart, flawed justice system.

I for one can not believe that this man even has the "option" of applying for this pass.

The House of Commons needs to know that 25 years in prison for horrendous and pre-meditated murder is NOT enough.

Life should mean LIFE!

15. Wake up and stand against ignorance

Our present day education system has failed to present melanated people with an accurate understanding of our role here on planet earth. Ignorance has been running rapid throughout our communities since before the diaspora began.

Conscious people must unite across the globe in order to lift up our fellow brothers and sisters.

Let us win the fight against ignorance! Those who are continuously seeking knowledge deserve remedies for their ailments.

Let us win the fight against ignorance!


16. Save QEQM accident and emergency department

There are talks about potentially closing the accident and emergency unit at the Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother hospital in Margate, Kent.

This will mean the 140,000 residents of Thanet will have to travel to Canterbury to use the nearest facilities. Our hospital has slowly been stripped back and soon we won't have a hospital at all.

The hospitals in surrounding areas are all ready under enough strain without having having to accommodate for the whole of Thanet as well.

Please fight for our A&E by signing today.

17. Stand With New Mexicans: Free the Late Term Abortion Ban

New Mexico needs your help to urge National Republican Leaders in Congress to re-introduce a Late-Term Abortion Ban.

Albuquerque, NM is the Late-Term Abortion Capital of Nation. In New Mexico there are zero common sense laws protecting women and children from abortion, in fact abortion is legal through ALL NINE MONTHS of pregnancy. The nation's largest Late-Term abortion clinic is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

You can help end Late-Term Abortion in the Late-Term Abortion Capital of America...and all across the nation. We need your help today!

Join national pro-life voices in calling for House Speaker John Boehner and the Republican leaders to reschedule a vote to ban all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Bud Shaver, Executive Director of Protest ABQ is going to Washington D.C on May 7th 2015 to join several National Pro-Life groups and to hand deliver your signature to House Speaker Boehner, thank you for standing with us.

Sign the petition and let your voice be heard, together we can Ban Late-Term Abortion Nationally.

#FreeTheBan For more information visit:

18. Save the Snowflake Babies

UPDATE - Amy Adams has advised that she is not able to intervene as Minister of Justice and that the appeal will have to be put before the NZ Parliament to change the HART Act. This petition will therefore be added to an application to the NZ Government.

On November 22nd 2014, 2,000 NZ children, frozen as embryos, are to be destroyed over the following year. This action is in accordance with the HART Act of 2004 in NZ, which prohibits them being kept any longer in frozen storage facilities without ethical approval. Their lives will be ended unless some intervention is carried out. They are also not protected from scientific experimentation under NZ law.

I have been in dialogue with my MP Jaqui Dean who has sent my concerns to Dr Johnathan Coleman, the Minister of health, who has in turn written to the Minister of Justice Amy Adams. She has recommended a course of action to bring the matter before the NZ Government.

The HART clinics have been working with the department of Health to contact parents. Time is running out for these little lives to be saved before November 22nd.

Only a ministerial action can intervene to stop their destruction in time.

19. Support South Carolina Domestic Violence Victims

For years South Carolina has "claimed" to have one of the toughest domestic violence programs in the United States. I personally left there because of not being able to recieve the basics of protection that they claim to provide, they never took pictures (which I was later told they were supposed to) they completely botched my case and showed up three hours later after being called three times after my ex husband beat me and my teenage daughter.

Even the domestic violence advocate that was assigned to my case said I should have sued them. Now my daughter is facing the same problem, in the same county, and being treated the same way. South Carolina has one of the highest domestic violence death rates in the United states even though they claim to be the toughest.

Please for the sake of our children and daughters and other family members consider signing this so that we may try to enact legislation and change, before another life is lost and those who are suffering will know that they are entitled to be protected to the services that our law enforcement claim they are providing.

Let's give hope and a chance at life back to those who need it the most.

20. Help The Youth of our World

We are trying to save the youth of our world. We are part of the youth.

We want to start a petition to have chris brown come to austraalia to do a concert at a free event where we will raise money for the youth of our world.

21. Preserve Abel Tasman National Park: do not poison it with 1080

Every Year Four Tonnes Of Pure 1080 Poison Is Distributed Over New Zealand's Bush, Forests And Farmland... Yes, the 'Paradise NZ'!

