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1. Legalize Airsoft in Singapore

Airsoft is a sport that is fun and legal.

Although it can cause severe injuries, Singaporeans should be sensible - play with protective gear like vests. The new generation of Singapore is changing.

The fundamental difference in airsoft and normal shooting ranges is that we all want to have a weapon to call it our own and play against each other.
Hence it is pointless to go to a range, spend money to shoot targets and go home.

The Singapore Government should make protective gear a necessary equipment for airsoft. And airsoft matches should have referees to supervise and ensure no foul play.

I believe the Singapore government can allocate several places for airsoft.
It has to be spacious. Abandoned buildings need not be demolished, it can re-converted into an airsoft facility. Warehouses are a good place as they are far from the public, so as to prevent any accidents between players and the public.

All airsoft weapons would have a ORANGE BARREL TIP as some countries have done. The ORANGE TIP is to acknowledge authorities upon Customs that this is not a real weapon.

After clearing Customs, all weapons would have to be transported from the Customs to the armory under armed guard, so as to ensure the weapon was not tampered by the owner until delivery at the airsoft facility.

All items related to airsoft should be transferred this way. Owners should NOT be allowed to increase their firing velocity, but allowed to upgrade things like a laser scope or a better handgrip. They should order through either the Airsoft Facility staff or online purchasing. Custom officers can check the address of the item, to ensure the address is that of the airsoft facility and not their home address. They should also be allowed to confiscate any upgrades which will increase the firing velocity.

Owners should be allowed to take home the weapon WITHOUT some part of the firing mechanism or the plastic pellets.
All weapons will be checked for the removal of the firing mechanism before exiting and owners should be checked to confirm that they do not conceal it or pellets. The parts should be sealed and labelled with the owner's name, and safely secured at the airsoft facility lockers.

Foreigners who have their own rifles in their own countries would probably like to bring them over if they have to work in Singapore.

They should send their rifles to Singapore, and have it checked at the Singapore Customs. The firing velocity must be between a range of 100 FPS - 280 FPS, the usual for stock rifles. After clearing customs. Their weapons must be delivered to the designated airsoft facilities.

It has already been confirmed that airsoft rifles CANNOT be changed to a real firearm. Even if robbers try to use these airsoft weapons to rob banks, they would have to consider the high probability of getting shot and killed.

Since airsoft is quite popular in other countries, i believe many foreigners would consider coming to Singapore to try out the new airsoft facilities. Economically speaking, if Singapore managed to have superb facilities, it would most certainly be a place to visit for airsofters, hence it would benefit both Singaporeans and foreigners.

Banning things like chewing gum are ok. They cause trouble. But Airsoft does not, with strict rules and regulations, i don't see why airsoft should be banned in Singapore.

Please make airsoft legal.

2. Uniformity for Londons Parks Police / Constabulary Services

Over recent years there has been a rise in the formation of local authority run Parks Police / Constabulary Services operating within the London Region. Parks Police Services are governed by their respective local authority; therefore, none are run to a set regional or national standard.

Typically, there are variations in Training, Uniform, Issue of Personal Protective Equipment, Vehicles, Livery and Rank Structures. Each individual service is accountable to their respective Local Authority and currently falls outside the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Parks Police Officers (Parks Constables) are attested in a Magistrates Court as Constables under Article 18, Ministry of Housing and Local Government Provisional Order Confirmation (Greater London Parks & Open Spaces) Act 1967.

This legislation is dated and unclear, which leaves many legal arguments constantly being debated which causes a greater level of confusion amongst the services themselves and Home Office Force Colleagues.

Issues surrounding Uniform, Training, Vehicles, Livery, Protective Equipment and Rank Structures and management needs to be standardised across the London Region, enabling such services to receive the appropriate recognition for the function they perform within our communities. The formation of a 'Local Authority Parks Police Commission' with representatives from each respective Local Authority and representatives from the Metropolitan / City Police, along with a cross section of the community would add to the accountability of such services.

