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1. Common Sense Politics 2016

The Common Sense Politics 2016 is here to give the populace power through education in the principles and values of personal responsibility, individual liberty, traditional American values, free markets, limited government, and a strong national defense.

We believe the role of government is to protect & hold sacred the rights of free people to pursue their own goals and we advocate conservative policies that generally emphasize the empowerment of the individual to solve problems.

Common Sense Politics 2016 promotes and defends these traditions throughout the United States at the Local, State, and Federal level; and to support the election of candidates who personify these values & beliefs.

2. Record all votes in the Nova Scotia Legislature

In 2008 Nova Scotia celebrated 250 years of democracy, making it the oldest democracy in Canada. However this venerable democracy is threatened by a lack of transparency and accountability.

In the past 6 years, spanning the 59th and 60th General Assemblies, 853 bills have been introduced, debated and voted upon in the Nova Scotia Legislature. Only 12 of those votes were recorded in the official record so 98.5% of the bills were voted on anonymously, with no indication of which MLAs were present, who voted in support and against.

Without a voting record Nova Scotia citizens cannot hold their Representative and the House accountable for voting done in citizenry's name on crucial issues affecting their families and communities.

Visit us and take further action:

3. Representative Mike McIntyre needs to act on global warming

In October 2007, Representative Mike McIntyre pledged to address climate change. Nearly two years later, he has done absolutely nothing to address the issue.

Enough Talk, Let's See Some Action! North Carolina residents and UNCW ECO are holding Representative Mike McIntyre accountable and calling for immediate climate action.

* WATCH the video and forward it to every North Carolina resident you know!

* CALL Rep. McIntyre at (202) 225-2731. Demand that he take global warming seriously. There is a sample script for calling, below.

* WRITE President Obama, and ask him to rejoin the international community by signing a global climate change treaty. The opportunity to pass a global treaty will arise at the December 2009 UN Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen, and President Obama must be a leader on climate change issues.

Our elected officials work for us! Make your voice heard. Demand science-based reductions on global warming pollution.

For the sake of the health and livelihood of future generations, demand science-based climate action now!

4. Stop state repression of human rights defenders in India

"No one is going to give them their rights to live with dignity on a silver platter. They have to be extracted with force... We will have to strengthen ourselves to stop those who find it profitable to misuse authority and public funds. Perhaps the courts and the NGOs are the only solution", said Justice Venkatachaliah, former Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission of India and former Chief Justice of India at a workshop on Human Rights of Marginalised and Tribal Communities.

This statement and the hope put in non-governmental organizations come as a surprise if one looks at the recent developments in different states of India. There are various non-governmental human rights organizations active India and many of them recently faced serious threats by the police and the political powers. Activists were arrested and false charges were filed.

The most recent example is that of Subash Mohapatra, the director of the Forum for Fact-finding Documentation and Advocacy. He was arrested from the office of the Chhattisgarh State Human Rights Commission when submitting the reply asked by the Commission regarding a case of Dalit exploitation on July 17, 2007. Human Rights Commissions are meant to protect human rights and are not meant to be the site of its violation. False charges were filed under several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Just a few days before his arrest, Amarnath Pandey, advocate and human rights defender from Chhattisgarh was charged with a false case on atrocities against the tribes (for whom he is providing legal service in courts). His life has been threatened many times by the police and he travels with a sign on the rear of his vehicle saying "Chhattisgarh Government may kill me in a fake encounter (extrajudicial killing)”.

Around the same date, on Saturday, 14 July 2007 Saroj Mohanty, poet and long-time activist with Prakrutik Sampad Surakhya Parishad (PSSP), which has been opposing the entry of large bauxite mining companies in Kashipur for over 15 years, has been arrested. Saroj was taken into custody at a railway station in Rayagada District. He is currently in judicial custody in Rayagada district jail. The charges against him are completely fabricated but serious. They include section 395 of the IPC (Dacoity), section 397 (Robbery or dacoity with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt), and section 450 (House trespass with intention to commit offence that is punishable with imprisonment for life).

Brijesh Bilathare, advocate and human rights defender from Madhya Pradesh, had false charges filed against him on 6 June 2007 stating he was obstructing a public servant discharging his duty.

Dr. Binayak Sen, senior human rights activist, was arrested on May 14, 2007 by Chattisgarh police. He is General Secretary, People's Union for Civil Liberties, Chattisgarh and its national vice president. He was detained under the provisions of two highly controversial laws: The Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act, 2005 and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 2004. The allegations are based on assumed connections with Maoist rebels.

5. Introduce a Personhood Amendment in Michigan

Urge State Representative Mike Lahti to introduce legislation to begin the process of amending Michigan's Constitution to define life as starting at conception, and protect all preborn children in Michigan.

6. Help the 1086th Transportation Company

The 1086th Transportation Company of the Louisiana National Guard has been in Kuwait since March 23, 2003. The Department of Defense has extended tours of duty for National Guard soldiers currently deployed. Our soldiers of the 1086th TC were promised a homecoming date on September 20th,2003. They were informed that there was no date for them to return home because there is no company to take their place. Our soldiers are in limbo and deserve to have a date to come home.


The necessity and urgency of fair and accurate oversight of the 2004 US Presidential Elections is of paramount concern for hundreds of thousands of people who know for fact that their vote did not count. Whether it was by means of physically preventing voting at the polls, an intentional miscount of their vote, or purposeful deception that rendered their vote ineligible, a significant portion of the American population does not feel that the 2000 Presidential Election was executed with democracy and fairness in mind.

The American people have not been given any reason to believe that 2004 Presidential Election will be any different.

8. Justice for Hall

Facts; Trevor Hall has been a workplace trade union representative at Milliken, Cam, UK for 7 years. Trevor Hall has been a very effective rep. He has negotiated annual wage rises worth 20% in total, extra holiday and in the last 2 years alone he has supported colleagues in over 100 disciplinary cases.

Trevor has raised equalities issues with management at Milliken, asking for equal treatment of Women and Disabled People.

His union, the Transport and General Workers Union, believe he has been sacked on unproven charges of bullying in order to remove him from trade union duties.