What IS 1080 Poison?

1080 poison is a horrific and slow way to die. This metabolic poison is illegal in many countries. It doesn't just kill the targeted animals; it's been shown to kill a wide variety of New Zealand native birds. Many threatened birds nest in the proposed poison zone.

Learn more below:

1080 webpage
STOP 1080 Poison

Wikipedia on 1080
Sodium Fluoroacetate - 1080

trutube video (allow a little loading please)
Poisoning Stewart Island - is it ecocide ?

22. Legalize medical marijuana in N.C.

Pain Relief

One of the major benefits associated with medicinal marijuana use is the relief of chronic or neuropathic pain. A study published in February 2009 in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology examined the effect of medical marijuana treatment in HIV patients who experience neuropathic pain. In this study, Dr. Ellis and colleagues found that 46 percent of patients administered medical marijuana experienced at least a 30 percent reduction in pain. In contrast, only 18 percent of patients administered placebo achieved similar results.

Increased Appetite

Use of marijuana stimulates the body's metabolism and causes users to experience an increase in appetite. Numerous disease states--including cancer and HIV--can cause symptoms of decreased appetite to develop in affected patients. If this occurs, patients often lose significant amounts of weight, which can be detrimental to the disease recovery process. The human body requires energy--in the form of ingested food--to fight infection and heal cell or tissue damage. In patients who experience decreased appetite due to a specific disease, medical marijuana may be helpful in appetite stimulation. Medicinal marijuana can signal a food craving within a patient's body, encouraging the patient to eat to provide energy to the body.

Decreased Nausea

Many patients experience nausea or vomiting due to certain diseases or treatments, such as chemotherapy. The National Cancer Institute reports that THC--the active ingredient in marijuana--may decrease symptoms of nausea or vomiting in certain cancer patients. Controlling such symptoms in diseased patients can improve a patient's quality of life and may make certain patients more receptive to disease treatment.
Muscle Relaxation

Inhalation of marijuana smoke relaxes the muscles within the body. Patients who experience frequent muscle tightness or twitching (spasticity) often have difficulty completing normal tasks associated with daily activities. Such patients may benefit from the use of medical marijuana, as this drug can help reduce symptoms of muscle tension or muscular aches or pains. This form of treatment may increase a patient's ability to move normally and can promote a more positive quality of life.

Read more:

23. Setting Captives Free

In May of 2013, Setting Captives Free was targeted by a group called All Out who accused Setting Captives Free of producing offensive content because the ministry offers a course called Door of Hope to provide help to those who want to leave homosexuality.

Apple removed the Setting Captives Free application entirely citing a violation of code 16.1 of the developer agreement (offensive content).

Please sign this petition to have the application restored.

24. Support motocross riding

I'm am tired of my neighbors telling Me and my other neighbors we cannot ride on our road back in the woods! The only thing I have every wanted to do in life is ride my dirt bike. Ever sense I was little all I was ever able to do was ride my dirt bike and since we lived in a neighborhood we moved out to the woods where we were allowed to ride our dirt bikes and be as loud as we want to.

What many people don't understand is that motocross is really expensive and it is not easy for my family to pay for food and every day finances like normal families have to. When you add on all the gas money for the truck and two bikes its a lot of money but when you add on all the money to pay for a race bike, maintenance, gear, oil, parts, and many other things to keep a rider safe while they ride its a whole lot of money! When you add on the going to a track to ride during the week when it is $20-35 per rider! It's a lot and not many people have that kind of money.

Motocross is a ride at your own risk sport. My little sister and I understand the dangers of motocross because we have been riding incee we where very little. We have had friends break bones, get knocked out, get a concussion, and even death has found a few of them unfortunately.

We have been told we cannot ride because we are in danger of hurting someone else or our selves while riding out in the woods on a gravel road where there is a speed limit. I am a licensed driver and I ride a dirt bike with my neighbors who stay close behind in case of a car.

