#Civil Rights
Government of Rajasthan

It is heart rendering to see heaps of garbage disposed on roads every morning. With no Dustbins in place, citizens are forced to dispose their waste from offices, shops and households on roads . There are no community Dustbins! The ones placed last year have gone missing !! leaving people to rely solely on Nagar Nigam’s van - which sadly does not function everyday. The city is in desperate need of Dustbins and awareness on waste management.
Else , these filthy roads are calling for unwanted diseases( viruses) risking lives of thousands of people and animals alike.
We humbly request support from our fellow citizens to aware government for placement of community Dustbins and take adequate measures.

We the undersigned, citizens call on the government to take adequate steps including setting up of community Dustbins, creating awareness campaign on waste management and likes, to avert any health hazards to it’s citizens and stray animals before it takes a toll on their lives.

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