#International Affairs
Barack Obama

The government is meant to reflect its people. How many, countless times have Americans said "What about us? Why do we have to be the ones to get involved?"

In America, we should focus on our own in-country affairs before funneling out money, weapons, and resources to a civil war. It is a "civil war" because it is far more complicated than a simple country uprising. There are too many variables that the government has not considered before taking rash action. With the rebel group linked to al-Qaeda, we should not get involved in their efforts.

If you know anything about the real Syrian people, you would know they would never support the public execution of children for "blasphemy". For all intents and purposes, America should not support an extremist rebel group.

Since unemployment and other serious issues still a major concern, we cannot go around policing every country. Leave our military defense as a DEFENSE.

American people, you have the right to voice your opinions.

Dear President Obama and Mr. Hagel,

We the people do not want to be involved in Syrian affairs. Retract any aid or funding given to the war efforts there.


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