25. Dump Starbucks at the Catholic University of America

As the national university of the Catholic Church, The Catholic University of America (CUA) has an exemplary role in upholding the moral principles of faith and reason. The policies and governances of CUA, including the various businesses that operate under her banner, witness in some way, for good or ill, to all citizens, but especially to her faculty and staff, students and alumni (hereafter “members”). In turn, CUA members have a unique obligation of living an exemplary life, modeled in part on the mission of the pontifical university. CUA acknowledges this obligation in her mission statement: “[The University’s] distinctive character ultimately depends on the intellectual and moral quality of its members.”

In view of this solemn declaration, we, the undersigned members of CUA, wish to question the prudence at work in allowing businesses to operate at our university which support causes that militate against the dignity of the human person. Starbucks Coffee is one such business.

It has been confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt that Starbucks uses revenue from its products and its platform as a nationally recognizable chain to support that which is gravely objectionable [1-3]. It is widely known, for instance, that the CEO of Starbucks advocates for both Planned Parenthood (the largest abortion provider in the United States) [1] and “gay marriage” legislation [2-3], stating, in fact, that the latter “is core to who we are and what we value as a company” [2]. Because both abortion and same-sex unions are deemed morally unacceptable by the Catholic Church (see CCC 2271 and CCC 2357-2359, respectively), permitting the sale of Starbucks products on campus is particularly unwise. It countenances the notion that CUA supports the practices of Starbucks and, what is more, it makes material cooperators of CUA members in the financing of gravely immoral acts.

A few have voiced concern that, if Starbucks were removed from the Przybyla Center, there would be no other means to purchase coffee on campus. The prospect of this difficulty could be easily remedied. There are many other coffee providers, fully competitive with Starbucks in products and services, that do not consider it necessary as a matter of corporate policy to support and advance causes inimical to Catholic moral teaching. Dunkin Donuts, whose coffee costs less and whose profit does not go to the promotion of immoral causes, is just one example. Even a student-run coffee shop has been proposed as a possible remedy. However, the discussion of the replacement for Starbucks is secondary to the purpose of this appeal. The issue before us is not a matter of convenience, but of principle. Can we continue to ignore Starbucks and its corporate positions on issues of vital moral concern? We can, but only to the detriment of those involved in or suffering the effects of abortion and same-sex activities, all those who mistakenly cooperate in the work of Starbucks, and those of us who have been privileged to know better.

It seems not only advisable, then, but imperative that The Catholic University of America takes all measures necessary to prevent the violation of her mission and faith, and, in consequence, the consciences of her members, by relinquishes her licensing agreement with Starbucks Coffee. It is not only our right, but our duty, as members of this community of Catholic scholars, to challenge any organization that exhibits its contempt for the created orders of life and marriage.


26. Stand up for Life

A baby's growth In the first trimester that rules out just a bunch of cells.

In Exodus 20:13 it says: Thou shalt not kill. Many Christian's are pro-choice, but if they are believers of God and claim to follow God, than why do they not see this scripture? How to baby's somehow not apply? Also in Matthew 5:21: Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgement:

In Psalms 139:13-16: For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.

14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

15 My frame was not hidden from You, When I was made in secret, And skilfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.

16 Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me, When as yet there were none of them.

All scientist' and biologist' cannot correctly deny the fact that a baby is a living being at conception.

A baby is fully formed at 12 weeks, that's well before the end of the first trimester. So if a baby is conceived and alive at conception, then when tell me, is it still ok at 11 weeks?, 10 weeks? Does there come a time when it is not a living human being after conception? It may not be fully formed at that age, but it is still alive.

Q: At what point does it become wrong to intentionally destroy a developing human being?

A: Conception?

B: Implantation?

C: Heart beat?

D: Brain waves?

E: Capacity of pain?

F: Viability?

G: Birth?

H: Mobility?

In 2003 66% of Australian's thought abortion should be legal in the first trimester.

10% thought it should be legal in the third trimester.

Why the discrepancy?

Because a third trimester abortion kills a baby and a first trimester kills a bunch of cells.

Or does it?

A 9 week old foetus sucks its thumb and turns somersaults.

A 7 week embryo shows distinct limb movement.

A 6 week embryo has measurable brain impulses.

A 3 week embryo has a heart beat.

They may not look like a baby yet, but they look exactly as a human being should look 21 days after conception.

In the hours of conception every aspect of the genetic inheritance for a new individual will be determined once and for all.

So begins the first day of the first nine months of life.

