Paul Truswell.MP. Westminster. London. UK.
United Kingdom

Fireworks are the cause of severe distress and injury to both people, children and animals every year in the UK. Fireworks can be let off at anytime of the year. Many are very large and do maim or kill... especially younger children who are at great risk! Tighter legislation is needed to protect the public and our children and animals from the horrendous injuries we witness every year in the UK.

Please support our MP, Mr Paul Truswell, in obtaining a Bill that will add to our existing laws to protect the public, or children and animals by the use of tighter controls on the sale and use of explosives/fireworks to the public.

Thank you all.


The petition declares that Fireworks have become an increasingly unacceptable source of harm, nuisance and distress to people and animals throughout the year.
The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons (UK) enact legislation that limits the noise levels of fireworks available to the general public, controls the time of year when fireworks can be bought and used, restricts the times when fireworks can be set off, and requires public displays to be controled by licensed technicians.

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