#Human Rights
Governments of India, Pakistan, USA, UN

This petition is to pressurise Government of India, International community to form a group for a massive anti-terrorism operation.

On 11th july 2006 terrorism struck and again on Mumbai (India).Seven Local trains were blown up not in one but at seven different places of mumbai within a span of 15 minutes, leaving more than 190 killed and 700 wounded.

These blasts were followed by blast in Srinagar(Jammu & kashmir),a regular feature in srinagar.While the Assam blast(JUNE 08) and varanasi blast(march 7)are still afresh in the minds of people.

Terrorist attacks have become regular feature in most of the countries including america, Britain,India Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, afghanistan. In month of May, maharashtra police arrested 3 terrorists belonging to LeT (Lashkar-e-tayyaba) and SIMI with 33 kg of RDX,but one car and two of its accomplice managed to escape.

So it was clear that the person who escaped must have been carrying RDX. This should have immediately raised the alarm to protect the nearest important city which is mumbai, but the government did not take careful notice of it and the result is out now.

Two weeks back NSCS(National security council secretarait) official S S Paul was arrested for his involvement in espionage. The above incidences suggest a strong failure of India's Intelligence bureau.

Morever, government is unable to arrest terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim(mastermind of mumbai blast 1993) who is hiding in Pakistan and Abusalem, another prime accused of mumbai blast-1993 who is under custody is not yet proved guilty. And above all banned terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, LeT, Jaish-e-mohammad, ULFA are creating
attacks on a regular basis.

A recent rise of terrorism in bangladesh is going strong day by day. This shows that either the government is going soft on terrorist based
policies, or is inefficient or are insufficient in their resources to nab them.

Now time has come for India to give its reply to terrorism. India should give an example of its crusader-terrorism image example by arresting Dawood Ibrahim, trying abu salem, Babloo srivastava.

Other nations and oranisations like united nations and other countries should support india and work together to launch massive operation against terrorism.

We, the undersigned, unequivocally protest the recent acts of terrorism.

We strongly urge the Indian government to speedily shape its intelligence and sharpen its anti-terrorism policies.

We also urge indian government to take concrete steps by arresting militants involved in recent blast, Dawwod Ibrahim, and speedy trial of Abu salem.

Finally, we do solicit co-operation from other nations/organization to support india by launching a massive operation against terrorism.

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