At any stage of pregnancy, abortion kills a rapidly developing, genetically distinct, human being.

27. Support Hadiya Pendelton Gun Control Law

500 plus murders in Chicago in 2012 and 30 plus murders in the first month alone in 2013. We need to continue the message that Hadiya herself fought to achieve.

Hadiya and so many others like her demand and messagedeserve to be heard, they silenced her voice but notnot her message.

We are their voice by God's choice. Let their voices be heard.

28. SOGS Supporters of Gastric Surgery

The NHS in Scotland has decided to stop offering funding for gastric surgery and opted to put the money into weight management courses instead.

Statistics prove that weight management courses alone are successful long term less than 5% of the time and the only sure way to treat the rapidly growing problem of obesity is to follow these courses with gastric surgery, where appropriate.

Help us to bring some of our hard earned money back to services that actually solve the health issues of obese people and not just tell us that willpower and exercise can magically cure this eating disorder.

29. Defender patrimonio termeño publico

La Olla de las Termas es única. Está conocida y querida no solamente por lugareños pero por viajeros y visitantes de todas partes y de todas edades. La Olla representa una fusión de la naturaleza, de la paz y del agua termal. Acá el hombre respira y se acuerde que el agua termal es un regalo de la naturaleza y no solamente un recurso a explotar comercialmente. Antes de todo es un espacio popular que pertenece a los termeños. Es el último espacio público en la ciudad donde uno puede disfrutar de un baño termal, sin costo, al aire libre y con un fondo de la naturaleza.

La Olla ha sobrevivido muchos años gracias a los esfuerzos y las donaciones de voluntarios. Ahora La Olla está en peligro grave. Los políticos, que ya han dañado otros espacios públicos (Llajta Sumaj, por ejemplo) en la ciudad, quieren encerrar y “urbanizar” la Olla. Su intención no-indicada es de controlar y cobrar la entrada. Eso sería una nueva restricción a la libertad de los termeños y de los turistas. La intendencia no ha hecho ninguna consulta con el público. Es tiempo que los termeños se levantan y manifiestan su oposición. ¡Tantos años el pueblo ha tenido que aguantar el ejercicio arbitrario del poder de la parte de las autoridades, primero desde el gobierno de Santiago y ahora desde la intendencia misma de Las Termas!

Para firmar la petición haga clic abajo (“Sign the petition) y después agrega su nombre, apellido, ciudad, país y dirección de correo electrónico. Si Ud. quiere hacer un comentario, escríbelo en la sección “short comment”. Sube los números de verificación. Para firmar imprime “SIGN”.

(La “Olla” (hotpot) of Las Termas De Rio Hondo* is known and appreciated by locals and visitors alike. It offers a unique combination of nature, life, peace and thermal water. Above all it is the last public space in Las Termas, where all can enjoy a free thermal bath in the open air in a natural setting. Now the Olla is under threat. The municipal authority intends to fence-off the area, “remodel” it and control and charge for admission. The Olla deserves consideration as a site of outstanding value in the patrimony of Argentina. Such consideration would guarantee its future protection and survival.

*Las Termas de Rio Hondo is a small town in the province of Santiago del Estero in the north-west of Argentina.)

30. Change US gun laws so that they protect the people

United States firearm laws need to be changed as they no longer protect the people. There are over 40,000 firearm related incidences every year in the US, 23% of which are intentional homocides.

Going on a per 100,000 inhabitants:
America has 3.0 intentional homocides ever year; compared to
UK (0.073)
Germany (0.2)
Australia (0.1)

How many more innocent people need to be killed before the US government realises something needs to change?

Yes, I'm aware the guns don't kill people, people kill people but guns make it easier for people to kill people which is what they are doing.

If people who actually needed firearms had them and were licensed to have them then America would be a whole lot safer then it currently is.

But No, ANYONE can go and buy a gun "for their own protection" from what? other people with guns? Can you see where i'm going? Not everyone needs a gun which would mean not everyone would need a gun to protect themselves.

The Law as it stands is now working against itself and doing the complete opposite of what it was designed to do.

Every 1 in 1.5 Americans possess a firearm, surely not everyone of those people is in the right frame of mind to hold such weapons.

Less guns = less massacres, less homocides, safer America.

Sign this petition to let your voice be heard.