Legislation surrounding Parks Police / Constabulary Services should be revised to fall inline with other more recent Police and Anti Social Behaviour Legislation enabling the potential of these services to be maximised and utilised within London borough's in tackling Crime & Anti Social behaviour.


Petition for the Reform of the Department of Family and Protective Services.

This Petition has been drafted and put together for the Purpose of forcing those in Officials Positions to ADDRESS and Appropriately deal with the issues surrounding the ABUSE of Parents, Families, and their Children by the very Governmental Agency designed and originally established to protect children, help, aide, and serve Families in need.

TOO MANY innocent families have already been destroyed for the financial gains of this greedy self-suiting Governmental Agency and it is long past the time for this ABUSE to STOP.

After reading the Petition, we are confident that you will AGREE that these ARE very needed changes, whether or not you or your family has been personally affected by a case with CPS (Child Protective Services).

If there were no real need for these such changes, then this Petition would have never been prepared for "your" support.

Please proceed now to the Petition.


4. Unrecognized Child Abuse

My 2 year old son went with his father for his very first overnight visit, and it's been a nightmare ever since. He came home with severe handprint shaped bruises over the entire area of his buttocks. Child Protective Services says the father told them he 'beat his butt for peeing in his underwear'. Knowing all this they said the injuries WEREN'T SERIOUS! They called it inappropriate discipline and said that the case was 'unfounded'. Because of that ruling I could NOT get a judge to see any of the video taped evidence that I have regarding the father's violent behavior or how my son reactes to his father when he comes to get him. The judge ruled that his father should get him back and that I was being unreasonable for having pursued this when Child Protective Services termed it 'unfounded'. Unfounded means that there could have been abuse but the injuries weren't severe enough for them to do anything about. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? My son was black and blue for over a week. He won't wear underwear now. He is afraid of his father. What about this is not serious? This is the most recent in a series of incidents. It's time our 'Protective Services' protected our children. Bruising such as my 2 year old suffered is ABUSE!!!!!

5. Repeal New York State's Immunity Laws

The New York State Social Services Law Article 6, Title 6, Section 419 relating to Child Protective Services are unjust, ineffective, and racially biased.

This law requires ANY person, doctor, daycare, deadbeat parent, or stranger to telephone the New York State Central Registry Child Abuse Hotline to make an anonymous call to accuse a parent of child abuse or neglect WHETHER TRUE OR NOT.

The New York State Social Services Law Article 6, Title 6, Section 419 relating to Child Protective Services are unjust, ineffective, and racially biased.

When a telephone call is made to the New York State Central Registry Child Abuse Hotline. The person on the phone does not have to leave a name, just an allegation that a parent is abusing or neglecting their children. No proof or evidence is required.

Calls are only accepted by the accuser. Parents who have children in foster care are prevented from making this same call to the hotline.

This law states that an accuser shall have immunity from any liability, civil or criminal. No one is held accountable for making false allegations.

The harshest provision of the child protective laws are that children be removed from the biological home and placed in a strange foster care setting. Non-abused children are subjected to physical and sexual abuse by strangers daily.

73% of the children who are in foster care are African American, they spend an average of four years in foster care. 2% of the children in foster care are White. The remaining children are catagorized as other or Hispanic.

African-American children are overwhemingly penalized and removed from their homes without any prior evidence of parental wrongdoing.

The penalties apply without regard to the circumstances or the individual's character or background, making it irrelevant whether the parent is actually an abuser or not.

The racially disproportionate nature of the immunity law is not just devastating to African-Americans.

It contradicts faith in the principles of justice and equal protection of the laws that should be the bedrock of any constitutional democracy; it exposes and deepens the racial fault lines that continue to weaken the country and belies its promise as the land of equal opportunity; and it undermines faith among all races in the fairness and efficacy of the justice system.