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My 2 year old son went with his father for his very first overnight visit, and it's been a nightmare ever since. He came home with severe handprint shaped bruises over the entire area of his buttocks. Child Protective Services says the father told them he 'beat his butt for peeing in his underwear'. Knowing all this they said the injuries WEREN'T SERIOUS! They called it inappropriate discipline and said that the case was 'unfounded'. Because of that ruling I could NOT get a judge to see any of the video taped evidence that I have regarding the father's violent behavior or how my son reactes to his father when he comes to get him. The judge ruled that his father should get him back and that I was being unreasonable for having pursued this when Child Protective Services termed it 'unfounded'. Unfounded means that there could have been abuse but the injuries weren't severe enough for them to do anything about. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? My son was black and blue for over a week. He won't wear underwear now. He is afraid of his father. What about this is not serious? This is the most recent in a series of incidents. It's time our 'Protective Services' protected our children. Bruising such as my 2 year old suffered is ABUSE!!!!!

We, the undersigned, wish to make a stand. Child Protective Services is letting too many of our children slip through the cracks. Child Protective Services (CPS/CYS) is waiting until our children are "permanently or severely injured" before they step in to do their jobs and protect our kids. I have been told that a child who recieves severe bruising is not serious enough for them to investigate. We say that any severe bruising IS also ABUSE and should be punished as such!! They term severe bruising as "inappropriate discipline". What is inappropriate discipline in one word - abuse. Please take a stand with us and protect our unprotected children. This abuse is not recognized by those whose job it is to stop it. Help us make them recognize it so a child and parent(s) can sleep through the night again.

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