In light of recent events, Facebook made the decision to launch a profile picture filter of a French flag to allow people to support those affected by the attacks in Paris. The terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris were of course a tragedy, however, far more tragedies take place across the world due to terrorist attacks and acts of war that Facebook never launches filters for. For example, why wasn't there an option to apply a profile picture filter of the Lebanese flag a week ago when suicide bombings there killed dozens?

It could be suggested to Facebook to launch a countries flag as a filter any time a tragedy occurs in a country, but there is a much simpler solution: if the option was given to people to apply a profile picture filter of the well-known peace sign, this would allow people to support the global intolerance of violence/terrorism/acts of war and get behind not just one country, but the entire world in support of global peace.

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 photo peace-clip-art-yckMp9McE_zpsaof7vms3.png

We, the undersigned, call on Facebook to launch a profile picture filter of the well-known peace sign in the hope that it may unite people and allow them to show support against all acts of terrorism and war across the world.

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